3 Tips to Maximize Singapore's Efficient Transportation System

February 24, 2022

Sharing with you some tips on how you can maximize Singapore's transport system.

Singapore’s public transportation is one of the most efficient transport systems worldwide. The various public transport options are all relatively cheap and can quickly take you to wherever you need to go in the city, guaranteeing that you’ll never be late for anything.

Tips to maximize Singapore's transportation

3 Tips to Maximize Singapore's Efficient Transportation System

    If it’s your first time in Singapore and you want to learn how to maximize your use of Singapore’s transport system, read the three tips below:

    1. Know What’s Available

    Most travelers who’ve just arrived tend to hail a cab to get to their hotel, unless they’ve booked an accommodation within the Changi Airport itself or are staying in one of the hotels near Singapore airport

    However, Singapore offers a wide range of vehicles that you can use as an alternative. Because Singapore’s land area is relatively small, anywhere you want to go can be accessed by any of these services, so don’t feel limited to queueing up for taxis. Consider any of the vehicles below so you can feel like a local.

    Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)

    Singapore’s MRT is a railway train system run by two public transport operators, SMRT and SBS Transit. Because this train system has over 130 stations located all over the country and spread across six lines, you can take the MRT to get from one place to another in a relatively short span of time. Other than their efficiency and punctuality, the trains are also known for their cleanliness, even though over 200,000 people take them daily.


    Buses can be a better choice if you want to walk less. And because they travel on the main road, their stops or routes can drop you off closer to where you want to go. It is operated by various transportation companies, which include SBS Transit, SMRT Buses, Tower Transit Singapore, and Go-Ahead Singapore, all of which are a part of the government’s Bus Contracting Model to allow for a seamless transition between them.

    Merlion in Singapore
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    While you might think that the buses can get delayed due to the traffic main roads suffer, designated bus lanes actually allow for buses to stay on schedule. And depending on the route you’re taking, there are five bus types to choose from: Trunk and Feeder Bus, Premium Bus, City Direct, Midnight Bus, and Shuttle Bus.


    If you’re staying at a Singapore airport hotel, you might prefer taking a taxi to get to the city’s main attractions. Most of them have queueing or designated waiting areas, where you can line up and wait for a taxi. They’re relatively easy to find from the airport and can be more convenient if you don’t want to read up on all the routes or stations for the train or bus systems.

    Aside from taxi companies, you can also book car rides from transport sharing services like Grab Car. Grab operates much like Uber in Singapore, and you simply enter your location and wait for the car to pick you up.

    2. Find Out the Costs

    Transportation costs can vary depending on the vehicle you use, the distances it travels, and the peak periods. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to go around Singapore, trains are the best option. While fares can rise the farther you go, they usually range from SGD 0.70 to SGD 2.20.

    Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
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    Like trains, bus fares also depend on the distance the buses travel. These can range from SGD 0.95 to SGD5.00, and factors like the type of bus or what operators you use can affect pricing. Premium bus fares can range from SGD 2.70 to SGD 7.00, but it can guarantee you a seat and a comfortable ride.

    Taxi fares tend to be on the expensive side and they can fluctuate. Starting rates can range from SGD 3.20 to SGD3.90, and they can go up 22 cents per 400 meters for the first ten kilometers. You can incur additional fees if you choose to book a taxi or ride during surcharge hours.

    Paying for your fare is simple in Singapore as the country uses a cashless system that is anchored in card passes like EZ-link and Nets Flashpay. These are loadable cards that you can purchase at any Transitlink Ticket Office or convenience store. Foreign-issued Mastercard and Visa credits cards can also be used with additional fees.

    If you’re a tourist, consider opting for a Singapore Tourist Pass (STP), which allows you unlimited travel for 1 day for SGD 10, 2 days for SGD 16, and 3 days for SGD20. This can be a great purchase if you plan on travelling around the city during your short stay.

    3. Map Out Your Journey

    Whether you’re going to any of the hotels near Changi Airport or travelling around the business district, the best way to maximize Singapore’s public transportation is to know what route to take and when to take it.

    Peak hours, which fall around between 6:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., mean heavy traffic and surcharge fees. If you're travelling during this period, it might be best to use a train or a bus to get to your hotel. Additionally, MRT stations can also be packed during these hours, so reconsider travelling during these times or choose to travel earlier or later, if possible.

    Aside from choosing between the three transportation options, consider combining them with one another for a smoother and cheaper trip. This technique requires extensive knowledge of routes, stations, and rates, but it can help you in case the MRT breaks down or the surcharge fees are too expensive.


    Singapore’s transportation system might seem complicated at first, but learning these tips can help you during your stay. With this, you can go ahead and utilize Singapore’s transportation system like a local.

    Maximize Singapore's transportation
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