Tips to Beat That Console Game

November 23, 2022

Here are some tips to improve your skills and beat that console game.

In this day and age, console games still have that weird charm they always had since they were released. The thrilling scenes, memorable storylines, and mind-boggling tasks associated with each of them make them all the more endearing to a lot of fans. Everything is fun and games until you come across one that gets you stumped for hours, days, or even weeks.

Tips to Beat That Console Game
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Tips to Beat That Console Game

    Some have even pushed some gamers (both serious and casual ones) on a hiatus as a byproduct of frustration. We would like to help get rid of that problem as a way to pay tribute to the ever-growing gaming community. In this article are tips to help you beat that seemingly difficult console game. Also included are everything about entertainment and console games that you may encounter along the way as you learn more about different game genres.

    Trial and Error

    Nothing beats the classic way–trial and error–where you’ll have to go through great lengths to try out all possible puzzle combinations or all of the available labyrinth pathways. Some folks even resort to drawing or taking note of all the things that they encounter that may (hopefully) lead them to being unstuck somewhere along the way. 

    The only downside to this tip is you may need a lot of time and patience to pull off this trick. Depending on the game, it may take you some time before you unlock the challenge.


    If the problem is skill-related, you may need to get familiar with the controls and the gameplay even more. Depending on the genre, you may also have to ensure that you are well-versed with equipment, items, and team and/or enemy dynamics so you can get the optimal effects that can help you advance to the next parts of the game. 

    It may take some practice to get to the point of mastery, but that is totally doable. Like the trial-and-error approach, you may need to have some more time and patience to pull this off.

    Constant Grinding

    Speaking of time and patience, there’s another method that will require you to have a lot of those. You would think that grinding only applies to online games, but that would be totally false. In the good old days, you needed to keep going and improve your characters’ skills and stats to a certain level before you could successfully take down a boss without a hitch. 

    The same principle applies to console games right now. The exception is when the game only limits you to a certain number of mobs that you’re allowed to kill off per scene. In this case, you may need to look for other ways to get stronger in the game.

    Collaborating with Peers

    Getting ideas from your peers and exchanging them with yours can be a great way to get more insights about the console game you’re currently playing. As much as possible, don’t give out spoilers if the game has a relatively great storyline to begin with. After all, this is one of the ways you can maximize the fun while you play the game. 

    If it’s a co-op game, you may need to combine your ideas and try out at least one of the tips above in the hopes that these can help you advance to the next stage eventually. In this case, you may have to summon even more of your patience along the way, especially because you’re working closely with people that may have different ways to approach a certain stage in the game. You may not always agree with the method they use but who knows? It may help you advance one way or another.

    Breaking Things Down Into Smaller Steps

    Sometimes, the tasks within these console games seem too many and too overwhelming. In relation to this, the missions and side quests may get too intimidating that you may hesitate to take on each one of these at some point. 

    In this regard, you may opt to play the game bit by bit, quest by quest. Just focus on one before you move on to the next one. Once you get the hang of things, do all the side quests until you get to the point that only the main quest matters. Do this until you’re able to complete everything or get to the part where you’re stuck again. In this case, implement the tips you have learned so far.

    Keen Observation

    If you’re watching some other gamers stream their console gaming stuff online, you may get a tip or two on how they play the game. You may even develop your unique style as you go with it. Some of these streams are walkthroughs and cover pretty much most of the things you need to complete the game. 

    If you’re after the thrill of solving the mysteries by yourself, we suggest you skip the walkthroughs altogether so you can get the chance to decode all the relevant stuff and enjoy the entire process.

    Resting and Managing Pressure

    In some instances, you may have to rest your eyes for a bit, especially if you’ve been on your console for a few hours now. This may take a lot of willpower to do if you’re approaching the exciting parts. 

    But this tip can help you recalibrate and strategize better when it comes to the next steps you need to take to get the rest of the in-game missions or quests. Close your eyes for a few minutes, have some light snacks, or watch a de-stressing video clip to help you get that much-needed reset.

    Keeping Emotions in Check

    When frustrations start to kick in, your emotions and ego may get threatened along the way. It may even get worse if you’re playing with other people and they get a similar feeling as well. In this case, you may have to manage your feelings first before you continue playing. 

    Do some breathing exercises, step back for a few minutes, or do something else to ease the tension so you can eventually get in top condition to proceed.

    Switching Games

    If you have been playing the console game for quite a while now and you experience little to no progress along the way, you may already be approaching a burned-out state. If you’re still willing to beat the game, sometimes you need to step back for a while so you can think more clearly. Play another game in the meantime while you’re at it. 

    Sometimes, you can get additional insights if you’re not in the actual moment of solving a puzzle or two. We’re not sure how exactly that works, but it may do you wonders without you realizing it off the bat.

    Revisiting Tutorials

    This one’s also a classic but is always taken for granted because gamers are usually excited to get on with the game as soon as possible. However, missing vital parts of the tutorials, especially if it’s a difficult console game, can make it hard for you to manage certain areas of your gaming experience that are essential for you to advance to the next stage. 

    Some of these aspects may include the following: basic and advanced controls, where to go next, and what to do with specific items you obtained along the way.

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