5 Ideas For A Merry Virtual Holiday Celebration With Friends & Family

December 16, 2021

Here are some easy ideas to make your virtual holiday reunion with your friends and loved ones more fun and festive.

Celebrating special occasions virtually has been the norm since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. Since then, things have never been the same especially for us Filipinos who try find every opportunity to meet up with friends and loved ones. Just the same, we were eventually able to adjust to the situation and thanks to modern technology.

Virtual holiday celebration ideas

5 Ideas For A Merry Virtual Holiday Celebration With Friends & Family

    COVID-19 cases are down but a safe holiday celebration is still advisable

    We can now feel the positive effects of the government’s vaccination program as the COVID-19 cases around the country begin to decline. It’s encouraging to hear some good news especially now that Christmas time is near.

    Virtual Christmas reunion at home

    At last, we can opt to physically celebrate with our loved ones especially for many of us who have already been vaccinated and even received booster shots. However, we still shouldn’t keep our guard down and still opt for a safe celebration.

    If you are planning a face to face celebration, remember to keep the number of invitees to a minimum. Practice safe distancing and health protocols like wearing face masks even while at home. if you are opting for a virtual reunion, you can still make it fun with a little creativity.

    How to add cheer to your virtual reunion

    Your virtual reunion with your friends and family need not be bland. While there’s nothing quite like celebrating the holidays with our loved ones in person, we can still add a little spice to our online reunions.

    If you are organizing and hosting a virtual reunion, here are some ideas for you to make it lively:

    1. Have virtual games

    Filipino reunions and Christmas parties are not complete without parlor games. We all look forward to the fun and the cash prizes, of course. We can still do that by organizing virtual games like “Bring Me,” “Pinoy Henyo,” and even the riotous “Face The Cookie.” 

    And yes, you can still give out cash prizes through the likes of GCash, PayMaya, and bank transfers.

    2. Do a virtual potluck

    With the proliferation of food trays and delivery services during the pandemic, it’s easier to send out food items to friends and loved ones for a virtual potluck.

    McDelivery Share To Many

    It’s also good to know that there are services like the McDelivery Share to Many of McDonald’s. With the McDelivery Share to Many feature, you can share the light this holiday season by staying virtually connected with loved ones.

    As Filipinos, we are big believers of the expression that friends and family that eat together, stay together. Since large, chaotic, and fun face-to-face gatherings are put on hold, McDonald’s found a way to brighten up the festivities even when celebrated apart.

    With the McDelivery Share to Many, you can bond with friends and family over your McDonald's favorites in the comfort and safety of your homes and despite being miles apart. This feature, exclusively available in the McDelivery App, can simultaneously deliver favorite McDo meals in multiple locations!

    Whether you want to send your virtual guests individual menu items, Happy Meal orders for the little ones, or even food bundles via Holiday Group offers for a big feast, the McDelivery Share to Many feature will make sure the meals will arrive at everyone’s houses safe and ready to be enjoyed.

    Celebrate and share the holiday cheer with family, friends, and colleagues by sharing and sending their favorite McDo meals via the McDelivery Share to Many! Head on over to the McDelivery website or download the App now through the App Store or Google Play, and make sure to follow McDonald’s on Facebook for more McDo announcements.

    3. Hold a virtual karaoke contest

    You can also opt to do a virtual karaoke contest. Just connect that trusty microphone and karaoke device to a screen and you are all set. It’s as simple as getting the highest scores for the participants’ chosen song.

    Virtual karaoke

    The prizes can be cash or items from Lazada and Shopee for easy delivery.

    4. Have a virtual drink party

    Filipino holiday celebrations aren’t complete without alcoholic drinks. You can still have drink party although virtually. Set a schedule with your friends and bring your favorite drinks and food with you. Even your loved ones from abroad can join the fun!

    5. Indulge in a virtual movie marathon

    If you are having a Christmas movie marathon with your loved ones at home, you can have your other relatives and even friends join the fun. With streaming services becoming more popular and affordable, it’s easy to compile a Christmas movie collection that you can watch at the comfort of your respective homes.


    Virtual reunions have become the norm because of the pandemic. While it will never be the same as physical reunions, you can still make it fun and lively through food and other exciting activities. You just have to be creative and use the available technology to help you out.

    Virtual reunion ideas

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    1. Hindi ko pa na experience yung virtual party pero thank you sa tips dadi iv. Iba pa din talaga pag meron masarap na food in any occasion and recommended yung food ng mcdo perfect din kasi ang food nioa and di nakakasawa very affordable pa

    2. I love these ideas, these will truly add fun to virtual reunions. Wanna try this McDelivery Share to Many feature, fave namin products ng mcdo kaya for sure this will be satisfying.

    3. Talagang super nice po ito love the ideas dahil sure na enjoy ito with out loved ones and family talagang ang sarap ng foods ng mcdo and sulit na sulit ❤️