3 Top Reasons That Make KooKit Manila The Best Food Delivery Option For Busy Folks

May 23, 2022

Sharing my review of KooKit Manila and why I think it's a great option for busy individuals who want healthy and home-cooked food.

While I’m fairly comfortable doing kitchen work, I do admit that thinking of what to cook next and the actual meal preparation can be a daunting and time-consuming task. I know other busy parents can relate to this that’s why some people resort to just ordering takeout food. Not only is that option costly but it can also be unhealthy because you don’t really know what goes in your food or how it’s prepared. As such, KooKit Manila came up with a solution to address the meal prep dilemma of people who are juggling a lot of tasks on a daily basis.

Cashew and Edamame Pasta from KooKit Manila
Cashew and Edamame Pasta

3 Top Reasons That Make KooKit Manila The Best Food Delivery Option For Busy Folks

    Get to know KooKit Manila

    KooKit Manila is a food kit delivery service in Metro Manila. It’s almost similar to other food delivery companies but what makes it unique is that the ingredients are delivered fresh and portioned based on what the recipes require. With KooKit Manila, even non-experts will get to discover the joy of cooking and may even gain confidence in the kitchen to explore other recipes.

    What we love in KooKit Manila

    Kookit Manila definitely elevates the convenience of home cooking. It’s the ideal solution for busy individuals who are looking for fresh food cooked at home. 

    KooKit Manila review

    With KooKit Manila, you can save time from food preparation because the food kits that will be delivered to you will contain the exact portions stated in the recipes. All you have to do is follow the detailed instructions and you are ready in no time.

    Aside from that, here are some of the top reasons why we love KooKit Manila

    1. The menu is refreshed weekly

    Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring and repetitive with KooKit Manila because its menu is refreshed every week. Thus, you are assured of getting something new to try each week.

    2. KooKit Manila’s food kits are fully customizable

    When choosing your dishes, you don’t have to stick to those that are listed in one menu. You can choose from different menus (New Weekly, All-Filipino, and Vegetarian) as long as they all fall under the same cut-off and delivery period.

    3. It’s a healthy alternative to fast food or restaurant delivery

    With KooKit Manila, you know exactly what you are getting in your food kit. These are mostly sauces, fresh vegetables, meat, and seafood. There are no additives, seasonings, or even food preservatives so you are assured that you are cooking healthy food for your family or for yourself.

    How to select your dishes

    KooKit Manila dishes
    Fresh ingredients that come in portions

    To select your dishes, just log in to KooKit Manila’s website (create your account with just an email address at www.kookitmnl.com), choose the dishes from the menus, then start your kit, and choose your plan. You can choose the serving size and the number of dishes to go into your kit.

    What will you get in the food kit?

    You will get the ingredients that are color-coded so that you don’t have to figure out which goes where. You will also get a printed recipe sheet with easy-to-follow instructions as well as the nutrition information.

    Our personal experience with KooKit Manila

    I received a food kit containing three dishes from KooKit Manila for me to try: Cashew and Edamame Pasta, Sesame Pine-Apple Beef, and Salmon Belly Teriyaki.

    @dadonthemoveph Cooking Cashew & Edamame Pasta from @kookitmnl. 😄 #yum #easyrecipe #kookitmnl #summerfoodie #masarap #healthymeals #foryou #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Cartoon-style piano solo jazz(853970) - motofuji
    I love how organized the box is. The ingredients are color-coded and the recipe sheet is printed using colored ink so it’s not boring to look at. True enough, the instructions are simple, even non-cooks won’t lose their patience in preparing the dishes.

    I initially tried the Cashew and Edamame Pasta which used only a few ingredients but yielded a very flavorful and healthy meal. Honestly, when I was preparing it, I thought that it would taste bland because the sauce seemed inadequate. However, when we tasted it, it had a wonderful and well-balanced taste. It’s really highly recommended for health-conscious individuals.


    KooKit Manila is definitely the ideal food kit delivery service for those who love home-cooked food but are oftentimes pressed for time because of work and other responsibilities.

    With KooKit Manila, the ingredients of your preferred dishes are delivered based on your specified dates and are already portioned so your only concern would be cooking your food. That way, you are assured of healthy and wholesome food all the time for you and your loved ones.

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