How To Make Chorizo and Tomato Pasta

September 11, 2020

Here is a quick and easy recipe for Chorizo and Tomato Pasta that you will surely find delicious and satisfying.

Chorizo and tomato pasta is smoky, meaty, tangy, and delicious. It’s a perfect meal if you are craving a taste that is different from regular meat-based sauces or even sausages. 

How to make Chorizo and Tomato Pasta

How To Make Chorizo and Tomato Pasta

    Chorizo is a type of fermented pork sausage characterized by deep crimson color and strong smoky flavor. Here in the Philippines, the chorizo was brought by the Spaniards and is most often used in local paella, Arroz Valenciana, sauce-based meat dishes, fried rice, and even in some types of soups. 

    However, it’s also good in pasta sauce, as I had discovered recently. 

    Chorizo and Tomato Pasta 

    My version of Chorizo and Tomato Pasta is both meaty and tangy and made with simple and readily available ingredients. It’s not complicated to do at all and is ideal for home cooks like me. Think of it as tapa made into pasta. What is good about this recipe is that it is very flexible. You can adjust the quantity of each component based on your liking. 

    Penne pasta to be used for the Chorizo and Tomato Pasta recipe
    Penne pasta

    To make Chorizo and Tomato, you would need 500 grams of penne pasta, six to eight pieces of chorizo (any brand at the grocery store will do), 200 grams of bacon, about three tablespoons of olive oil, two cloves of garlic (I personally use four because I want it garlicky), five large ripe tomatoes (or one can of sliced tomatoes), 250 grams of tomato paste, around 200 grams of tomato sauce (this is optional, just prepare it in case you want your sauce to be tangier), grated cheese, and salt and pepper for seasoning. 

    Olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, and chorizo for the pasta recipe
    Olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, and chorizo

    Start by cooking your pasta halfway. Remove from the water and set aside about two cups of pasta water. 

    Mince the garlic and bacon, and slice the chorizo and tomatoes. Toast the bacon in one tablespoon of olive oil, and set aside. Fry the chorizo halfway and set it aside. Add more olive oil to the pan and cook the garlic, add the chorizo, and half of the bacon. 

    Frying the chorizo and garlic for the pasta recipe
    Frying the garlic and chorizo

    Add the tomato paste, a dollop of tomato sauce, then add a cup of pasta water, and the tomatoes. Simmer for three minutes until the sauce has thickened and season with salt and pepper. Add the pasta and the remaining bacon. Adjust the seasoning to your liking. Add the grated cheese and mix well. Serve hot with a siding of salad. 

    Adjust it to your liking 

    As I have said earlier, the beauty of this Chorizo and Tomato Pasta recipe, or any other pasta dish for that matter, is that it is flexible. You can adjust the taste and ingredients to your liking. 

    Chorizo and tomato pasta sauce
    Chorizo and tomato pasta sauce

    We have tried this with butter for a richer sauce base. We have also tried adding sliced bell peppers, some cauliflower, and even a handful of spinach for some dose of vegetables and added nutrients. In the end, you can make this as simple or as grand as you want. 

    Print this recipe 

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    easy and delicious chorizo and tomato pasta Easy and delicious Chorizo and Tomato Pasta.

    • 500 grams penne pasta
    • 6 to 8 pieces of chorizo, sliced
    • 200 grams of bacon, minced
    • 3 tablespoons olive oil
    • 2 cloves of garlic, minced
    • 5 large ripe tomatoes, sliced or a can of sliced tomatoes
    • 250 grams of tomato paste
    • 200 grams of tomato sauce (optional)
    • grated cheese
    • salt and pepper

    1. Cook the pasta halfway, set this aside, and two cups of pasta water.
    2. Toast the bacon and set it aside.
    3. Fry the chorizo halfway and set it aside.
    4. Cook the garlic in the same pan and oil where you cooked the bacon and the chorizo. Add the cooked chorizo and half of the toasted bacon when the garlic starts to brown.
    5. Add the tomato paste, a dollop of tomato sauce, pasta water, and tomatoes. Simmer for three minutes until the sauce has thickened a little. Add salt and pepper.
    6. Add the pasta to the sauce and the remaining bacon.
    7. Season to your liking.
    8. Add grated cheese and mix until it has melted.
    9. Serve with a side of salad.


    Chorizo and Tomato Pasta is delicious and easy to make. This pasta dish does not require any advanced kitchen skills to cook, so anyone can confidently whip this up at the comfort of their home. 

    Chorizo and Tomato Pasta recipe
    Chorizo and tomato pasta

    It is a satisfying meal if you are craving for something different, a bolder taste as compared to regular sausage pasta.

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