How Pili Lokal Is Emphasizing The Strength Of Filipino Craftsmanship

November 30, 2021

Here is how Pili Lokal is helping Filipino SMEs especially during the pandemic.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still ravaging the local (and even worldwide) economy, it’s still encouraging to hear success stories because of the creativity of many enterprising Filipinos. While many of these individual business owners rely on social media and word-of-mouth to promote their products and tell their stories, it’s reassuring to know that there are platforms such as Pili Lokal where Filipino artisans and entrepreneurs can showcase their craftsmanship.

Pili Lokal Filipino e-commerce website

How Pili Lokal Is Emphasizing The Strength Of Filipino Craftsmanship

    Who is Pili Lokal?

    Pili Lokal is a combination of the Tagalog words “pili” which means “to choose” in English and “lokal” which is the vernacular for “local.” Pili Lokal thus means to choose local Filipino products.

    Pili Lokal is more than just an e-commerce site. It’s a website made solely for Filipinos, as such, it features an all-Filipino lineup of products. Pili Lokal was born during the pandemic, a time when many Filipino small businesses also began to take off.

    Pili Lokal is not just a trading hub to highlight Filipino products but it also aims to help business owners and craftsmen bring their ideas to fruition and aid them in their marketing strategies.

    Ways in which Pili Lokal is helping Filipino business owners

    What’s good about e-commerce platforms is that it connects buyers and sellers in a fast and convenient manner. However, the disadvantage of the typical online shopping sites is that they are cluttered with commodities that are mainly from abroad. The problem with that setup is that it draws the spotlight on foreign brands.

    Pili Lokal homepage
    The Pili Lokal website

    Pili Lokal aims to veer away from this mainstream arrangement and is helping Filipino small and medium enterprises (SMEs) though the following:

    1. It puts the limelight on Filipino businesses

    One thing that Pili Lokal is particular about is that it’s strict when it comes to merchant onboarding. Pili Lokal underscores that companies have to be 100% Filipino-owned in order for them to list their products in the Pili Lokal website.

    2. The products have to be made in the Philippines

    While Pili Lokal understands that not all raw materials are locally-available, it stresses that SMEs have to assemble their products in the Philippines to qualify for listing in the e-commerce website.

    3. Pili Lokal aims to introduce Filipino products globally

    One of Pili Lokal’s objectives is to introduce the quality and ingenuity of Filipino products to Filipino consumers. However, that does not mean that going global is not part of its goal. The cyberspace is wide-reaching, hence, Pili Lokal has a lot of potential to reach a worldwide audience.

    Navigating the Pili Lokal website

    The Pili Lokal website is divided into six categories: health essentials, home living, clothing, accessories, event supplies, and delicacies. Visitors can also easily check the products that are new, on sale, and featured as these are highlighted in the homepage.

    Some of the products that are available in Pili Lokal are vegan shampoo bar and conditioner, scented candles, sugar body scrub, beach shorts, dresses, sandals, colognes, bags, decors, gifts sets, tea, coffee, condiments, and so much more.

    What’s nice about these products is that they are affordable, with prices ranging from P140 to around less than P2,000.

    In terms of ordering products in Pili Lokal, it's not different from any other e-commerce site. Just choose what you want, add to cart, checkout, and pay.

    Visiting the Pili Lokal website is indeed a good opportunity to get to know many outstanding Filipino products.


    Pili Lokal was launched in a time when many local small businesses needed a platform that puts priority on Filipino merchants. Pili Lokal gives Filipino SMEs a fighting chance, so to speak, because it’s made for local entrepreneurs.

    At the same time, it’s also a great platform for Filipino buyers to acquaint themselves with products that they will be truly proud of.

    How Pili Lokal is helping Filipino entrepreneurs

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