3 Amazing Reasons Why We Enjoy Drinking Novellino Wines [Review]

July 12, 2021

Sharing with you my review of Novellino Wines and the top reasons why I believe many Filipinos love it.

If there is one wine brand that many Filipinos are most familiar with, it’s Novellino Wines. That’s because Novellino Wines has, over the years, built a good reputation hinged on quality and reasonable price, making it one of the most preferred wine brands in Filipino celebrations. In fact, I know many friends and relatives who consider Novellino as their wine of choice.

Three bottles of Novellino Wines

3 Amazing Reasons Why We Enjoy Drinking Novellino Wines [Review]

    Novellino Wines is our favorite at home

    I first remember trying Novellino Wines during college. My father asked me to buy a bottle of red wine for Christmas and since I only had limited money, I bought the brand that was within my student’s budget and that was Novellino.

    A man holding a bottle of Novellino Wines at home

    We liked it, especially my mother who wasn’t too enthusiastic about the taste of the usual dry wine. Yes, for most Filipinos, traditional dry wine is deemed as having a bitter flavor profile. We couldn’t decipher the grapey flavor except maybe for some individuals who regularly consume wines. In short, all the hints of fruity acidity in wines get lost once it lands on the Filipino palate but that’s understandable because we’re not really used to drinking wine.

    Novellino Wines is different. It has a natural sweetness to it that Filipinos adore. Ever since our first taste of Novellino Wines, I’ve been regularly buying bottles of it whenever there are special occasions or when we simply feel like drinking wine at home. We do buy other brands, too, but we always make sure that there is a bottle of Novellino wines available at the dinner table.

    Novellino Wines’ list of products

    Through the years, I’m amazed at how Novellino Wines, a home-grown Filipino product was able to expand its list of offerings from the regular white and red wines.

    Novellino’s line-up includes the following:

    • Rosso Classico
    • Bianco Classico
    • Rosso Vivace (bubbly red wine) 
    • Bianco Vivace (bubbly white wine) 
    • Wild Blackberry
    • Strawberry Passion
    • Luscious Peach 
    • Sangria
    • Rosso Tradizionale
    • Rosso Classico Light 
    • Rosso Vivace Light
    • Strawberry Passion Light 

    Novellino also carries imported varieties such as Rosso Dell’ Azienda, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

    For Father’s Day, Novellino was kind enough to send me bottles of Rosso Classico Light, Bianco Classico, and Sangria from Novellino. Although I’m very excited, I haven’t opened them yet because I’m saving the wines for a special occasion.

    What Filipinos love about Novellino Wines

    I can think of several good reasons why Novellino Wines is popular in the Philippines but the following are those that stood out:

    1. Novellino is suited to the Filipino taste

    A bottle of Novellino Wines Rosso Classico Light

    This is perhaps the best quality that endeared Novellino to Filipinos. While I do understand that there are many Filipinos whose taste for wine is diverse and sophisticated, there are still those who prefer wines with hints of fruity sweetness. Novellino satisfies the Filipino palate that’s why it has earned the admiration of many local consumers.

    2. It’s affordable

    This is another strong point for Novellino wines. We Filipinos are not used to spending a large amount of money on bottles of wine, especially when we are preparing for a celebration. We’d rather spend on food than on alcoholic beverages. But Novellino fills in that gap really well by providing high quality wines at an affordable price.

    3. It’s easy to find Novellino Wines

    When one is craving a glass of wine, it’s fairly easy to find Novellino Wines. Whether you are in a supermarket or in a convenience store, you are sure to come across bottles of Novellino. What’s even better is that you can conveniently order through its website and other online stores and have it delivered to your home.


    Novellino Wines is possibly one of the most well-known wine brands in the Philippines, primarily because of its natural fruity taste that is suited to the Filipino palate. In fact, it’s the wine brand that we prefer for casual weekends and even family gatherings.

    Aside from that, other positive qualities that local consumers like in Novellino is its affordable price tag as well as its availability in both physical and online stores.

    That’s probably the reason why many Filipinos can’t help but say, “My Wine And Only” when they see a bottle of Novellino.

    Review of Novellino Wines

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    1. I agree with these 3 amazing reasons why we enjoy drinking novellino Wines especially the price. When it comes to wine, we also trusted novellino. This wine has delightfully sweet character and vibrant finish which is perfect for parties and festive celebrations.

    2. These sound like some tasty wines. I might have to pick these up. My husband is deployed so some nights I could use some wine.

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    5. Agree po sa list mo dadi iv ito din yung pinaka unang natikman ko na wine and yes po masarap and unexpected sa lasa kala ko kasi before may after taste ang novellino. Budget friendly pa perfect gift idea na din.

    6. Novellino Wines sounds pretty amazing, I have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

    7. Sounds like a good wine. I love fruity!

    8. Richelle Escat12 July 2021 at 22:57

      My mother loves this too, I get why she does, great post!

    9. Scarlett Brooklyn12 July 2021 at 22:58

      That's a really nice review of wine, thanks for sharing!

    10. These wines do sounds great. I really love that that you can get affordable wines that are also great quality.

    11. I'm not into wines or any alcoholic beverage but Novellino Wines is one of the exceptions. I drink once in a while, usually when there's occasion. I like to drink their red wine coz I like the taste.
      I like the three reasons that you have listed and i agree to all of them. Actually that's also the reason why I like this brand.
      Cheers! Their other variants are worth a try.

    12. Novellino wines must taste great and make for a really heady experience, and they seem complete value for money too.

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    17. I must admit that I'm not much of a Sommelier, so having real life recommndations like yours is so helpful! Thank you for outlining the Novellino wines so I know which would be the best choice for me.

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