5 Thriving Locations Near Metro Manila Where You Can Put Down Roots with Your Family

December 12, 2022

Here are five of the best location options near Metro Manila where you can settle with your family.

There’s no denying that Metro Manila is one of the most congested and densely populated places in Asia. The region has over 13 million residents, and EDSA, one of the metro’s main thoroughfares, sees about 410,000 vehicles per day all on its own. There’s a high demand for land in the metro that continues to drive up prices, and the heavy traffic significantly lengthens the amount of time that one has to spend on the road to reach their destination.

Taal Church in Batangas
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5 Thriving Locations Near Metro Manila Where You Can Put Down Roots with Your Family

    With these issues in mind, many young families are seriously considering leaving the metro and putting down roots in places immediately outside of it. This move, in turn, will give them easier access to more affordable properties all while staying reasonably near the metro’s urban comforts. If you’re thinking of doing the same for your family, here’s a list of the thriving locations that you should check out.

    Lipa City in Batangas

    Located some 80 kilometers or about a 1.5-hour drive away from the Mall of Asia, Lipa City in Batangas is a popular getaway option for many people living in the metro. This first-class component city not only places one near beaches and mountains but also presents affordable housing options for young families. 

    It’s not too difficult to come by a Lipa City house and lot for sale, and there are villages and subdivisions in the area that appeal to families with various needs and preferences. Many companies belonging to various industries such as agriculture and business process outsourcing (BPO) have also set up shop in Lipa. In terms of education, there are a number of public and private schools and universities based in the city that offer quality education on all levels. 

    Lipa City also serves as a transportation hub for the province of Batangas, making it easy for anyone who wants to travel for business or leisure to get in and out of the city.

    Antipolo City in Rizal

    Antipolo City in Rizal is located about an hour drive away from the heart of the City of Manila. It’s no surprise, then, that a good portion of the city’s 887,000 residents travels to the metro every day to work. Despite its proximity to urban conveniences, 

    Antipolo offers a calm environment for those who want to leave the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila behind. A number of good schools and universities can be found in Antipolo City, which means that the city’s residents don’t have to go far to provide their children with a good education. 

    At the same time, this first-class component city in Rizal has made a name for itself by offering tourists and visitors alike plenty of destinations to visit, especially during religious holidays, which are typically observed by Filipino families.

    Metro Clark in Pampanga and Tarlac

    The Clark area, which is a 1.5-hour drive away from the NCR, is another popular option for young families who want to live in proximity to Metro Manila. A preferred option for commercial and industrial endeavors, this area is considered a leading entertainment, leisure, and shopping hub in Central Luzon. 

    Here, one can find a number of new housing and community developments, good schools and colleges, and commercial and lifestyle centers with plenty of entertainment and shopping options. Clark is also an excellent start-off point for a memorable holiday, as it has easy access to expressways that lead to the northern and even southern areas of Luzon.

    Malolos City in Bulacan

    Set some 45 kilometers north of Metro Manila, Malolos is the capital city of the sprawling province of Bulacan. It’s well-known as a venue for many historical events, such as the constitutional convention of 1898 and the establishment of the first republic in Asia. 

    These days, the city’s proximity to Metro Manila is key to its continued commercialization. It offers plenty of room for commercial and industrial developments for entrepreneurs and companies, as well as shopping centers and lifestyle complexes for the city’s residents and visitors. 

    On top of that, Malolos has affordable residential spaces for rent or sale to families and individuals who are looking to strike out on their own and put down their roots.

    Santa Rosa City in Laguna

    Santa Rosa is another preferred option for families that are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila without staying far from the region. Depending on traffic conditions, it’s possible to drive to and from Santa Rosa in about 30 minutes. 

    Aside from its proximity to the metro, Santa Rosa City has industrial complexes that serve as bases for businesses that have invested in the area in recent years, including car manufacturers and assemblers, manufacturers of electronic products, and companies belonging to the BPO industry, among others. 

    Families that choose to settle in the area don’t have to travel far to find work and to access basic educational and health services, as well as entertainment options. If needed, however, they can always choose to do so since it’s quite close to the metro.


    There are plenty of advantages to settling down in Metro Manila. Maintaining an address in the National Capital Region places you in proximity to a wide range of economic and career opportunities, good schools and universities, and a wide range of entertainment, lifestyle, and shopping destinations. 

    At the same time, however, these benefits are not exclusive to the region. There are many places immediately outside the metro where one can access the same comforts with lower capital and without subjecting themselves to heavy traffic every single day. It’s worth seeing if these locations offer more long-term opportunities for your growing family.

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