Mood Bake Cookies: satisfaction in each bite

Tuesday, 24 March 2020
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Mood Bake Cookies are chunky, delicious, and soft-chewy. Khris and I tried Mood Bake Cookies a few months and we completely liked them. It’s Khris who is more in love with it though so she would ask me to buy her a box whenever I am in the vicinity of Greenbelt.

Mood Bake Cookies Chocolate Chip cookie bites packed individually

Mood Bake Cookies: satisfaction in each bite

    What we love about Mood Bake Cookies

    What we like most about Mood cookies is how generous the chocolate chips are. Slightly melted, the chocolate chips provide an awesome texture to the soft cookie dough with slightly crunchy edges. The cookie dough itself has a slightly sweet and mild milky flavor so it can be a light dessert paired with brewed coffee or as an afternoon snack.

    Box of Mood Bake Cookies
    A box of Mood Bake Cookies

    Moreover, aside from the regular variant that is sold, there is also a bite-sized variant that is sold – you guessed it, cookie bites! We like the cookie bites better because it’s just enough to satisfy our craving for it.

    Mood Bake Cookies Chocolate Chip variant mini bites that are individually packed
    Individually-packed Chocolate Chip cookies

    On a side note, we like how fragrant and buttery the cookies smelled upon opening the box. The aroma really puts you in the mood for sweets.

    Mood Bake Cookie Variants

    Our favorite is the chocolate chip variant but there are other variants available – double chocolate chip, berry white, matcha white, and birthday cookies. I once bought double chocolate chip for Khris but I have not tried them. She said that she loved the chocolate chip more and that the double chocolate was too overpowering. For now, I guess we’re sticking to the chocolate chip cookies.

    Mood Bake Cookies holiday edition white design chocolate chip mini bites
    White packaging

    Also, during the Yuletide season, Mood Bake Cookies came out with Christmas edition cookies. Those are not really new flavors but the cookies are individually-packed in holiday-themed packaging.

    Mood Bake Cookies holiday edition red design chocolate chip mini bites
    Red packaging

    Price and availability

    Each cookie costs Php99, a box of five is Php495, and a box of 10 is Php990. Our favorite cookie bites is Php500 for a box of 15.

    Pop up stores located at the Ground Floor of Greenbelt 5 and Glorietta 4, Second Floor of SM North Edsa, and 3rd Floor of Trinoma.

    Follow Mood Bake on Instagram (@moodbake) for updates.


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