What's It Like to Take A Leiebil Roadtrip In Norge [Rental Car - Norway]

September 26, 2021

One of the best ways to explore Norway is to take a roadtrip which is quite easy to do because there are local car rentals that you can contact.

If you're planning a scenic road trip in beautiful Norway, suggestions indicate you should check out (on your laptop) the "National Tourist Route map" meant to display for tourists the most scenic routes. The roads recommended for the different destinations are consistently outstanding, with those who have used this guide to go through Norway finding the results nothing short of amazing.

Aurora borealis in Norway
Photo by stein egil liland from Pexels

What's It Like to Take A Leiebil Roadtrip In Norge [Rental Car - Norway]

    As we all know, Norge (Norway) is counted as an expensive destination, but it is said that renting a car as a group of travelers can be much more budget-friendly than depending on public transport.

    Plus, drivers find the roads easy to maneuver, with traffic tending to be on the light side. But while rentals are the best solution for the budget-conscious, that doesn't mean these are not expensive; quite the opposite.

    What's It Like To Take A Rental Car Road Trip In Norway

    The ideal scenario would be to book well ahead of your scheduled holiday to take advantage of deals and potential discounts and always comparison shop.

    Mountain roads in Norway

    Norway is a massive mountainous destination with traveling from one place to another taking extended periods, even though these might look like brief jaunts on the map.

    Fortunately, many airports offer international flights as well as domestic options for those who would prefer to take these when direct flights don't get them close to their specific location.

    With fuel prices being exceptionally high, it's likely to save money to take a plane to get as close to your destination as possible and then rent a highly fuel-efficient car from that point.

    You will also do better when renting to select unlimited mileage instead of shortchanging yourself since extensive distances are generally covered in a given day depending on the type of road trip you intend and what your itinerary entails. 

    Let's look at some of the specifics relating to the roads.

    1. Tolls

    "Autopass" manages the toll roads in the country with booths that automatically photograph each driver's license plate and generate a bill sent to the consumer monthly. The driver doesn't need to slow down or stop when approaching the tolls - this is for locals.

    It works differently for a rental car that might not be registered in the country or a foreign vehicle. The invoice will actually go to the address where the vehicle is registered.

    The recommendation is that you make the process smoother by registering with "EPC" or "Euro Parking Collections," with whom you can gain access to any invoices online. If you don't, you'll still receive invoices via mail.

    2. Curvy, winding, twisting roads

    Some people are not able to ride or drive on incredibly curvy roads without getting carsick. The Norwegian roads are bound to bring bouts of carsickness to those prone to it because they are the epitome of twisty. There are different remedies for this sensation that work uniquely for various people.

    Curvy roads in Norway

    Some employ assorted essential oils; others have over-the-counters they swear by. The best option is to reach out to either a pharmacist for guidance or speak to your primary care before you go to learn what they recommend.

    3. Winter Driving In Norway

    All rental cars in the country will come with snow tires or studs since the winters are extreme with thick snow generally lying on the ground even though plows do their diligence and grit to the surfaces, but salt is not applied. The expectation is that people will take their time and drive sensibly in the weather.

    Winter is an extended season here. It begins roughly in September and will go on until approximately June. People hoping to visit during the wintertime need to plan ahead by researching their destination and the roads to the locations since some roads will close for the winter.

    One fascination people have in the winter is "polar night" in northern Norway, leading to the country experiencing minimal daylight during this period. While you still get a few hours of light each day to see the sights and the lovely landscapes, the magnificent colors associated with this time period are stunning and well worth the visit.

    It's the law to always have headlights on even when the sun is shining, but in the darkest hours, since there are few street lamps, high beams are essential to help you see. Just remember to lower these for those drivers passing by.

    Safety should be your priority

    Suppose you're uncomfortable or not used to driving in snowy or icy conditions. In that case, you might want to reconsider making the trek a road trip or perhaps visit another time of the year for your own personal safety and those around you.

    The last thing you want to do is drive a rental car and cause damage or have an accident, especially in what is known as a costly country. If you do choose to go ahead with the trip, it's wise to look into considerable car insurance.

    Whether you choose an upsell from the car rental facility, an extension on your personal plan, or primary coverage offered by a credit card. That will offer the peace of mind you need when taking this kind of excursion in wintry conditions.

    Final Thought

    While the claims indicate Norway is expensive, holidays are something that most of us budget for. When you know a specific destination costs a bit more, you'll ensure to save a little longer to satisfy the desire to have that experience, factoring in all the varied expenses. 

    Animals by the roadside in Norway

    These will include the rental car, insurance needs, possibly an automatic transmission, and any other incidentals that will make the trip the most comfortable for your needs.

    Obviously, everyone has a cap to their budget, meaning research is essential to ensure you incur no overages by designating an itinerary and booking the car rental and hotel online well ahead of time.

    If everything goes according to the well-thought-out plan you outline, you will hopefully stay within your budget plus enjoy a lovely time in a stunning country.

    Roadtrip guide in Norway

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