Grateful Dad #9.23: Reimagining

May 26, 2023

In the past, I used to imagine myself as somebody else but I eventually accepted myself for what I have and who I am.

In the last few months, I keep on seeing articles about famous places around Metro Manila that are reimagined or given a breath of life via artists’ renditions. First is a reimagined Pasig River which looks dreamy, modern, and every bit first world. Then there’s a greener EDSA with an abundance of trees and plants; it would make you feel like this main thoroughfare has been forested. Lastly, there’s the reimagined City of Manila which again was made greener and less congested.


Grateful Dad #9.23: Reimagining

While the images of these places look like they’re from another world, it’s still encouraging to think of the possibility that these could become a reality. As they say, one’s limit is their imagination. The greatest inventions and events in the world were, for sure, born from a tiny spark of imagination.

Anyway, which brings me to another topic, and that is imagining or reimagining a different and, of course, better version of oneself. I do this all the time, to be honest, but it was at its peak when I was in high school and during my early years in college. I guess it can be called daydreaming back then but I found a better name to call it and that is reimagination.

Back in those days, I had a version of myself in a parallel universe. I imagine that person to be smart, intelligent, confident, eloquent, charismatic, good-looking, and well-dressed. Suffice it to say that that person is the opposite version of me.

I wanted to wake up one day, stare in the mirror, and see that person that I reimagined. It didn’t happen, obviously, but I took some pointers from that person and tried my very best to replicate them. Sort of taking inspiration from someone you idolize and making an effort to imbibe their positive characteristic.

Yes, it’s human nature to desire something that is not in their possession, precisely because we want that experience. However, in the end, we must learn to accept that we can’t always get what we desire and that we can’t be somebody else’s clone. We are unique individuals, living our own lives. Our personal situation may be ordinary but unique, nonetheless.

I’m sure you’ve been in a similar situation in which you wanted to be somebody or something else. How did you surpass that situation? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. What you said really resonated with me ... I struggle with wanting to have a different house, have a different house, be in a different career, etc. But I also know that I'm actually in the best place I could be, for me and for my family 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog post! It's refreshing to see famous places in Metro Manila being reimagined and given a breath of life through artists' renditions. The idea of reimagining a better version of oneself is also inspiring, even if we can't fully replicate it. It's a reminder that we are unique individuals living our own lives, and that's something to appreciate.

  3. Personally, I've found that while it's important to draw inspiration from others, it's equally crucial to embrace and appreciate our unique qualities and individuality.

  4. I was not very confident at school and made an effort when I started college to try and be a more confident version of myself. It took time but it happened! Great post

  5. I have had this struggle much of my life. For years, I spent time in the "what might have happened" world as class fellows went on to greater success than I as I focused on my family. I finally began focusing on gratitude and it helped me see what I had instead of what I thought I was missing.

  6. This is a heartfelt post. I think we have all had these thoughts at some point of out lives. It is something to think about.