What’s To Love About The New Pampers Pants With Rash Shield

November 25, 2021

Find out in this post why the new Pampers Pants With Rash Shield maybe the ideal diaper to keep your little one dry and protected.

We’ve always loved Pampers diapers at home. In fact, we’ve been using Pampers diapers from the very moment our two sons were born. Now that they’re both toddlers, we still trust Pampers diapers to keep them dry, cozy, and free from skin irritation.

What's to love about the new Pampers Pants with Rash Shield

What’s To Love About The New Pampers Pants With Rash Shield

    Elevating comfort with the NEW Pampers Pants with Rash Shield

    Babies who are happy and comfortable are active children. We’ve observed this with our two sons that’s why when they are not as active, we know that they might be feeling some discomfort. Oftentimes, it’s diaper rashes that are causing them to be irritable that’s why we always went back to Pampers diapers in the few times that we’ve tried other brands.

    The new Pampers Pants with Rash Shield

    Just the same, the same care and protection that we’ve always loved from Pampers have been elevated in the NEW Pampers Pants with Rash Shield. What’s good about the NEW Pampers with Rash Shield protection is that it’s now powered by Lotion with Aloe.

    Aloe is a time-tested remedy for skin irritation and a natural solution for maintaining skin and hair health. The aloe in NEW Pampers with Rash Shield helps care for babies’ skin and overall well-being, so they can be active and comfortable to do their favorite activities any time of the day.

    Only Pampers Pants can provide all-around protection for babies against rashes because of its skin-caring components, Rash Shield with ALOE ingredient; improved leak, skin protection cues and wider diaper perception; and new fresh aloe scent.

    Now, baby can dance freely and explore with Pampers’ improved protection from rashes and leaks.

    Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Kembot: Why these Babies Won’t Stop Dancing

    Nothing brings the feeling of assurance to Power Parents than when they see their babies being active and playful. For a father like me, I get peace of mind when I see my kids being likot, doing kembot, and having unlimited galaw, especially these days when the slightest sign of listlessness can be alarming.

    I’m a believer in the power of active play in teaching skills to children and fostering their overall development. That’s why I just let my kids be when they want to play in the garden and pick rocks, sand, and sticks.

    Babies also have their own way of communicating their needs. They express their emotions, thoughts, and wants through gestures. They are also infinitely curious; I’m just surprised that they don’t run out of things that they want to check every single day.

    Children are also like sponge when it comes to absorbing information. When they see adults dance and sing to music, their natural reaction is to move to the beat. Dancing promotes body coordination, motor skills, and strength. It also stimulates almost every area of baby’s brain, encouraging the cognitive development growth.

    Kembot The Rashes Away with the Kembot Nation!

    Babies can’t help but to kembot to Pampers newest Kembot Nation jingle. Here’s a look at some of the exciting moves of the Kembot Nation and why you and your baby should join in the fun too.

    Carlo Aquino and Mithi for Pampers Pants with Rash Shield
    Carlo Aquino

    Look at Mithi’s kembot moves! “Mithi can easily do the #PampersKembotNation challenge without that itchy feeling dahil sa bagong #PampersRashShield with Lotion with Aloe that's good for her skin.” Power Parent Carlo Aquino shared on Instagram.

    Trina Candaza for Pampers Pants with Rash Shield
    Trina Candaza

    Even Power Parent Trina Candaza approves of the kembot effect the new Pampers Pants with Rash Shield with Aloe has. “Talagang napapa Kembot ang Mithi namin tuwing naririnig ang mga paborito niyang kanta habang suot ang Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe!”

    Dianne Medina for Pampers Pants with Rash Shield
    Dianne Medina

    Being a dancer really runs in the blood according to Power Parent Dianne Medina, “Just like his Daddy @rodjuncruz, mahilig talagang sumayaw si Baby Joaquin! Go anak! He can do this because of his strong #PampersRashShield!”

    Dani Barretto for Pampers Pants with Rash Shield
    Dani Barretto-Panlillio

    Hopeful Power Parent Dani Barretto-Panlillio looks forward to the many dance moves that her baby Mill will show. “At least we have a potential dancer in the family! Hehe. Love dancing and just being silly with you, Mill. She can do this because of her strong #PampersRashShield!”


    Nothing is stopping these babies with their kembot moves with the added improved leak & skin protection cues of Pampers. Now, Power Parents like you can also join the Kembot Nation and maki-kembot!

    Kembot your way to Lazada and Shopee now and try the NEW Pampers Pants with Rash Shield and Lotion with Aloe!

    Things to like about Pampers Pants with Rash Shield

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    1. Rashes away ,and comfort
      Highly recommended

    2. Great review Daddy Iv. Yes true that Pampers Dry pants gives comfort and keep the kids protected from rashes.
      Highly recommended and so affordable too.

    3. Talagang very recommended ang pampers and very comfy for our kids no itchy feeling and iwas rashes and makakagalawa sila ng maayos 🥰