Bayani Brew’s Heart For Local Farmers And Needy Communities

July 13, 2021

Read on to find out why Bayani Brew is a local brand that I love and support because of it's compassion for local farmers and needy communities.

Bayani Brew iced tea is easy to love. This home-grown drink brand is unique as compared to other similar brands in the market because Bayani Brew is made from local organic leaves and plants.

Bottles of Bayani Brew products

Bayani Brew’s Heart For Local Farmers And Needy Communities

    With its delicious and delightfully mild and clean taste, Bayani Brew is nothing but refreshing. Unlike sugary fruit juices and sodas, Bayani Brew's natural flavors work best in quenching one's thirst. 

    What I like the most about Bayani Brew though is its genuine concern for local farmers as well as marginalized communities. As such, it has regular programs that benefit these sectors of our society.

    How I discovered Bayani Brew many years ago

    I’ve been quite familiar with Bayani Brew for a long time now. In fact, my very first taste of Bayani Brew was during the height of the banchetto days almost a decade ago. Khris and I would regularly go out with our friends on Friday evenings after work and have dinner in a banchetto.

    Holding a bottle of Bayani Brew Lemongrass Mango flavor

    If you are familiar with the type of food sold in those outdoor stalls, it’s mostly grilled and fried meats and finger food. The food items were too rich and savory that’s why you need a drink that’s light-tasting to cleanse your palate.

    That’s when I bought Bayani Brew Lemongrass and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. It had a different packaging then but the brand itself stuck to my head. I also thought the name was good because you will definitely notice its patriotic origin.

    From then on, I would buy Bayani Brew whenever it was available. Honestly, Bayani Brew wasn’t too common back then in convenience stores and supermarkets. 

    Over the years though, I’m happy to note that more and more stores and supermarkets are already carrying Bayani Brew iced teas. These days, it’s easier to enjoy a bottle of Bayani Brew whenever I need a dose of this healthy and great-tasting drink.

    Why I support Bayani Brew

    I love supporting local businesses like Bayani Brew. Just the same, I like that Bayani Brew values quality, consistency, and innovation.

    Here are some of the other things that I like in Bayani Brew:

    1. Bayani Brew’s flavors are one of a kind

    I like Bayani Brew’s flavors because they are not too overpowering. They taste natural, unlike other bottled drinks that are normally sold inconvenience stores.

    Bayani Brew carries the following flavors:

    • Lemongrass pandan
    • Sweet potato leaves
    • Moringa dalandan
    • Lemongrass mango
    • Lemongrass ginger
    • Lemongrass turmeric

    Lemongrass as a drink is so good, I couldn’t get enough of it. My favorites among these flavors are the lemongrass ginger. This has the most refreshing taste for me because of the hints of ginger taste. I also like lemongrass pandan because of its fragrant scent and delicate taste.

    2. Each bottle is full of health giving nutrients

    It’s reassuring to know that each bottle of Bayani Brew is full of health-giving nutrients. For example, lemongrass contains rejuvenating properties and may even help relieve some minor ailments. Meanwhile, sweet potato tops (camote tops or talbos ng kamote) are rich in anti-oxidants called polyphenols.

    On the other hand, malunggay (moringa) is also high in antioxidants and is recommended for lactating moms. Lastly, dalandan (a citrus fruit) is a good source of Vitamin C.

    3. Bayani Brew is helping farmers and communities

    Bayani Brew is actively supporting farmers by partnering with them for the raw materials of the tea blends. I’ve been reading about how the partnership with the farmers began and I’m just amazed by the story.

    Bayani Brew supports farmers and Gawad Kalinga

    The farmers’ success story is one that touches the heart. It’s inspiring to know how they continue to persevere because they want to break free from the chains of poverty. It’s definitely worth supporting.

    Aside from local farmers, Bayani Brew is also supporting Gawad Kalinga. It recently launched a program to help the Gawad Kalinga Project with the Mamanwa Tribe of Surigao del Norte to build school buildings for the community. Through the same project, Bayani Brew also distributed cooked meals for the children and hygiene kits to the rest of the village.

    Where to buy Bayani Brew bottled teas

    Bayani Brew's line-up of flavored teas

    You can purchase your favorite Bayani Brew blend from any of the following stores:

    • Bayani Brew website
    • Lazada
    • Shopee
    • Family Mart
    • Rustan’s Marketplace
    • Frabelle Marketplace
    • Robinsons Selections
    • Human Nature
    • Pick A Roo (BGC)
    • Landers Superstore
    • Landmark
    • Rockwell Power Plant Mall
    • Bo’s Coffee
    • Grab Mart (BGC)
    • Food Panda Shops *BGC)
    • Commune Café (Poblacion)
    • The Farm Organics (BGC)
    • Gold’s Gym
    • Manos Nail Lounge
    • BHS Cinema
    • The Globe Tower
    • Café Mithi
    • The Clean Plate by Twist
    • Islands Pasalubong
    • Be Good Store
    • Cab Café
    • Yoga+
    • Pioneer Center
    • Greenhills Cinemas
    • Unimart
    • Espressamente Illy
    • Bambike Ecotours
    • Mabuhay Restop
    • Bad Bird Megamall
    • GK Enchanted Farm (Bulacan)
    • Amanpulo Resort
    • Café+
    • Café Bob’s
    • Landers Superstore Cebu


    Bayani Brew is one of the brands that I support. Aside from its excellent products, Bayani Brew has socially relevant projects to support its farmer-partners. 

    It’s also actively involved in Gawad Kalinga projects to help the needy, especially children, in those communities.

    Bayani Brew review

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