How To Keep Your Smartphone Sanitized

March 29, 2020

If there is one personal item that we should always keep clean and sanitized, it’s our smartphones since we are glued to it most of the time.

If there is one personal item that we should always keep clean and sanitized, it’s our smartphones. We check it for messages, social media and news updates, and we use it for entertainment. As such, it’s inevitable that we are glued to our smartphones most of the time.

Tips on keeping your smartphone and gadgets sanitized

How To Keep Your Smartphone Sanitized

    Now that there is a threat from the COVID-19 virus, it’s important to keep our smartphones free from harmful microorganisms.

    Viruses can survive on smooth surfaces

    In a study published by the Journal of Hospital Infection last February 2020, it was confirmed that viruses such as the COVID-19 are able to survive up to nine days on smooth surfaces, such as on metals, porcelains, and even on smartphone screens.

    According to Zen Han, Vice President of National Sales of OPPO Philippines, “We touch our smartphones more than anything especially now that we try to stay connected to our loved ones who are away from us and keep updated on the latest news. But it can pose a health risk especially that dirt gets easily transferred into our phones.”

    Helpful and simple tips to keep your smartphone clean and virus-free

    “So, in light of the current COVID-19 situation, we strongly encourage our consumers to practice proper smartphone sanitation in order to protect themselves from contracting the virus,” Han added.

    How to sanitize your smartphone

    Sanitizing your smartphone is the key in keeping it free from viruses. Additionally, always keep your hands clean so as not to transfer harmful micro-organisms to your smartphone.

    As advised by the World Health Organization, regular hand washing using soap and water is a good habit.

    An infographic showing simple and easy-to-do tips to keep your smartphone and gadgets sanitized

    In addition to hand hygiene, make sure to practice these tips on how to properly and safely clean your smartphone:

    1. Wash or sanitize your hands

    The habit of washing and sanitizing hands cannot be overemphasized. As such, to avoid transferring any harmful bacteria, make sure to sanitize your hands before and after cleaning your phone.

    2. Use a soft, lint-free or microfiber cloth

    Use lint-free or microfiber cloth for cleaning your smartphone. Avoid abrasive cloths such as towels and paper towels. Using such may damage the surface of your screen.

    3. Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

    Isopropyl alcohol with 70% concentration is highly-effective in killing germs, viruses, and bacteria. Use cotton balls or buds moistened with alcohol to clean ports and microphone. This will prevent liquid from infiltrating and damaging your phone’s internal components.

    4. Use liquid hand soaps with alcohol content

    You may also use liquid hand soaps with alcohol content if isopropyl alcohol is not available. Put a few drops on the phone screen, wipe it gently with a microfiber cloth, and finish it with a damp microfiber cloth. Allow it to air dry or wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. When using this method, always avoid getting moisture in your phone’s ports or openings.

    5. Avoid using harsh home cleaning products

    Strong cleaning chemicals contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients are harsh and may damage the smartphone’s screen.

    6. Use UV light sanitation

    UV-C light can also be used to sanitize your smartphone. These UV devices are also used in hospital-grade disinfecting procedures serve as a potent solution that targets certain bacteria.

    Picture of an android smartphone showing applications in screen
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    As demonstrated by Dr. Lena Ciric, a microbiologist from University College London in a study, these simple and easy-to-do methods are effective in killing viruses such as the COVID-19 virus on smartphone surfaces.

    In this fight against the COVID-19 virus, it goes without saying that we should make a conscious effort to observe overall good personal hygiene, aside from making sure that our gadgets and smartphones are clean and disinfected.


    In the end, staying at home is the best defense against COVID-19 virus infection.
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    1. Phones are so dirty and often overlooked when it comes to cleanliness. Thanks for the tips!

    2. This is so helpful! With everything that's been going on in the world, I've become obsessed with sanitizing everything.

    3. I've been awful about keeping my cell phone sanitized. It's something that always slips my mind.

    4. Yes...I am always wiping my phone down with disinfectant or alcohol wipes. I recently bought something that cleans phones with UV-light. I think it's called Phone Soap.

    5. Thank you!
      i have been talking to people about this quite a lot during the pandemic, with little respons. I am gonna print your article and put it up in the office!

    6. This is so helpful! I try to sanitize my phone every 2 days. Especially after 2020, sanitization is super important. Our phones pick up so many germs throughout the day that some people tend to forget to clean it frequently.

    7. Honestly, staying at home is a huge privilege...leave alone owning a smartphone. Many of us here are grabbing straws with consistently washing our hands and sanitizing. Thanks for the information.

    8. We have several UV sanitation devices around the house so we clean our phones there regularly. We also use alcohol. Thanks for the tips!

    9. I have never even seen a UV sanitation device, but I am now very interested. I always used alcohol to clean them. Thanks for this article - I learned something today.

    10. Totally agreed. The virus that causes COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but it seems likely to behave like other coronaviruses. Coronaviruses die very quickly when exposed to the UV light in sunlight. I also using this for my mobile.

    11. This is quite an important reminder since people often forget that the phone is something we touch almost every time and can have germs as well as the virus. Those are some great points to keep in mind and an informative post as well.

    12. Totoo po yan. Ang smartphone po natin actually ang isa sa pinakamadudumi nating mga gamit. :)

    13. Thanks for this useful Post
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    14. Kristel Yamzon-Oliva8 May 2022 at 03:10

      Agree ako dito. The things that we should always sanitize is our phone.
      Lagi naten hawak, tapos kakain tayo nakakalimutan naten mag wash ng kamay . Mas madali kapitan ang phone ng germs at bacteria dahil after naten mag CR ,hahawak agad sa phone.

    15. I had no idea you could use sanitizer on a smart phone. I always thought it was a big no-no to get a phone wet in anyway. Its great to know I can actually use more than smart phone wipes to clean the phone. Thanks for sharing. Lynda of Insaitama.

    16. Blair Villanueva8 May 2022 at 03:10

      This is a great advice Ivan! Our smartphones are considered one of the dirtiest device we have, and we must make sure we clean and sanitized it.

    17. Thanks for all of these tips! So far, I am only doing 1 and 3.

    18. Many people forget to sanitize their phone. This is a great reminder especially in a pandemic. I have to do this more often myself

    19. I often think about sanitising the smart phone. These images are awesome to remember the steps.

    20. I always knew our phones were dirty, but I started to become VERY conscious of it once covid hit. So now I do this all of the time.

    21. I have to admit that I didn't think too much about sanitizing my phone as on the rare ocasions I am out, it never leaves my hands. I do however make sure to always sanitize my hands before touching it.

    22. Candace Hampton8 May 2022 at 03:10

      Luckily I have always been very mindful of this! These are wonderful tips for keeping everyone, especially yourself, healthy.

    23. I never thought about sanitizing my phone but now woyh this Covid I'm a freak and it's very important to me to make everything clean

    24. Yup, that's good. I keep my hands sanitized as well so that I don't transfer germs in whatever I touch

    25. Yes, that is correct. It's always a good idea to be extra clean these days.

    26. That is true. Thank you so much for dropping by!