AXA's new campaign brings ‘Me-Time’ to Asia’s sandwich generation

September 06, 2022

“Make Time For Me-Time” deepens AXA’s commitment to provide tangible and meaningful support for positive mind health.

AXA today launched an Asia-wide campaign encouraging everyone to ‘Make Time For Me-Time’, normalizing the importance of making time for yourself because healthcare starts with self-care.

AXA Make Time for Me-Time sweat it out Campaign

AXA's new campaign brings ‘Me-Time’ to Asia’s sandwich generation

    The campaign was inspired by the needs of Asia’s sandwich generation, who are caught between caring for their elderly parents and their children, meaning they find themselves spending their waking hours caring for others. When they do find a few minutes to devote to themselves, they can often feel guilty or ashamed – especially if it means telling someone ‘No’.

    AXA's focus on promoting positive mind health

    This insight reflects AXA’s continued focus on promoting positive mind health both in and out of the workplace. This includes raising awareness of its importance to overall health and breaking down stigma through initiatives like its annual Mind Health and Wellbeing Study, as well as equipping individuals with the tools to improve their own mental wellbeing, such as through its recent Fit to Flourish series that provided a path to developing the 10 skills that underpin good mental health.

    AXA Make Time for Me-Time Campaign

    “For the sandwich generation in Asia, cultural expectations mean it is normal to spend your waking hours caring for others, whether at home or at work. Yet AXA’s own research and experience in serving our customers show that self-care is critical to well-being and the more you care for yourself, the more you can care for others,” says Gordon Watson, CEO of AXA Asia and Africa. 

    “We, therefore, want to normalize the importance of taking time out for yourself, free from guilt, as a necessary part of what it means to be well.”

    The science of color

    The new integrated campaign is steeped in the science of color: soft blues help with mental fatigue, red is associated with energy and improving blood circulation, and yellows create a sense of warmth.

    AXA Make Time for Me-Time Campaign BRB

    To bring this to life, AXA has also collaborated with renowned artist YOSHIROTTEN to create an ‘Art Care Series’. A specially created series of eye, breathing, and stretching exercises aim to soothe the body and mind using the science of shape, color, and sound. 

    Ranging from 30-seconds to 15 minutes in length, the outdoor activations will be placed in high-traffic areas to remind people to take time out for themselves.

    You can watch the campaign film here.

    Experience the Art Care Series

    Created by Publicis Groupe Hong Kong, ‘Make Time for Me-Time’ is launching Asia-wide in markets including Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines, with influencers sharing their personal experiences and tips for making time for Me-Time.
    Watch the Art Care Eye and Breathing Exercise videos.

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