How to maximize the buffet food at NIU by Vikings

December 14, 2014

NIU by Vikings at SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City is widely-considered as one of the most opulent and top-quality buffet restaurant in the country.

NIU by Vikings at SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City is widely-considered as one of the most opulent and top-quality buffet restaurant in the country. The moment you set foot inside, you will be greeted by its world-class interiors.

Carving station at NIU by Vikings
Carving station

How to maximize the buffet food at NIU by Vikings

    NIU by Vikings is like a five-star hotel restaurant with well-chosen pieces of decors, posh vases, rich leather couches, comfortable sofas, and wooden chairs and tables. The interiors are illuminated by exquisite lights that are neither too bright nor too soft.

    Ambiance at NIU by Vikings

    Khris and I have been to NIU by Vikings on several occasions and we can't help but still be amazed by the experience of dining here each time.

    Rack of lamb at NIU by Vikings
    Roast ribs

    We only have praises for its ambiance although there were times when some stations got a bit chaotic with the number of people waiting to get food. Nonetheless, it was still an overall enjoyable dining experience in most occassions. 

    Maximizing the buffet food at NIU by Vikings

    There are several stations at NIU by Vikings, all loaded and quickly refilled by delicious-looking food. Honestly, it can get overwhelming at NIU especially if it's your first time here. As such, do not fall into the trap of just randomly getting food from all stations. While food at NIU, in general, is delicious, it is not a guarantee that you will like everything that you get.

    As in any buffet restaurant, leftovers are not allowed. Hence, you will be forced to consume your food even if you do not like it. That being the case, try to get the food that you will only enjoy eating.

    So how do you maximize the buffet food at NIU by Vikings? Here are a few tricks that may help you:

    1. Always start with meats from the carvery

    In any buffet station, I always start at the carvery and it's no different here at NIU. Let's admit it, but this is where the more expensive selections are located.

    Lechon belly at NIU by Vikings
    Lechon belly

    I always begin my culinary journey at NIU by Vikings with slices of either rib-eye steak, roast beef, leg of lamb, lechon or whatever is the featured meat at the carving station, which is located at the farthest end of the restaurant. I like my meat smothered with truffle gravy or just plain salted.

    I like how the rib eye was perfectly cooked and tender. It was salty, which I liked, but the flavor was further enhanced by the gravy.

    2. Balance it with seafood

    I find that too much rich and savory meats could easily numb my taste buds. As such, I balance it with seafood. NIU by Vikings offers slices of fresh salmon, cheesy baked oysters, herbed steamed mussels, and juicy shrimps.  The baked oysters were notably well-cooked but still juicy.

    Catch of the day at NIU by Vikings
    Catch of the day

    We also tried NIU by Vikings' Lobster in Miso Soup. It was also very nice with its light broth that cleansed and balanced the palate.

    Big crabs were also available which tasted best when steamed and topped with toasted garlic. The claws are definite winners -- filled with juicy and tasty meat. Open the shell, and feel your cholesterol level go up just by looking at the rich crab fat.

    3. Instead of rice, have some salad and vegetables instead

    Carbohydrates, in general, can make you feel full immediately because they are "heavy" on the tummy. Because of the delicious meats and seafood, it's easy to fall to the temptation of getting scoops of rice or mashed potatoes.

    Salad station at NIU by Vikings
    Salad station

    Control yourself from getting carbs and, instead, opt for a light salad or some roast vegetables to pair with your meats and seafood.

    4. Remember to get gourmet food

    Roast beef ribs at NIU by Vikings
    Beef ribs

    NIU by Vikings is known for featuring gourmet food, notably foie gras and caviar. While I have yet to try foie gras at NIU, I have had some caviar from the cheese station. I had it with some crackers, cheeses, and cream cheese (I think, it was cream cheese).

    5. Don't forget the cheeses

    Speaking of cheeses, NIU by Vikings has one of the most extensive selection of cheeses. It's really heaven for a cheese lover like me. Honestly, if I were to choose between cheese and dessert, I would gladly choose the former. I can have cheese and jam or honey for dessert.

    6. Save some for dessert

    Grilling station at NIU by Vikings
    Grill station

    I always save some space in my tummy for dessert. I only have two in mind, ice cream and leche flan. I got pistachio and cappuccino ice cream flavors and I never regretted it a bit. Superb! Next, I headed to the halo-halo bar where I took chunks of leche flan swimming in caramel sauce. It was also perfect -- with its firm texture and rich milky-egg taste. It was heaven in each spoonful.

    7. Go easy on the drinks

    At NIU by Vikings, drinks are also free flowing, whether it's wine, beer, or juices. I tried several juices and iced tea from the bar. However, you might want to go easy on the drinks as it will make you feel full immediately if you drink too much, too soon.

    Birthday promo at NIU by Vikings
    Celebrating Khris' birthday at NIU by Vikings

    Because NIU by Vikings is a premium restaurant, price can be on the steep side at around P1,500++ per head. However, with the amount of delicious available, I think that is fair enough. Service is also very fast and efficient.

    What we also like about NIU by Vikings is the birthday promo that it offers. This means that the birthday celebrator gets to eat for free during their birthday month as long as accompanied by one full-paying adult.

    NIU by Vikings is located at 6th Floor, SM Aura Premier, 26th Street cor. McKinley Parkway, 1630, Taguig (telephone numbers 8478-3888 or 8847-3888) and 5th Floor, The Podium, 12 ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City 1550 (telephone numbers 8635-7888 and 8638-7888).

    Update 2020: Please note that buffet is not yet allowed under the modified community quarantine in Metro Manila because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

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