A Saturday tour at Alahbiga Beach Resort

Monday, 10 August 2015

Alahbiga Beach Resort
Alahbiga Beach Resort is our last beach destination for summer 2015. My wife took me along for their department’s summer outing. The resort is located in the resort town of Laiya, Batangas, as such, be ready to allot around 4 to 5 hours of travel time to get here. Despite the long drive, we were fortunate enough to be assigned to a comfortable double-decker bus.

Upon arriving at Laiya, we were informed that we had to transfer to another bus because our double-decker might not be able to handle the steep slope. We literally had to climb a mountain just to get to Alahbiga. To add to our anxiety, we were informed that another bus had earlier skidded down the incline. Good thing no one was hurt though.

Alahbiga Beach Resort
The road going to the resort was steep but it gave us a fantastic view

On our way to the resort, everyone was holding his breath because the road was narrow, the bends were sharp and, should we be unfortunate, the fall into the ravine would be very high.

When we finally got to the resort, we were greeted by two inviting pools and a good view of the sea. It was noontime so we were immediately served lunch which was managed buffet. There was beef caldereta, grilled liempo and fried chicken. Drink was unlimited pineapple juice. I got several spoonfuls of beef calderata with its rich thick sauce and chunks of grilled liempo. I did not try the fried chicken though. I liked the beef calderata. The sauce had the right spiciness with acidity from the tomato sauce balanced by the mild taste of coconut milk. The beef was also very tender and cooked throughout. The grilled liempo tasted average and was a little tough.

Alahbiga Beach Resort
One of the two swimming pools at the resort

For dessert, we were served Magnolia ice cream in small cups. One may choose between mango and ube flavors. Since it was a company outing, there were team-building activities after lunch.
After the activities when everybody was well-rested, we changed to our swimming clothes and tried the pool. After several photos in the swimming pool, we tried the floating nipa hut. Secured by a rope tied to the shore, the resort personnel maneuvered the nipa hut into deeper water. The water was very clear, we can see the fishes and corals below. We went back to the beach after around 20 minutes.

The resort offers a host of water activities for those who want some fun and adventure but we did not get to try those.

Alahbiga Beach Resort

With nothing else to do, we showered and cleaned up. By around 5:00 PM, we were already out of the resort.

The verdict: not really worth it is one is coming from Manila. Firstly, it was hard to access. Secondly, the resort did not offer much activities. It can also get very crowded especially if guests are companies like when we went there. The beach was also not too inviting; it looked rocky and a little murky.

On the plus side, food was good and the resort personnel were very courteous and accommodating. The resort also was clean and well kept. I got the impression that it was a popular spot for business outings because there were also two other companies checked-in that time.

Alahbiga Beach Resort

Alahbiga is well-recommended though if one is from a nearby location, say within Batangas or from Laguna or Quezon. The resort also has rooms for rent for those who want to stay overnight. With the resort’s homey ambiance, it can also be a good family weekend destination.

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