Grateful Dad #40: Positivity

October 16, 2022

A positive mindset indeed brings a lot of many good things to a person.

I’ve been trying to build on my personal gains in the last two weeks by filling my mind with positive thoughts and I should say that I’m quite successful in doing so. I’m glad that I was able to turn my mindset around because it has given me a new vigor to face challenges head-on. Now, I’m excited to begin my day and I look forward to the surprises that are in store for me throughout my waking hours.

Positivity and a grateful heart

Grateful Dad #40: Positivity

I guess not a lot of people these days realize the power of positivity and the many advantages that it can bring them. I don’t blame them though. We are still in the midst of a pandemic; all the days of uncertainties might have stripped them of the ability to see the color beyond the grayness, so to speak.

On the other hand, some people might have been through a lot, perhaps tougher times than the rest of us. However, I hope they can find that one spark, one tiny light, to help them reignite the optimism and the zest to feel alive once more. All it takes is a small glimmer of hope. Once they see that golden opportunity, all they have to do is to fan the flames and nurture them until the fire in them is burning vigorously.

Cliché as it may sound, but counting your blessings helps a lot. I know it’s easier said than done because I’ve been there. Sometimes I feel that I might be losing my mind because of an internal debate going on inside me – one part of me is convincing my mind to see the good in things and the other one is contradicting that encouraging side of me.

Eventually, I got over it by surrounding myself with positivity such as by reading inspirational stories and even reading affirmative quotes. I also think of my family a lot, the future that I want for my children, and the lessons of hope that they might pick up from me.

In the end, positivity begets positivity. A positive mindset is sure to attract only good things.

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