Costa Pacifica: the best luxury hotel in Baler

Friday, 25 December 2015

Costa Pacifica combines luxury with an easygoing vibe to provide guests with wonderful memories and unique experience about their trip to Baler.

Costa Pacifica is your best choice if you are looking for a luxurious and romantic hotel and resort in Baler, Aurora.

Swimming pool with a view of the beach at Costa Pacifica Baler
Pool area

Costa Pacifica: the best luxury hotel in Baler

    Our experience at Costa Pacifica

    We booked an overnight stay at Costa Pacifica during our trip to Baler because we wanted to spend our last night in the province in a comfortable hotel. We have read a lot of positive reviews about Costa Pacifica so it was easy to decide on it.

    Marker of Costa Pacifica Baler
    The hotel signage

    The hotel immediately left a good impression upon our arrival. It espoused the philosophy of "barefoot luxury" which probably meant that the hotel promotes an easygoing and relaxed vibe without sacrificing comfort and class.

    One of the wings of Costa Pacifica Baler
    The hotel's wing near the poolside

    I would say that it was successful in exuding that welcoming beachside vibe. Looking at the property, one would immediately notice the absence of tall walls and gates. Costa Pacifica's main lobby as well as its signature restaurant, The Beach House, featured large open spaces that allowed the breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean to flow into the hotel's interiors.

    Couch at the lobby of Costa Pacifica Baler
    Couch at the lobby

    We also had a quick check-in procedure so we were on our way to our room in no time. Overall, Costa Pacifica resonated an easygoing and unhurried vibe.

    Our room at Costa Pacifica

    We booked a Junior Premier room. It was an impressive suite that featured a high-ceiling, providing an illusion of a large space.

    Inside the room, there are sliding glass doors that lead to the veranda, from which one may get a good view of Sabang Beach depending on which side of the hotel you are in. The room was amazing. CHECK RATES HERE

    Bed and couch inside the room at Costa Pacifica Baler
    The room

    Honestly, we had a bumpy start at Costa Pacifica, at least when it came to moving in our room. We were initially booked in a different room. It was impressive and, in fact, provided a better and unobstructed view of Sabang Beach as compared to the room where we eventually stayed in. But when we got inside, the air-conditioning unit was not yet turned on so the room was hot and stuffy. We let it pass because we can turn on the aircon, anyway.

    Slippers at Costa Pacifica Baler

    However, when we turned on the aircon, water started to drip. We called the reception area and utility personnel were sent in to fix it but water continued to trickle down heavier. Because of the situation, we were expecting the hotel to act quicker and transfer us to another room.

    That is not the case though and we had to wait for almost an hour before we were finally given a room. In any case, instead of letting the situation ruin our holiday, we decided to just focus on enjoying our time at Costa Pacifica.

    Aurora blend coffee at Costa Pacifica Baler
    Aurora blend coffee

    What we liked about Costa Pacifica is that the walls of the rooms are clean and devoid of framed photographs or paintings typical found in most hotels. Instead, the walls are hand-painted with images of Baler's most popular vegetable: the humble fern or pako in the vernacular. This is a popular dish in Baler; the young tips of pako are made into a simple salad composed of white onions, chopped tomatoes, and red salted eggs.

    Suman de Baler at Costa Pacifica
    Suman de Baler

    The standard room amenities include a 21” LCD screen with cable, bar, personal ref, bottled water, coffee maker and free aurora blend coffee. We were also greeted by a plate of complimentary Suman de Baler with each a spoonful of peanut butter and coco jam for dipping the suman into.

    Toiletries at Costa Pacifica Baler
    Bath amenities

    The bathroom, meanwhile, was separated from the main room with only a glass wall. The sink was separate from the bathroom though and was open. This design further heightened Costa Pacifica’s easygoing atmosphere.

    The bathroom essentials include soap, shampoo, shaving kit, dental set, shower cap, cotton buds, and towels.

    Costa Pacifica has some of the best-looking rooms among the hotels we have been into. We like that the room looks welcoming and not intimidating. It would be a welcome treat to just spend a day in Costa Pacifica's room and sleep or watch TV.

    How to spend your day at Costa Pacifica

    If you want to take your day slow, you can stay at Costa Pacifica and just avail of the hotel's amenities. Even so, there are a lot of other things that you can do at the hotel.

    Ping-Pong at Costa Pacifica Baler
    Ping-Pong table

    Besides sleeping, here are some of the recommended activities while in Costa Pacifica:

    1. Learn how to surf

    Baler is a surfing town and, while you are here, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have basic surfing lessons. You can enroll at Costa Pacifica’s in-house surf school, Charlie Does, to finally fulfill your dream of riding the waves.

    2. Take a dip in the pool

    Costa Pacifica has two swimming pools, a kiddie pool and an adult pool. What we liked about the pool is that it does not get crowded.

    Enjoying the swimming pool at Costa Pacifica Baler
    Enjoying the swimming pool

    The water was warm and relaxing. We spent a whole afternoon just enjoying the water until it was dark and time for dinner.

    3. Have a relaxing stroll at the beach

    If you are not into physically-intensive sports, you may just choose to take a relaxing stroll along the hotel’s lawn and then take a dip in the swimming pool afterwards. This was exactly what we did; we took a long walk inside the hotel grounds and then went down to Sabang Beach to watch avid surfers conquer the waves.

    4. Spend quality time with your kids at the playground

    Costa Pacifica also has a children's playground that features slides and swings. Take advantage of the opportunity to bring your kids here and have priceless bonding moments with them while you are on your family holiday.


    Overall, we had a great time at Costa Pacifica. It was still a memorable stay, despite our limited time and the initial ruckus when it came to our room.

    Drinking area at Costa Pacifica Baler
    Drinking station

    Costa Pacifica's facilities are top-of-class and their signature restaurant, The Beach House, is noteworthy. We liked the food at The Beach House; it was delicious and pocket-friendly. With all the positive aspects of our stay here, it's easy to recommend Costa Pacifica to those who are visiting Baler.

    Costa Pacifica is located at 080 Buton St., Sitio Labasin, Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines, 3200.


    Get in touch with Costa Pacifica Baler:
    Contact Number: +632 519 4249
    Mobile Number: +63 917 844 8371

    For inquiries and concerns, please email: [email protected]

    Instagram: @CostaPacificaBaler
    Facebook: Costa Pacifica Raintree
    Twitter: @CostaPacificaPH
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