3 Reasons Why Betadine Kids Nasal Spray Is Dad-Approved In Our Home

May 04, 2021

Find out in this post why we consider Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray as an essential part of our children’s medicine kit.

If there is one over-the-counter medicine that we were happy to have discovered last year, it was Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray. We trust this product because it’s highly effective in relieving the symptoms of colds in our children. As such, Betadine Kids Nasal Spray has become an essential part of our medicine kit since then.

Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray review home essential

3 Reasons Why Betadine Kids Nasal Spray Is Dad-Approved In Our Home 

    How we learned about Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray

    We got to know about Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray because it was recommended to us by our kids’ pediatrician. Metro Manila was at the height of the enhanced community when our two children developed allergic rhinitis. Naturally, we were in a panic because they were sneezing and coughing non-stop.

    They had all the classic symptoms of allergic rhinitis but because we were all paranoid because of COVID-19, which at that time was still under study, we immediately brought the kids to their doctor. She prescribed the usual allergy medicines but there was one new item that she added to her prescription – Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray.

    It was the first time that we heard about Betadine Nasal Spray so we initially thought that it was the throat spray that Khris and I were familiar with. However, our pediatrician insisted that there is such as product but it was not yet too popular even in drugstores. Indeed, we had to go to around five Mercury Drug branches before we were able to finally find a Betadine Nasal Spray.

    From then on, we were able to find Betadine Kids Nasal Spray in other pharmacies but it’s still not yet that common.

    What we like about Betadine Kids Nasal Spray

    We are thankful that our kids seldom get colds or even allergic rhinitis. After that initial scare last year, we remember just about two more episodes of sniffles late into the year when the air became a little chilly.

    A bottle of Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray
    A bottle of Betadine Kids Nasal Spray

    At the first sign of allergic rhinitis, we would readily give antihistamine to our kids and spray their noses with Betadine Kids Nasal Spray, which works like magic. Their colds will not worsen anymore.

    If you haven’t tried Betadine Kids Nasal Spray yet, here’s why we think you’d also like it:

    1. It provides quick relief

    Betadine Kids Nasal Spray is clinically proven to reduce the length of cold symptoms by up to two days by eliminating 99% of cold-causing viruses.

    2. It’s easy to spray

    Betadine Kids Nasal Spray features a contamination-proof nozzle that is easy to press. Knowing kids, they’d surely resist it when the realization that you are about to spray their nostrils. Even if you convince them to cooperate, there will still be a bit of struggle so you need a product that can effectively deliver the medication without much difficulty.

    3. It’s made of natural ingredients

    Betadine Kids Nasal Spray’s active ingredient is Carragelose. This is a natural ingredient that comes from a variety of red seaweed. It is proven to help eliminate many types of cold and flu viruses like H1N1 and rhinoviruses that commonly infect the respiratory system.

    Carragelose works by forming a protective layer on the surface of the nasal lining, then it binds to the viruses to stop them from spreading and reproducing. The trapped viruses can be safely eliminated by the body through nasal mucus secretion.

    Product information from ph.betadine.com.


    One of our most favorite products in our medicine kit is the Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray. What we like about it is that it’s fast-acting and it’s effective in alleviating the symptoms of colds.

    If your toddler is prone to colds and allergic rhinitis, you might want to try Betadine Kids Nasal Spray to give them quick relief from annoying colds and sneezing.

    Betadine Kids Nasal Spray is available in Mercury Drug, Watsons, Southstar Drug, and other leading pharmacies. You can also conveniently buy Betadine Kids Nasal Spray at Lazada and Shopee.

    Disclaimer: It was our pediatrician who recommended to us Betadine Kids Nasal Spray. If you want to use it on your kids, too, it's best to consult your doctor especially if they are not feeling well.

    Betadine Kids Cold Defense Nasal Spray review

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    3. I did not know they have one for kids. My daughter has allergic rhinitis and this may come in handy. Will discuss this with our pedia and see if she can have one as well. Thank you for sharing.

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