Angrydobo: we got caught up in the hype

July 12, 2020

Angrydobo restaurant took the social media space by storm, months before its launching and more so when it finally opened to eager and curious diners.

Angrydobo is a restaurant by actress Judy Ann Santos that had taken the food scene by storm. The restaurant is a novel concept that had steaming hot adobo bowls as its main draw. But these are not just plain and ordinary adobo rice toppings; the meat is paired with Filipino vegetable favorites like laing, gising-gising, and kangkong. To add a kick of flavor, the rice is doused with Judy Ann's own adobo sauce concoction.

Beef shortribs and laing rice bowl by Angrydobo
Beef shortribs and laing rice bowl

Angrydobo: we got caught up in the hype

    Angrydobo’s social media hype 

    Our curiosity for Angrydobo was piqued when we saw what felt like a surge of social media posts from our friends (and even non-friends) about this restaurant. Some of them would post in Facebook about their experience lining up for an hour or so just to taste Judy Ann’s awesome adobo bowls. Others would have Instagram posts about how delicious and "must-try" Angrydobo’s food bowls were. 

    We naturally made a few researches to see what the hype was all about. We found out that the inspiration for the food bowls was the adobo rice topping that Judy Ann made for her then-boyfriend Ryan Agoncillo after they had a fight while on vacation. 

    While you can never go wrong with adobo, I still can’t help but think that the popularity of Angrydobo is more because it is a celebrity-owned restaurant. That being the case, the owners can create a lot of social media buzz with no effort at all. Therefore, a taste test is a must to judge if the hype is indeed all worth it. 

    Delivery via GrabFood 

    We were supposed to go with our friends at Angrydobo in Taft Avenue but a prior commitment meant that we would be unable to do so. We said that we would join them the next time they decide to eat here again. However, several months after that initial visit, that next time never came to be. As such, we decided to forego the long lines and just order food from the convenience of our home via GrabFood. 

    Angrydobo delivery via GrabFood
    Delivery via GrabFood

    There were not too many choices so it was not hard at all to decide on which one to get. We ordered Angrydobo Shortribs Bowl (beef short ribs, rice, and laing for Php325), Angrydobo Classic Ala Carte Plate (classic pork belly, Angrydobo sauce, pickled onion, crispy garlic, and spring onion for Php390), and cream cheese flan for dessert (Php120). 

    Our orders came after 30 minutes, quite fast considering that we were warned by GrabFood that it may take long since Angrydobo is known for its long queue. 

    Taste and flavor 

    We tried the Angrydobo shortribs first. It was really good, the laing went really well with the beef adobo. The meat, however, was inconsistent in terms of tenderness. It was generally tender but it had significant portions that were a little tough. In terms of flavor, the meat was nonetheless good. 

    Pork belly classic adobo by Angrydobo
    Pork belly classic adobo

    The laing had a rich, coconut milk taste which was delicious, exactly how we wanted it to be. The Angrydobo Classic, meanwhile, was precisely how abodo should be; savory, comforting, home-cooked goodness.

    However, I think that for its price, the serving of the Angrydobo Classic is a bit small. A few pieces more would have justified the price. Plus, the pickled onions seemed like a side dish (ala achara) when we read it from the menu but it was more like a garnishing.

    Lastly, for dessert, the cream cheese flan is as good as it sounds. The rich, creamy, slightly salty cream cheese perfectly balances the custardy-caramelly flavor of the flan. I think everybody should taste this cream cheese flan to know how addicting the flavor is. 

    Our verdict 

    Overall, the food was delicious but the servings could still be improved. In fact, because we found the servings to be small, I had to cook my liempo adobong puti the next day just to satisfy our cravings. Don't get me wrong, I am not asking for humongous servings, I just would like one that is able to justify the price.

    Moreover, I would suggest that you opt for food delivery instead of lining up for at least an hour to get inside the restaurant because you might just get frustrated. Again, the food was good but there was nothing spectacular or explosive about the taste. You might even say that it was slightly overpriced but I leave it up to you to find out for yourself. Then again, one can always argue that its the overall experience in a restaurant that makes the food good.

    Will I recommend Angrydobo? Definitely. You should try it for yourself, especially if you are curious on what the hype is all about. If you are curious about how the restaurant looks and what the ambiance is, then by all means pay them a visit. But again, I was thankful that we saved ourselves the time by having our food delivered via GrabFood. 

    Angrydobo is located along Taft Avenue in front of De La Salle University and at Westgate Alabang.

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    1. This Angrydobo restaurant by actress Judy Ann Santos seems to be really amazing and interesting. Its really amazing because the restaurant is a novel concept that had steaming hot adobo bowls as its main draw. This is a really nice experience of adobo since these are not just plain and ordinary adobo rice toppings; the meat is paired eith Filipino vegetable favorites like laing, gising-gising, and kangkong. To add a kick of flavor. This is really amazing and interesting.

    2. I would love to try this Angrydobo but I'll follow your advice to order via delivery service coz I don't want to wait. I like the idea of fusion, I'm also curious with its taste. I think the price is reasonable, though the serving is small.

    3. Sounds good and delicious
      An innovative way to create yummy food ... Not just ordinary adobo with a twist ...a variety which we can all relate because we love it ,no matter what version of it.
      A Different level of service and awesomely delicious food.

    4. Done reading this blog. So nice po dahil isa po palang restaurant itong Angrydobo and this restaurant is owned by Ms Judy Ann Santos one of the famous actress. Love their novel concept na they had steaming hot adobo bowls as its main draw. Sulit na sulit talaga and sure na masasarap Ang mga foods dito 🥰

    5. Wow! So nice naman po nito dahil isa sa Mga restaurant ng actress ang Angrydobo. The restaurant is a novel concept that had steaming hot adobo bowls as its main draw. Must visit po talaga Dito. For sure masasarap din po ang mga foods nila. 😍

    6. Yung Paborito Kong Adobo na Mas Lalong Pinasarap pa Daddy Ivan, Salamat Po for sharing this Truly Everyone who knows this was so Appreciate and Try this New Variant. Looks Good and So Yummmmy Indeed... Less Hassle narin To go In The Resto dahil pwede ka na magpaDeliver thru Grab kaya mas lalong nakakaExcite Umorder kung nanjan lang sana ako sa Pinas 🤭😊🤤🤤😋🤤

    7. Vanessa Joy Albaño Mallorca8 May 2022 at 03:07

      Excited to try Angrydobo's bestsellers! They look so appetizing!