The 5 Top Reasons Why I Like SAMSONS Men’s Soap by Ed & Kes

February 15, 2021

SAMSONS natural face and body soaps by Ed & Kes provide gentle yet effective skin cleansing.

I’ve recently discovered SAMSONS natural men’s face and body soap bar by Ed & Kes and I do like how it cares for and cleans my skin without drying it.

Ed & Kes natural, organic, local, and handmade soaps
Ed & Kes soaps: Momma and You, and SAMSONS

The 5 Top Reasons Why I Like SAMSONS Men’s Soap by Ed & Kes

    SAMSONS men’s soap currently comes in two variants, Sandalwood + Shea Butter + Activated Charcoal and Goat’s Milk + Oatmeal + Coffee. I tried both and I think these are the perfect cleansing bars for active and busy fellows as well as dads like me.

    The past year has been all about cleanliness and hygiene because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it had everyone using sanitizers, washing their hands, and taking a bath profusely. While frequent washing is the best defense against infection, it can lead to dry skin which can become uncomfortable. That’s why it’s important to use soap that won’t dry out skin or even improve dry skin.

    Finding a soap that is ideal for my sensitive skin

    I have sensitive skin that’s why I use two different bars of soap for my face and body. If I use regular bath soap on my face, it gets itchy and blotchy, and I even get pimples that’s why I’m careful with the products that I use. However, since getting back to work, I find it inconvenient to be using two different soap bars while I’m in a rush.

    SAMSONS sandalwood, shea butter, and activated charcoal men's face and body soap by Ed & Kes
    SAMSONS sandalwood, shea butter, and activated charcoal men's soap

    I find it very timely to have recently learned about SAMSONS men’s face and body soap because I can use it for full body cleansing so it saves me a lot of time. That few extra minutes that I save when taking a bath is already a big help when I’m dashing to catch the morning bus.

    Like any other new product that I’m about to try though, I was hesitant to try SAMSONS on my face at first. Nonetheless, after reviewing its ingredients, I thought it was a lot gentler as compared to regular commercially-sold soaps. I figured also that the moment I feel my skin itching; I could stop using the soap on my face. I would always know it after the first use.

    I was glad that I didn’t experience any irritation with SAMSONS. It left my skin squeaky clean without drying it.

    What I like about SAMSONS face and body soap for men

    In the last few weeks, I used both SAMSONS Sandalwood + Shea Butter + Activated Charcoal and SAMSONS Goat’s Milk + Oatmeal + Coffee soaps.

    SAMSONS sandalwood, shea butter, and activated charcoal soap bar by Ed & Kes
    SAMSONS sandalwood, shea butter, and activated charcoal soap bar

    Of the two variants, I was more excited to try the SAMSONS Sandalwood + Shea Butter + Activated Charcoal soap because it’s specifically formulated for wounds and skin diseases, particularly eczema, fungal infection, and pimples. It’s also good for neutralizing body odors, which is ideal after an intensive workout.

    I have eczema and dry skin on my hands, which can become really painful during a flare-up. This is the reason why I’m always on the lookout for products to relieve my dry, flaky, and cracked skin on my fingers.

    SAMSONS Goat's Milk, Oatmeal, and Coffee Soap by Ed & Kes
    SAMSONS Goat's Milk, Oatmeal, and Coffee Soap

    Meanwhile, the SAMSONS Goat’s Milk + Oatmeal + Coffee Soap is a rich and moisturizing soap that is made for men with sensitive skin. Again, this is ideal for me because I have sensitive skin on my face although I long wanted to use a product that will moisturize my skin to combat the signs of aging.

    Honestly, I like both soaps because I found them to be caring for my skin. Of the two variants though, I like the SAMSONS Goat’s Milk + Oatmeal + Coffee Soap because of its scent. It’s nutty with a hint of coffee and cream; yes, it sounded more of a dessert than a cleansing product.

    Anyway, here are some more reasons why I like and recommend SAMSONS men’s face and body soap:

    1. SAMSONS soaps are made of natural ingredients

    Of late, I’ve been gravitating towards cleansing products that are made of natural ingredients because of my skin condition. I’ve realized that it helped put my eczema flare-ups minimal.

    SAMSONS Goat's Milk, Oatmeal, and Coffee face and body soap for men by Ed & Kes
    SAMSONS Goat's Milk, Oatmeal, and Coffee face and body soap for men

    SAMSONS Sandalwood + Shea Butter + Activated Charcoal is made with sandalwood oil that naturally heals wounds and skin diseases. Its active ingredients – activated charcoal, coconut oil, shea butter, and glycerine – work to provide gentle yet effective cleansing to the skin.

    On the other hand, SAMSONS Goat’s Milk + Oatmeal + Coffee soap variant is made with goat’s milk, a known component for moisturizing the skin because of its high-fat content. Moreover, it also contains coffee oil that helps neutralize body odor naturally and oatmeal that is best for gentle skin exfoliation.

    2. SAMSONS soaps are gentle to the skin

    Unlike other commercial bar soaps, SAMSONS soaps don’t have harsh surfactants that may strip the skin of moisture and natural oils. Hence, SAMSONS soaps provide thorough skin cleansing while providing essential moisture to prevent flaky and tight skin.

    3. SAMSONS soaps may help improve dry skin

    SAMSONS soaps’ natural active ingredients are made of moisturizing components, like coconut oil, shea butter, and goat’s milk, not only prevent dryness but may actually help ease chafed and scaly skin. These components also help the skin retain moisture to prevent it from drying out later on.

    4. SAMSONS soaps are made for effective skin cleansing

    These days when health is of the utmost importance, we need products that are effective in removing bacteria and viruses from our body. SAMSONS soaps have glycerine which has antimicrobial and antiviral properties and even helps in treating wounds. What’s more, glycerine is also good in treating acne.

    5. SAMSONS soaps are convenient to use

    I like the convenience of using an all-in-one face and body bar, especially when I am in a hurry. While this may not be ideal for some people, I think that this will work well for certain lifestyles as long as you use the right product, such as SAMSONS soaps.

    Ed & Kes also has specific products for moms and babies called Momma and You

    Aside from SAMSONS soap for men, Ed & Kes also carries a soap line for women and children called Momma and You. These products are made with safety in mind, hence, they are ideal for babies and moms. Like SAMSONS, Momma and You soaps are made of natural and organic ingredients so they are safe even for the most sensitive skin.

    Here are the different Momma and You soap variants:

    Rose and Milk Bar Soap

    Momma and You Rose and Milk Bar Soap by Ed & Kes
    Momma and You Rose and Milk Bar Soap

    The Rose and Milk Bar Soap is made of rose extract, pure cow’s milk, coconut oil, shea butter, rose essential oil, French Rose Clay, and glycerine. It’s great for uplifting moods, reducing anxiety with the use of rose essential oil and the rose extract is used for treating acne and wounds.

    Calendula and Orange

    Momma and You Calendula and Orange Bar Soap by Ed & Kes
    Momma and You Calendula and Orange Bar Soap 

    Calendula and Orange Soap is made of calendula and orange extract, coconut oil, shea butter, orange essential oil, and glycerine.

    This soothing and rejuvenating soap is gentle even for infants. Calendula and orange extracts are also known for their natural antiseptic properties that heal wounds, treat fungal infection, and may even lighten skin. This soap is also great for uplifting one’s mood because of the wonderful scent of orange essential oil

    Cocoa butter and oatmeal

    Momma and You Cocoa Butter and Oatmeal Bar Soap by Ed & Kes
    Momma and You Cocoa Butter and Oatmeal Bar Soap 

    The Cocoa Butter and Oatmeal soap variant is a mix of cocoa butter, oatmeal, coconut oil, shea butter, almond essential oil, and glycerine. It’s good for drying up acne and for controlling excessive oil production in the skin while keeping the skin moisturized because of its cocoa butter content. This soap product also works well in healing eczema, rashes, and psoriasis.


    If you are looking for local, natural, organic, and handmade soaps for your entire family, then consider the products from Ed & Kes. Their soaps are gentle but really effective in cleaning the skin.

    I feel really happy when I get to support local small businesses such as Ed & Kes. They not only make high-quality products but they are also involved in providing shelter, protection, and aid to women and children through two non-governmental organizations, the Heart of Mary Villa and Ruhama (RGS).

    If you want to order Momma and You and SAMSONS soaps, you may get in touch with Ed & Kes through their Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Disclosure: Product samples were provided to facilitate this review but all opinions are mine. 

    SAMSONS face and body soap by Ed and Kes

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    1. Wow SAMSONS natural mens face and body soap by Ed and kes is very reasonable and highly recommended for it is made by natural ingredients. Thank you for your honest review Daddy Iv 🙂. I really appreciate the results of SAMSONS soap and I can recommend it to my husband for his skincare.😍🤗

    2. very nice product po itong samsons natural men's face and body soap bar sure na safe to use dahil it is all natural and anti aging pa. Ang daming benefits sa skin and sure na it will take care of our skin and moisturizing pa sya 🥰❤️

    3. Very recommended po talaga itong Product nitong Samsons. For surr na magugustuhan din ng asawa ko ito. Lalo nat napakadami din pala nitong taglay na benefits sa Skin.. Must try po itong Samsons natural Mens Face and Body Soap 💞🥰

    4. Ang ganda ng product na to I think mabango din sya lalo na yong may Goats milk and oatmeal ,Ang galing talagang yong mga main Ingredients nya ay effective at napatunayan na talagang maganda sa skin. The best tong product nato.

    5. Tunay na Highly Recommended Ed & Kes mabango, Epektibo at Affordable Pa ❤❤ sonrang ganda ng Benefits sa skin natin na sobrang nakakatulong para patuloy tayong makaiwas sa Bacteria and Germs., sobrang ganda at nakakaAmaze na ginamit na mga Ingredients 💯💯💖💖 kaya Super Highly recommended po talaga and really must have this ...

    6. By your honest feedback and review, I constantly inlove with this line of products. All natural ingredient, no harsh chemicals. Who doesn't want this , every one of us needs .

    7. Jenny Bautista Labutap8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Wow love this soap super nice talaga ang daming benefits and perfect ito sa asawa ko para hindi mag dry ang skin nya kaya must have talaga ❤️

    8. Super nice naman po pala talaga itong samsons soap para sa hubby ko kasi super sentive ng skin nya at saktong sakto po itong ingredients ng samsons soap 🙂

    9. Alexis Angel Lique Pablo8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Wow ! ang ganda pala ♥ pwedeng pwede sya sa mga sensitive skin & made in natural ingredients sya & a lot of benefits pa. Yan po yung klase ng mga sabon na maganda gamitin kasi safe walang halong kahit anong chemical. I want to try this kind of soap ♥

    10. Jenilyn Bolalin8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Gusto ko rin matry to para sa aming mag asawa😍 thanks for sharing this po.

    11. Raiven Kaizer Moreno8 May 2022 at 03:22

      Wow.. Pwedeng pwede to sakin .. Sana matry ko din to.

    12. Catherine Sedano8 May 2022 at 03:23

      Really love to try Samsons soaps especially the cocoa butter and oatmeal variant. I love that it's made of natural ingredients. This kind of soaps are what I want to give and to be use by the entire family. 😊

    13. winnie L. Cruz8 May 2022 at 03:23

      Nakaka amaze po maganda po sya lalo napala sa dry skin tapos shea butter at oatmeal papo kahit ako pumuti kuminis lang po sapat napo.. 😊

    14. Wow i really want to try this awesomesoaps ..

    15. Khyrenisha Abad Tuankali8 May 2022 at 03:23

      Eto kakabasa ko lang, hoping Sana ako Ang mapili gusto matry etong mga sabon na to sensitive kase skin ko so far maganda studies ng mga sabon na Ito. 👌❤️

    16. Rowena callo Villareno8 May 2022 at 03:25

      Ganda pala nito gamitin highly recommended kasi pwede sya kahit sa mga sensitive ang skin.Lalo na gawang local,natural and organic.Gusto ko ma try ang momma and you cocoa butter and oatmeal soap 😍.

    17. Roxas Edgardo8 May 2022 at 03:25

      Worth to Buy and Use this Kind Of Soap, Kind Of Soap Na Perfect for Our Dry Skin, Mabango, Super Affordable, and Highly Recommended. At sobrang ganda pa ng Benefits sa Katawan ..

    18. カマネーロ アップルジョイ8 May 2022 at 03:25

      Grabe ang gaganda lahat ng benefits ng soap sa skin natin . Gusto ko siya matry lahat lalo pa at kakapanganak ko plng ang dami tlgang ngbago sa skin ko 😊 must have tlga 😍❤️