Grateful Dad #39: Banishing Doubts

October 09, 2022

I'm grateful because I'm gradually able to banish the self-doubts that have been plaguing me in the last few months.

The past week has been a good one at work. We were busy with a lot of things, and sometimes we had to take more load than usual, but at least we were able to deliver.

Grateful for being able to banish my doubts

Grateful Dad #39: Banishing Doubts

I don’t hide the fact that I’ve been plagued with doubts in the previous months. A lot of things have happened that haven’t been in my favor. I thought my experience throughout the years has molded me and given me the strength to withstand life’s challenges.

However, there will always be something new, a first experience, which will leave us unprepared and clueless. It’s similar to a virus that our body is encountering only for the first time; we haven’t built immunity to it yet which will have our system untrained.

That happened to me last year at work which left me with no choice but to tender my resignation. The lack of job opportunities at the height of the pandemic plus a host of other circumstances had me asking more questions. I’m certain about one thing though and it’s that I had to bounce back as soon as I can.

I was able to find full-time work after a few months, even so, I had to make big adjustments. I came to the point of giving up but I had to tell myself that I wouldn’t grow if I stayed within my comfort zone. Furthermore, beyond the stress brought by the daily commute, I was quite enjoying the new things that I was learning.

Beyond my confusion, I was glad that I had supportive people around me. I was grateful for my wife who kept encouraging me whenever I told her I felt like giving up. I was thankful for my friends who are there to give advice. I remember one occasion in which I told a friend that our worst enemy is our own mind. A small seed of doubt in our heads will affect our whole system. As such, no matter how hard it is, we should try to fill our minds with positivity. It works wonders, especially in putting us in the right perspective.

That worked well for me, optimism, I mean. In fact, I recently had my 90-day performance review at work and I’m glad to know that I’m doing good after all. Looking back on the last three months, I realized that I was able to achieve things that I thought I would never be able to do before. For that, I’m grateful and I pray for better things to happen in the next few months.

On a different note, I’m glad that parties and events are gradually coming back. That means that our dog show for parties and events is back in business. We’ve already had several bookings in the last two weeks and it looks like it’s going to come in regularly, just like the previous years.

Finally, I’m gaining the courage to pursue a personal advocacy and that is financial education for all. I used to work in the banking industry and I often get asked why I don’t blog about it. I always say that I want to separate work from my passion project, even if my goal before is to let people know that banks are not something to be feared.

Bankers are actually a friendly bunch who are there to help folks and when people realize that, I hope that they will be encouraged to open a savings account, the first step in building their financial knowledge. For this, I’m working on my content plan to get things going.

To end the week, we had pizza and milk tea at home. A simple celebration of all the good things that happened lately.

How about you, what are the positive things that have happened to you lately? I hope that you were also able to hurdle personal challenges lately.

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