3 Great Reasons To Love Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Milk Drink

December 16, 2020

Nestle Chuckie is a favorite chocolate milk drink for generations because of its taste but there are more reasons why our family loves it so much.

Nestle Chuckie is one of those delicious treats that reminds us of happy childhood memories. I remember having Nestle Chuckie during afternoons after school, on weekends at home after hours of playing, or when I am with my playmates. It’s a drink that spans generations and continues to make small children happy with its great chocolate milk taste up to this day.

Nestle Chuckie size variants

3 Great Reasons To Love Nestle Chuckie Chocolate Milk Drink

    Trusting Nestle Chuckie for my kids 

    When I was teaching Miguel to sip through a straw, I gave him Nestle Chuckie to practice on. I figured that with Nestle Chuckie’s delicious taste, Miguel would be encouraged to use the straw. 

    And that’s what happened, my son eventually learned to drink from a straw. Since then, we never ran out of Neste Chuckie in our refrigerator. I supposed that the same strategy would work for our second son, Rafa. 

    What we love about Nestle Chuckie 

    Nestle Chuckie is ready-to-drink chocolate milk that is popular across all ages. Khris and I drink it up to now. We have countless friends and relatives who love it to this day. 

    Here are some of the things that our family loves about it:

    1. It’s delicious 

    Nestle Chuckie tastes really good. It has the right balance of milk and chocolate taste. It doesn’t taste too sweet, it's creamy without overwhelming the palate, and it doesn’t have any off-putting aftertaste. 

    Nestle Chuckie is a drink that I will never get tired of drinking and I'm sure a lot of grown-ups feel the same way about it, too. 

    2. It's packed with nutrients 

    Aside from tasting good, Nestle Chuckie contains bone-building calcium as well as other health-giving nutrients like Proteins, Vitamins A, B1, D; Phosphorus, Iron, and Zinc. 

    This gives me confidence that I’m not giving my children junk food but something beneficial to them as well. 

    3. It recently shifted to using paper straws 

    I thought this was a great move for Nestle Chuckie. While not all people would find it enjoyable to use paper straws, we all have to make sacrifices and small adjustments if we want to curb global pollution and reduce plastic waste. 

    Nestle Chuckie paper straw shift FAQs
    Paper straw FAQs

    As a matter of fact, the Philippines is the top 3 contributor to ocean pollution among all the countries in the world. It might sound surprising to us Filipinos but that’s the hard truth. We have to work double-time in 

    Plastic waste in landfills as well as in the ocean is overflowing, especially with the sudden increase of trash during the pandemic. One way to control this is to replace plastic products with recyclable or biodegradable materials like paper. 

    We, as parents, should set a good example for our children by embracing eco-friendly choices, such as Nestle Chuckie’s paper straws that are 100% food-grade and recyclable. 

    While Nestle Chuckie is aware that using paper straws make take some time to get used to, it believes that this move will be beneficial in the long run. 

    To help its customers get around with the new changes, especially those who love to chew on their straws, Nestle Chuckie gave out some helpful tips on how to use paper straws: 

    • When inserting the straw, hold the bottom end of the paper straw at an angle and swiftly push it downwards to pierce a hole on the foil seal. 
    • Don’t jam the paper straw through the foil seal like you would using a plastic straw. Doing so might dent or bend the paper straw which will lead to it being soggy because it will absorb the chocolate milk drink more quickly. 
    • Once you have successfully inserted the plastic straw, consume your Nestle Chuckie within 15-30 minutes. Again, this is to prevent the straw from getting mushy due to liquid absorption. 
    • Always be mindful that you are using a paper straw, as such, hold back the habit of biting it like a plastic straw. This will help prolong the life of your paper straw while you use it. 
    • After finishing your Nestle Chuckie drink, push the paper straw inside, flatten the pack, and dispose of it properly in the trash bin. 

    Nestle Chuckie paper straw usage guide
    Paper straw usage guide


    Starting out with simple individual efforts to embrace small lifestyle changes for the better can definitely add up in the long run. Making the most out of paper straws is one perfect example of how our little acts can help create a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable waste-free future. 

    Actively choosing to be more environmentally-conscious is something to be proud of, and teaching kids about finding joy in embracing eco-friendly habits is a great lesson best taught at an early age too! 

    So, the next time you or the kids want to enjoy a refreshing drink, treat yourselves and mother nature by choosing Nestle Chuckie that now comes with paper straws! Together let's do our part and be a buddy to mother nature by recycling and limiting our litter. 

    Learn more about Nestle´ Chuckie’s shift to paper straws together with your kids by viewing the printable Chuckie Activity Book in this link Chuckie Activity Book, and by reading the FAQs here Chuckie Paper Straws FAQs

    You can also find more information by checking out the hashtags #BuddyToMotherNature and #ChuckiePH for stories and updates.

    Nestle Chuckie chocolate milk drink review

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    1. I do agree with you. For decades now NestlΓ© Chuckie was one of my childhood chocolatey drink ,now I'm a mom , always amazed at this ,same taste ,same nutrient's

    2. Nestle Chuckie is one of the all time favorite chocolate drink of the kids. Yes true it taste so yummy and contains nutritious ingredients thats why it is good for children.
      Personally my kids love it too.
      This is highly recommended Chocolate drinks πŸ˜πŸ€—

    3. Yess . Masarap naman po talaga ang Chuckie. At heto rin talaga ang paborito ng mga kids natin . Kaya ang anak ko. Hindi po talaga sya nawawalan ng Stock nito . Hindi rin talaga sya nag sasawa sa lasa nito.. Kaya sa tuwing nag gogrocery kami hindi hndi nawawala ang Chuckie. Favorite all the time πŸ’ž

    4. The best talaga Ang nestle Chuckie kaya ito ay favorite talaga nga mga kids and it has nutritious ingredients very recommended and pati din Ang mga adults like me ay gustong gusto to 😊

    5. Totally Agree for this, Defenitly Recommended, And Having this in our Home everyday, or wherever you are, Chukie is one of my Chocolate Flavored Drink.. affordable na, saktong sakto pa ang sarap at linamnam....

    6. Wow! Chuckie is also my kid's Favorite 😊
      Meron syang nutrients na perfect sa kids naten 😊❤️
      Kaya I always choose Chuckie for my kids 😊
      Eco friendly pa ang kanilang straw dahil nag switch na sila into a straw paper, Good Job Chuckie.😊

      And so happy to know na may free link sila for a printable activity book na perfect din sa kids naten. 😊

      Thanks to Chuckie and thank you Sir for sharing this information. 😊

    7. Virgenia Velasco8 May 2022 at 03:20

      Ang Chuckie ay Isa sa mga favorite inumin Ng anak ko.Bukod sa masarap na marami pang nutrients.Perfect talaga to sa mga bata.Thanks to Chuckie dahil nag switch na sila sa straw paper malaking tulong neto sa ting mother Earth.At may free printable activity book din sila pra sa mga bata😊

    8. Kristine D. Quipit8 May 2022 at 03:20

      I love nestle chuckie so much, halos lagi yan ang baon ko nung bata ako and until now umiinom parin ako niyan. Hindi lang siya masarap may health benefits pa. Im happy na nagdecide silang gumamit ng recycable straw malaking tulong ito kay mother earth and also sa atin na din. ❤

    9. Hyun Jang Nim8 May 2022 at 03:21

      i love chuckie since i was a child, ngayon pati mga pamangkin ko super fave na rin ang chuckie. this is a recommended drink, masarap na masustansya pa. i love na ecofriendly na sila. every small act will make a difference

    10. That's true po. Chuckie lover din kami sa bahay.