The Grid Food Market at Rockwell: it’s not your usual food hall experience

Thursday, 2 January 2020
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The Grid Food Market at Rockwell is a welcome deviation from the typical image of a food hall or food court.

Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco

The Grid Food Market at Rockwell: it’s not your usual food hall experience

    When you enter, it feels as if you are walking inside a single restaurant with several food choices. However, upon closer inspection of the stations, you would realize that these are actually different restaurants.

    Our experience at The Grid Food Market

    We went here several months ago to meet our friends for lunch. Khris and I don’t usually go to Rockwell because it is far from where we stay at. However, whenever there is an opportunity to do so, we go to Rockwell because of its relaxed and not-so-harried ambiance. The invitation from our friends to have lunch at The Grid Food Market is good enough reason to head over to Rockwell.

    When we arrived at The Grid Food Market, we thought it was a single restaurant. We quickly realized though that that was not the case when we walked around; The Grid Food Market was a food hall composed of several restaurants.

    We walked around to survey the food and saw the following restaurants: Breads, Cakes, & Pastries (baked goodies and desserts), Chia Bowls, Porridge, & Soft Serve (for those who are on the lookout for something healthy and light), Bangkok Porkchop, Pad Thai, & Crab Omelette (for Thai dishes), Tsukemen, Ramen, & Gyoza (for those who opt for Japanese food), Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly (if you are craving Filipino dishes), Tapas & Pintxos (for delicious finger food),  Tacos, Tostadas, & Otros (if your taste buds beckon you to get Mexican flavors), Lobsters, Crabs, & Shrimp Rolls (for seafood sandwiches), Coffee, Juices, & Cocktails (for an assortment of drinks), and Happy Barrels (if you want to buy bottles of wines, cheeses, and cold cuts).

    The Grid Food Market was spacious and well-lit. It helped that it had large glass windows that allowed natural light illuminate the entire space. What is also good about it is that the wooden tables inside The Grid Food Market are adequately-spaced. Actually, it’s quite refreshing to see dining tables so spaced apart in a food court.

    Anyway, since we were not familiar with most of the restaurants at The Grid Food Market, we asked our friends for recommendation and the overwhelming response was for us to go for Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly. We did not regret our decision a bit.

    Food at Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly

    The exposed rotisserie in front of Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly immediately caught our attention but the recommendation from our friends to try the food here sealed the deal.
    Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly (I also see the name in articles written as Le Chon, French style) offers customizable meals composed of roast meat (pork belly or porchetta, chicken, and Angus beef), choice of sides (kamote fries, fried banana, or grilled eggplant), rice (butter or dirty brown rice), and sauce (garlic or labuyo lime). Each meal also comes with sides of grilled tomatoes and white onions, and atchara.

    Angus Beef Belly with sweet potato fries, grilled white onions, and grilled tomatoes, served with a selection of sauces at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco
    Angus Beef Belly

    I opted for Angus Belly with dirty rice, kamote fries, and labuyo lime sauce while Khris had Lechon Porchetta, dirty brown rice, fried banana, and garlic sauce.

    Our banana leaf-lined plates (trays, actually) looked splendid with the bright colors of the vegetables, roast meats, and sauces. The servings were generous! As usual, Khris and I shared our orders with each other so that we can sample each dish.

    The Angus Belly was tender, juicy, and flavorful. I liked the edges of the meat which were a bit caramelized. I was quite happy also with my choice of sides and sauces. The labuyo lime, in particular, was spicy but not overwhelming. Meanwhile, the porchetta was also juicy and flavorful and the skin was crunchy. There were hints of herbs and seasonings with every bite – truly an explosion of flavors.

    Roast Porchetta or pork belly served with fried bananas, crunchy pork skin, roast onions, roast tomatoes, and a selection of sauces at Le Chon by Happy Ongpauco
    Lechon Porchetta

    The Lechon Porchetta costs Php365 while the Lechon Angus Belly is priced at Php495. As I had mentioned earlier, the servings were big and one order can actually be good enough for two people. 


    The food at Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly is something that you should try when at The Grid Food Market. The quality is high and you could tell that they put great effort in preparing both the sides and the mains, as well as the sauces. Flavor is good and the price is reasonable.

    As for The Grid Food Market, it was a concept that was totally new to us but the experience was enjoyable. We would like to return here, hopefully soon, and also try the other restaurants inside.
    The Grid Food Market, Second Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City and is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. 

    Credit cards are accepted, at least at Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok, & Angus Belly.


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