The Beach House at Costa Pacifica Baler: Hearty Meals for the Whole Family

June 27, 2023

The Beach House Restaurant at Costa Pacifica offers a wide-range of local and international cuisine that can satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

The Beach House Restaurant at Costa Pacifica offers a wide range of local and international cuisine that can satisfy even the most discerning of palates. What's good about this restaurant is that it was able to balance great flavor at a price that is easy on the pocket. Not only that, The Beach House offers different food choices that kids and the whole family will surely love.

Pancakes and waffles served during breakfast buffet at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
Pancake and waffles

The Beach House at Costa Pacifica Baler: Hearty Meals for the Whole Family

    Our Experience at The Beach House

    We had the opportunity to eat at The Beach House when we stayed at the Costa Pacifica Hotel in Baler. We first ate dinner here and it left a good impression because of the overall cozy ambiance, the delicious food, the friendly servers, and the budget-friendly price. We were not really expecting the food to be affordable but we were happy when we saw the price on the menu.

    Orb lights hanging from the ceiling of The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Orb lights

    Our room also came with a free breakfast buffet for two and that gave us the opportunity to try the restaurant on a different occasion and especially when it is abuzz with diners. Again, The Beach House left a good impression with its efficient service and delicious breakfast spread.

    Delicious Dinner at The Beach House

    Too lazy to go downtown for dinner, we decided to try The Beach House, Costa Pacifica’s signature restaurant. The restaurant was very roomy, with an open entrance and a high ceiling.

    Table at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Our table

    Orbs of light hung from the ceiling, like glowing bubbles illuminating the entire space. Surprisingly, the restaurant was not air-conditioned although the large sliding glass walls were open, letting the sea breeze in. Despite the humid air, the sound of the waves from Sabang Beach provided a touch of allure and romance to our meal.

    Dinner Menu

    We immediately scanned the menu when it was handed over to us. We were expecting a price range of about Php500++ to Php1,500++ but, to our amazement, the cost of meals was pegged at around Php350++ to Php500++.

    We ordered The Daily Grill (Php350), a slab of fish caught fresh daily and grilled with olive oil, garlic, and a squeeze of lemon. It is served with either rice or fries, roasted vegetables, and a slice of lemon.

    Catch of the day served during dinner at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Catch of the day

    We also got Nasi Lemak (Php320) or fish cake wrapped in banana leaf and then grilled. It was served with crispy Baler dilis, roasted peanuts, hardboiled eggs, coconut rice, homemade Baler sambal (spicy chili-based sauce), and crunchy kropeck.

    The true test came, of course, when it was time to eat. The grilled tuna steak was succulent and tasty. The simple ingredients highlighted the freshness of the fish. 

    Nasi lemak for dinner at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Nasi Lemak

    The Nasi Lemak, meanwhile, is a mélange of flavors with a variety of components in the dish. The fish cake itself was very flavorful. 

    It was smoky while the banana leaf lent another depth of flavor to it. We also loved the crispy Baler dilis, it was unlike the regular dilis that we usually buy from the supermarket. It was butterflied like daing na bangus which makes it crispier when fried.

    Enjoying dinner at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Enjoying dinner

    We had a great dinner experience. We also loved how easygoing the vibe in The Beach House is. It felt friendly, unlike other hotel restaurants which always seemed intimidating. Already, we are looking forward to breakfast the next day. 

    A Breakfast Buffet to Remember

    As I had mentioned earlier, our accommodation came with a complimentary breakfast buffet for two. Khris and I love breakfast buffets in hotels. In fact, we both look forward to eat whenever we stay in hotels when we travel.

    Breakfast pizza at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Breakfast pizza

    The Beach House offers a hearty buffet breakfast spread which we consider as the highlight of our stay at the luxury resort. If you are thinking of where to eat in Baler, this is one of the restaurants that you should consider.

    Cereal station at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Cereal station

    When we arrived at The Beach House for breakfast during the intended hour and we were not disappointed with what we saw because there was bacon on offer.

    Breakfast Food Selection

    Aside from bacon, there is sunny side up and scrambled eggs, bread, butter, and jam; cheese, sausages, and corned beef, cereal and oats station, arroz caldo, noodles, steamed and fried rice; and coffee, milk, and juice.

    Bacon served during breakfast buffet at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica

    Native sidings and dipping sauces are also available: achara (pickled young papaya), tomato ensalada, red salted eggs, and spicy Casiguran vinegar.

    Scrambled eggs served during breakfast buffet at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Scrambled eggs

    We skipped appetizers and proceeded to mains. I filled half of my plate with strips of crunchy bacon, then got two scoops of garlic rice. I also got several spoonfuls of creamy scrambled egg, slices of Hungarian sausage, and corned beef.

    Pancakes and waffles served during breakfast buffet at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Pancakes and waffles

    An American breakfast can also be had for those who do not want rice. There are pancakes, waffles, cereals and milk, and oats -- kids will love these!

    Omelet Station

    There is also a make-your-own omelet station. You can choose from a variety of ingredients to put into your omelet, such as mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, black olive, cheese, and sliced ham.

    Omelet station at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Omelet station

    What's good about this is that you can have as little or as much as you want to put in your omelet and it will still turn out delicious and well-balanced.

    Arroz Caldo

    For those who would want something warm and light, there is an arroz caldo station. You may add flavor to it with a variety of sauces and toppings like patis, soy sauce, toasted garlic, tofu, onions, crispy liempo, chicken, and furikake.

    Some of The Beach House's unique offerings are roasted gratinated tomatoes, breakfast potato with onion frizzles, and breakfast pizza.

    Bread station during breakfast buffet at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Breakfast station

    What I also loved about The Beach House was their variety of white cheeses: plain, rolled in garlic, and spiced. I liked the plain white cheese; very creamy and mildly flavored.

    For dessert, one may opt for slices of fresh fruits such as melons and watermelons. You may also get Suman de Baler dipped in either coco jam or local peanut butter.

    Breakfast at The Beach House is definitely an experience that we most enjoyed during our stay at Costa Pacifica. Again, the easygoing vibe dominates the ambiance of the restaurant. Add to that the view of the beach outside, and you have the formula for a perfect breakfast.

    Our Verdict

    We consider The Beach House at Costa Pacifica as one of the best restaurants that we have tried in all our travels. We particularly liked the ambiance which is warm and welcoming, the friendly and efficient restaurant personnel, and the delicious food at an affordable price.

    Choco peanut bars served during breakfast buffet at The Beach House at Costa Pacifica
    Choco peanut bars

    With that, it's easy to recommend The Beach House at Costa Pacifica to those who will travel to Baler.

      Get in touch with Costa Pacifica Baler:

      Telephone No.: +632 519 4249
      Mobile Phone Number: +63 917 844 8371 and +63 998 841 7124
      For inquiries and concerns, please email:

      Address: 080 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines, 3200


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