The Kraver’s Canteen BBQ Hotbox Is The Perfect Answer To Cold Food Delivery

September 19, 2022

If you like your food delivery to stay hot, then I highly recommend the Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox from Kraver's Canteen.

Food delivery is so convenient. However, its trade-off is that food often gets cold when it reaches your home. I know that it’s not really an issue at all because you can always reheat food in the oven. For large orders though, especially if you have celebrations at home, it can be a hassle to heat your food portion by portion.

Kraver’s Canteen Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox

The Kraver’s Canteen BBQ Hotbox Is The Perfect Answer To Cold Food Delivery

It’s a good thing that Kraver’s Canteen has come up with a novel idea of using a hotbox for its Krave BBQ Platter. We tried the Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox (P1999) a few months ago and we were quite impressed (and amused) with the self-heating component of the box.

We thought that it was perfect for celebrations at home and most notably outside the house such as in the office or in school where heating food can prove to be a challenge. The Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox is also easy to heat; you just need to pull the strings located at the sides of the box and the heating component will do its job. You can actually see steam coming out of the sides of the box. After a few minutes, the food is hot and ready to eat.

Enjoying the food and drinks from Kraver’s Canteen

Of course, that’s just one aspect of the Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox. The flavor of the food is important, and it didn’t disappoint. By the way, the Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox is composed of Roast Pork Belly, Roast Beef, Chicken BBQ, and Roast Pork Riblets served with red rice. 

If you love barbecue, then the Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox is for you. It’s definitely heaven for any meat lover. The red rice, meanwhile, is flavorful but I prefer eating barbecue with plain white rice so that I can fully enjoy the sweet, savory, and smoky flavors of the meat.

Aside from the Krave BBQ Platter Hotbox, Kraver’s Canteen’s menu offers a wide selection of international flavors like Oyakodon, Beef Rendang, Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay), Breakfast Burrito, Chipotle Shrimp Quesadillas, Cheeseburger Deluxe, Potato Wedges, Let’s Get Litson Family Tray, Cheesy Nacho Bake, Beef Gyudon, Baked Cream Cheese Salmon, Tikoy Turon, and Beef Yakiniku, to name a few.

Kraver’s Canteen red rice

For drinks, I recommend the delicious and refreshing Kraver's Insanitea but there are also other choices like the Strawberry Cloud Shake, Vanilla Cloud Shake, Avocado Cloud Shake, Mango Cloud Shake, and Kraver's Yakultea.

Kraver’s Canteen is located at the following addresses:

Kraver's Canteen
Ayala Fairvew Terraces

Kraver's Canteen
40 Malingap, Quezon City

Kraver's Canteen - Kapitolyo
Pasig, Metro Manila

Kraver's Canteen - San Juan
San Juan, Metro Manila

Kraver’s Canteen - Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila

Kraver's Canteen - Robinsons Place Manila

Kraver's Canteen - Taguig
Taguig, Metro Manila

Kraver's Canteen - Parañaque
Parañaque, Metro Manila

You may order from Kraver’s Canteen’s website or through its mobile number (+63) 917 710 6239.

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