5 Playtime Essentials To Keep Kids Comfy When They’re Outside

March 21, 2022

Here are some of our highly recommended playtime essentials to keep our kids feeling fresh and comfortable.

We love taking our two kids outside to play. In fact, they go out early in the morning to catch some Vitamin D from the sun and we also let them run outside in the afternoon when it’s already a little cooler.

Playtime essentials to keep kids comfy when outside

5 Playtime Essentials To Keep Kids Comfy When They’re Outside

    It’s a good thing that we have a little garden in the front yard that’s spacious enough for two active toddlers to run around and explore. Just the same, we do want to be able to take them outside like in a park, a shopping mall, or even to the beach when the right time comes. Until then, we’ll have to make do with the confines of our yard.

    Our playtime essentials

    Anyway, even if we are just playing at home, we make sure that our kids are comfortable. They can get really sweaty and sticky especially during the dry (summer) months. Plus, we also don’t want them getting bitten by pesky bugs.

    As such, here are some of our playtime essentials to keep them comfortable and safe:

    1. Insect repellent lotion

    We apply insect repellent lotion of spray to our children’s skin after each bath. However, we reapply the product before playing outside to ensure another layer of protection.

    Moskishield insect repellent spray is one of our playtime essentials

    We have our favorite natural and organic insect repellent brands because we’ve proven that these are both safe and effective in warding off mosquitoes and even ants.

    2. Knee pads

    These are some of our most essential playtime accessories. Knee pads, and elbow pads at some point, are great investments to protect kids from wounds when they fall down.

    A pair of knee pads as playtime essentials
    Knee pads

    Our two boys have been spared from nasty scratches and bruises because they regularly wear knee pads when they run. You can get yours here.

    3. Water

    Don’t forget to bring water when your kids are outside, especially during the hot summer months. Our kids drink plenty of water whenever we are outside. We put their water in our trusty Avent tumblers which we’ve been using for years now.

    4. Johnson’s Baby Powder

    Johnson’s Baby Powder is a time-tested brand that I’m sure most parents have used themselves when they were kids. I remember my own mother putting Johnson’s Baby Powder on my back before I went out to play.

    Johnson's Baby Powder is one of our playtime essentials
    Johnson's Baby Powder

    We also use it when the air is dry and stuffy because it provides an instant feeling of relief from the heat and stickiness.

    It's good to know that after all these years, Johnson’s Baby Powder remains a trusted product for kids. I use it on my kids, especially when I’m giving them a haircut and during playtime.

    I’m also glad that aside from the classic Johnson’s Baby Powder scent, there are two more variants available namely the Blossoms and the Active Fresh. The Active Fresh variant is really nice because it works double time in keeping our children smelling good even if they are all sweaty.

    If you also love Johnson's Baby Powder, you might be interested to know that you can conveniently buy it on Shopee.

    5. Towel or back sweat absorbent cloth

    It's an absorbent towel that you can place on the back of your kids. This is just another layer of protection just to ensure that our kids are comfortable when they sweat double time.


    These are just some of the things that we do to make sure that our kids are comfortable and feeling fresh even if they are doubly active. We do want them to have nonstop fun, learning, and enjoyment instead of being interrupted by the feeling of itchiness and stickiness.

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    1. The best and important playtime essentials to keep our kids feeling fresh and comfortable!!love this all ❤️being a parents ,ang saya saya tingnan nila na naglalaro sa labas ,and the important is may dala dala tayo ganitong essentials,thanks for sharing sir ivan❤️✨

    2. Thanks for sharing this as a parent I want to keep my kids healthy and safe and also gusto ko din na ma experience Nila Ang paglalaro sa labas since it's part of childhood🥰

    3. Yay must have din talaga ng mga products na yan para kahit pawis na ang kids still mabango pa din and siguradong safe sila para no worries kahit sa labas sila mag play.