Grateful Dad #8.24: Sunday Splash & More

March 25, 2024

I'm grateful for the time with my children and the opportunity to give them an enjoyable experience, not matter how simple it is.

The summer* season in the Philippines has officially started and we are already beginning to feel the rising temperatures. The kids are also starting to feel the heat and are almost always sweaty the moment they go out of the room. For the last few days, too, Rafa has been bugging us to go swimming. We set up the kiddie pool one weekend, but we figured the amount of effort to set it up and the cost of the water were deemed impractical. As such, we deemed it better to visit the neighborhood resort instead for our next swimming session. We didn’t have to go far plus the admission cost is not expensive at all.

Grateful Dad: Sunday Splash & More

Grateful Dad #8.24: Sunday Splash & More

With that, one Sunday morning, without prior announcement or clue, we surprised the kids by telling them to get ready with their swimsuits because we were going to the pool. We love the unadulterated shrieks of excitement of the children after hearing the impromptu announcement.

We got our things ready in a jiffy since we were not going far anyway. When we were to the resort, we were quite surprised (and disappointed) because the pools were overcrowded. We couldn’t even get a good table location because of the throng of people in the bench area. Just the same, what can we expect on a Sunday from a budget resort?

When we had already settled, we took the children to the kiddie pool so that they could already enjoy the water. As expected, the children were beaming with delight and their laughter were priceless. Rafa was initially hesitant but eventually recovered from his uneasiness. Meanwhile, Miguel was enjoying himself so much. He was smiling all the time and he was also trying to interact with the other children.

Children playing after swimming

An hour before the resort closed, we got the children ready and just have them play in the large grassy lawn. Earlier, I showed Rafa what a makahiya (touch-me-not) plant looked like and he was quite amused by the folding leaves upon touch.

As for the rest of the afternoon, the children spent their remaining time at the resort running and just enjoying being outside. When it was time to go, we made a promise to the children that we will be back just to convince them to go home.

I was grateful for the day well spent.

My first brand collab for the year

On a different note, I was thankful for my first brand collaboration for the year. I’ve been invited to some events in the last two months, but I was unable to attend because I was either busy with work or due to family matters. I guess those things are inevitable when you have little kids.

Easter-themed donuts from Krispy Kreme
Easter-themed donuts from Krispy Kreme

Anyway, earlier in March, I received a message from a coordinator inviting me for a campaign with Krispy Kreme. I readily said yes because it’s a donut brand that we love at home. The campaign was for Krispy Kreme’s limited-edition Easter donuts. With that, I received two boxes of mini donuts as well as a cute bunny, bird, and grass donuts. We all enjoyed the yummy donuts at home.

*Officially, there is no summer season in the Philippines, only dry season. Summer is defined as having longer days and shorter months; in the Philippines, the difference in the length of the day and night are insignificant during the summer season.

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