Celebrating Miguel’s 4th Birthday At Home

January 06, 2022

We recently celebrated Miguel's 4th birthday at home and here is how it went.

We had a simple celebration at home for Kuya Miguel’s 4th birthday last January 5, 2022. Since COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila are on the rise again, we thought it best to still not invite friends and relatives over and just cook children’s party food for lunch at home. In the end, its the happiness brought by being together that made Miguel's birthday celebration extra special for us.

Miguel's 4th birthday celebration at home featuring outer space theme

Celebrating Miguel’s 4th Birthday At Home

    Miguel’s 4th birthday theme

    Even if we were just celebrating at home, we wanted to make it fun for our kids so we still came up with a birthday theme. We opted for an astronaut and outer space theme for Miguel’s 4th birthday because his interest for Cocomelon’s Planet Song has been rekindled last month.

    Astronaut theme birthday cake

    To be able to realize this theme, we just ordered a backdrop, balloons, cakes, cupcakes, and shirts carrying an outer space design. Thanks to Shopee, we were able to buy the materials that we needed.

    For Miguel’s birthday cake and cupcakes, we ordered from Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes, makers of premium customized fondant cakes and cupcakes in Metro Manila. We were impressed with how good looking the cake and cupcakes were when they arrived.

    We were just glad because, even if we were just celebrating at home, we were still able to make it joyful for our kids through this cake from Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes. Rafa, most especially, had his eyes on the astronaut fondant and he kept on trying to snatch it even before our celebration started.

    Outer space theme birthday cupcakes

    By the way, we had a very minute concern when the cake arrived because it had number one on top of it instead of number 4. Mommy Khris informed Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes about it and they just said sorry for the mistake.

    However, in just a few minutes, we received a call from Lalamove informing us of a delivery. It turned out Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes sent the correct number. The number 1 was perfectly fine with us because the cake looked very beautiful but we appreciated the gesture of Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes.

    Aside from looking amazing, the cake and cupcakes also tasted good. As such, we highly recommend Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes for your theme cake needs for any occasion.

    If you want to order from Charm’s Cakes and Cupcakes, they are located at 789 Quirino Highway, Quezon City. You can check their designs on Instagram or www.charmscakes.com.

    What we prepared for Miguel’s birthday

    We prepared simple birthday party food items for the kids. There was sweet spaghetti, pork barbecue, and fried chicken. In the end, we were just glad to be able to celebrate Kuya Miguel’s 4th birthday and see our two kids grow healthy and happy.


    No matter how simple celebrations are, they become more meaningful and unforgettable as long as you are with your loved ones and that you are happy. This is Miguel’s third pandemic birthday, just the same, we are happy because he is growing up to be a sweet and jolly young boy.

    Our family picture during Miguel's 4th birthday celebration

    Time indeed flies so fast. I could still vividly remember when we were waiting for his birth in the hospital and now he is a tall four year old.

    We can only wish for him to grow up to be a confident and responsible man who is not afraid to stand up for what is right.

    Happy Birthday, Kuya Miguel! We love you, Anak!

    How to organize an outer space themed kiddie birthday party at home

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    1. Those cupcakes are so adorable. I miss little ones birthday parties and all the fun things

    2. Those cupcakes are so cute! I hope he had a great birthday!

    3. A big happy birthday to him! I'm so glad he enjoyed it and that you two have made it so special for him, even in the midst of the pandemic.

    4. This looks like a fun party for your son. Happy Birthday to Miguel!

    5. I like simple birthdays. We usually let the kids choose a birthday outing.

    6. Such a great theme, the cake looks so yummy. Happy 4th Birthday to this little young man!

    7. Richelle Milar3 June 2022 at 06:04

      Wow! Happy happy birthday to him! Those cupcakes looks absolutely delicious and tasty I know kids would love that!

    8. That's lovely. I hope Miguel had the most amazing day. I loved the cake, it looks amazing!

    9. Happy Birthday to Kuya Miguel. Time flies quickly for sure. I hope you'll have a fun-filled year.

    10. I love simple celebrations like this. What matters is the kids are healthy and they're having fun.

    11. Happy birthday to him! Hope he enjoys it. I really love that cake too. It looks amazing!

    12. Those cupcakes are darling! Looks like a fun party! :)

    13. I'm obsessed with the decorations and theme for this birthday. You just gave me some ideas for our boys' celebration this summer.

    14. Looks like an awesome birthday celebration! Love all the little details.

    15. That is one amazing cake and cupcakes you have there! I am sure he will be talking about it for a while!

    16. I love the cupcakes! What a fun day! Happy Birthday little man :)

    17. What a cute theme for his birthday! My nephew would also like this astronaut and outer space theme, gotta share this idea with my brother! And those cupcakes look super delicious as well 😍❤️

      Everything Enchanting 🙂

    18. What a beautiful cake and amazing looking cupcakes! He had a special day indeed!

    19. Rose Ann Sales6 June 2022 at 09:01

      That was a really beautiful cake! Happy birthday to him! Looks like a really awesome and amazing party!

    20. Happy 4th Birthday Miguel! Looks like he had an amazing home celebration!

    21. Happy 4th Birthday Miguel! Looks like he had an amazing home celebration!