The Top 10 Unique Destinations To See In Hong Kong with Kids [Travel Guide]

July 06, 2023

Hong Kong is undoubtedly a favorite destination among Filipinos but do also check out its offbeat places.

Hong Kong is undoubtedly a favorite destination among Filipinos. This cosmopolitan city-state is like a 21st-century cacophony; a blend of skyscrapers and subways, street shops and malls, trams, and temples.

Hong Kong City Lights

The Top 10 Unique Destinations To See In Hong Kong with Kids [Travel Guide]

    Walking through the neon-lit streets of this vibrant city is an iconic spectacle. However, you will soon find out that there is so much more to discover in Hong Kong. So, go ahead and plan your trip and browse for flights to Hong Kong online booking. Take advantage of the fast and seamless booking process and enjoy some great discounts as you make your flight and hotel bookings.

    The offbeat side of Hong Kong

    While you will never run out of popular sites and attractions to visit in Hong Kong, there is another side of this magnificent city-state that is worth seeing. It is time to get off the beaten path and look for out-of-the-ordinary places to fully enjoy your stay in the city. 

    After all, there are still a lot of things going on behind all the whirl of sophisticated chaos in those bohemian boulevards and quaint fishing villages. A perfect example would be Lion Rock, an awesome hiking destination. Hiking up here is a must-try activity, especially if you want to work up a sweat and enjoy a good view of Hong Kong's cityscape.

    Take advantage of online Emirates flight booking to reach Hong Kong and start enjoying what it has to offer.

    Hong Kong apartment buildings

    The out of the ordinary activities to try in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong actually has a lot to offer in terms of flavors, history, and sights. If you want a richer experience in Hong Kong, one that is beyond shopping and urban exploring, then check out this useful information and list of things that you should not miss when you are in Hong Kong:

    1. Explore Sheung Wan 

    Sheung Wan is an up-and-rising location where you will come across a melting pot of Eastern and Western influences. Do not miss the oldest surviving market, the red-bricked Western Market for an eclectic shopping experience.

    Hong Kong shops

    2. Enjoy unique food 

    When in Hong Kong, discover its unique restaurants that offer some unique food finds like Dragon's Beard Candy, Black Sesame Sweet Soup, and a lot more. You will love the wispy sugar strands of the Dragon's Beard Candy, and the thick, jet-black sesame soup. 

    Furthermore, try Yuenyeung if you are looking for that perfect combination of coffee and milk tea. Lastly, don’t forget to get your hands on those adorable steamed piggy buns!

    3. Go to Dragon’s Back 

    Dragon's Back is the place to go if you want to see an impressive view of the cityscape. Hike to the Dragon’s Back which is considered the best urban hike in Asia. Get a respite from the crazy life of the city and find yourself surrounded by panoramic views while enjoying the serenity of the area.

    lantern in Hong Kong

    4. Discover the Flower Tunnel 

    Un Chau Estate Flower Tunnel is like a fairytale flower tunnel located within the gardens of a public housing complex. It is absolutely enchanting to go through this flower tunnel interspersed with tiny white flowers and pink leaves. Going through it feels as if you have entered a nature wonderland.

    5. Hong Kong Global GeoPark 

    Hong Kong’s zoological and botanical gardens look like they had been set amidst the remains of a volcanic explosion that probably occurred more than 140 million years ago. The spectacular landscape consisting of layers of rock is indeed fascinating.

    6. Hop on a floating restaurant 

    Built like a prehistoric Chinese majestic palace, the Jumbo Kingdom is like a bustling Chinese wonderland. It is a must to experience getting in one of the largest floating restaurants in the world that boast four floors offering a plethora of eateries.

    The Hong Kong cityscape

    7. See the Sai Wan Swimming Shed

    This is an ideal location for instagrammers! Located in a remote location, explore the wooden pier jutting out into the choppy waters of the Sulphur Channel. Getting here is an effort but you will be rewarded by the breathtaking view of the sunset.

    8. The Tian Tan Buddha 

    One of the most impressive sights is the Tian Tan Buddha sitting on a lotus flower. Its massive size dominates the valley on Lantau Island and looks surreal as it sits amidst densely forested peaks. One gets a sense of peace just by looking at the calm and wise appearance of the Buddha.

    9. Lamma Island 

    You will love this island dotted with sleepy fishing villages amidst rolling hills that will somehow remind you of peaceful Scandinavia. This is your chance to see Hong Kong in its most rustic state. Enjoy amazing seafood by the waterfront and explore the area teeming with craft shops and cafes.

    10. Kowloon Walled City Park 

    Kowloon with its maze of alleyways and secret staircase looks like a different world. The neon lights are turned on 24 hours a day and what makes the city special is its history. It was a former military base with very high and thick walls when it was constructed. 

    Despite military control, Chinese authorities, and the British administration had a tough time regulating the influx of immigrants that occupied Kowloon.

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