Away for the Weekend: Intramuros tour

My love affair with old Manila continues as I return to my favorite Intramuros for a walking tour with my wife. We went around familiar landmarks such as Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church. I took mostly black and white photographs to better capture the old Manila character. We checked out restaurants where we could have dinner but couldn’t decide where to go. We should go back here soon to try one of the restaurants.

Off exploring the outskirts of the walled city

Past Philippine presidents

Approaching Manila Cathedral
Manila Cathedral
Main door of Manila Cathedral

San Agustin Church entrance


8 Replies to “Away for the Weekend: Intramuros tour”

  1. I’ve been into different places but I’ve never thought of visiting Intramurous once. 😛 Maybe I should add it on this year’s list.

  2. Great photography. The black and white gives it more atmosphere and depth. Interesting post.

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