Grateful Dad #13: Priorities

February 28, 2022

In this post, I talk about how I was almost tempted to forego my savings goal but I was able to overcome it by going back to my priorities.

There wasn’t really anything eventful last week save for my son’s usual Friday afternoon class which I was quite happy about because his teacher told me that he was much more focused and more cooperative that time as compared to his previous session. At least our effort to refresh on his previous lessons paid off.

Grateful for being able to stick to my priorities

Grateful Dad #13: Priorities

Anyway, last weekend we went out to the mall for what we called our gadgets and electronic errand day. It wasn’t really anything spectacular, it was just to have my laptop repaired which was long overdue. We knew a technician who offered a good cost and we were not disappointed. I had my laptop fixed for an affordable price so now I can work faster. I’m also hoping to get another home-based job to augment my income so my resurrected laptop would surely come in handy.

In addition to the laptop repair, Mommy Khris and I also scheduled the renewal of our Smart Postpaid line that weekend. I’ve been looking forward to that moment for weeks because, if you know me, you’d know that I love gadgets, particularly cameras and mobile phones. Having said that, I’m sure that you’re also aware that postpaid line renewal comes with a free smartphone.

However, Mommy Khris and I decided to have our postpaid lines downgraded to save on cost. Our goal was to slash at least P1000 each from both of our postpaid subscriptions. With that, it also meant that we wouldn't be entitled to the more premium smartphones anymore although we would still get a unit as an incentive.

Just the same, I was still wishing to get a Samsung S20 FE phone, a flagship model from two years ago, for free because I've long wanted to try that brand.

When we went to the Smart Store in SM City Fairview, we were informed that the unit that we were qualified to receive was the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. Since my postpaid line package is a little lower than Mommy Khris’, I’d still have to add around P100 to my monthly postpaid package moving forward.

Thankful for receiving a free Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G from Smart
The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Now, I was a little hesitant to get the Samsung A52s 5G because it’s a mid-range phone. I had this impression that if it’s a mid-range phone, it’s not a capable device and that I’d only end up frustrated with its performance.

I asked the store personnel if they had a higher model unit and what they had was the Samsung S21 FE. It was a good phone but I’d have to add around P600 to my monthly bill which meant that it would still go way above my target monthly payable.

I had to make a decision fast and after doing some quick internet research about the Samsung A52s 5G, I decided to go for it. But one thing that convinced me to really get that phone was that I had to go back and rethink my priorities. 

I asked myself what my goals were before going to the store and it was to always put the welfare of my kids at the top of my priorities. That included saving up for them in whatever way I can. I just thought that the time will come when I can finally afford the things that I want but for now, my children should come first.

In the end, I was able to stick to my savings goal and got a new phone at the same time. And I was very happy with my decision. The Samsung A52s 5G looks really good, it’s really hard to tell the difference between that and the Samsung S21 FE at first glance.

The Samsung A52s 5G had a good build quality; the back is made of plastic which I like better because I have a bad experience last year when the back panel of my iPhone broke after my eldest son dropped it.

Inside the phone are the latest Snapdragon chipset or processor and a long-lasting battery. I do have to say that the battery is noteworthy; it charges fast and lasts a long time.

The screen of the Samsung A52s 5G is gorgeous. It’s AMOLED which makes images and colors outstandingly crisp. I love watching Youtube videos on the Samsung A52s 5G’s beautiful screen. It also has a punch-hole front camera which makes the front panel of the phone aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, browsing through my social media apps is a nice experience because of the 120 HZ refresh rate of the screen.

The software that the Samsung A52s 5G is running on is called One UI is smooth and intuitive, it almost feels like IOS. Not only that, I can do some customizations which makes using the device more fun.

What I also like about the Samsung A52s 5G is that it has a headphone jack, expandable memory, fingerprint sensor, and face unlock. I really missed the fingerprint sensor since the pandemic began because unlocking your device using your face has been almost unusable when you are always wearing a facemask.

I still think that the iPhone camera is much better but the slight downgrade in the quality of the photos that were taken by the Samsung A52s 5G is not a deal-breaker.

Overall, I was glad to have gone with a capable mid-ranger phone than the more expensive flagship phone. I was able to stick to my savings goal and got a new device.

How about you, have you ever been in a similar situation when you were tempted to spend and forget about your financial objective? What did you do to resist it? Or did you give in? Feel free to share your story in the comment section below.

Grateful for having the resolve to stick to my priorities

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