The 12 Best Beaches In Pangasinan According To TripAdvisor Reviewers

September 06, 2018

If you are looking for beautiful beaches located north of Metro Manila, consider going to Pangasinan.

Pangasinan is home to several beaches that can be described as both raw and beautifully rugged, making the province a popular weekend hideout to adventurers from all over the country. Situated north of Metro Manila, Pangasinan is a few hours from the capital via land travel.

Hundred Islands in Pangasinan
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The 12 Best Beaches In Pangasinan According To TripAdvisor Reviewers

    About Pangasinan

    Pangasinan is best-known for its salt production (its name was derived from the word “asin,” the local vernacular for salt) the industry as well as being home to some of the best dried seafood, fish sauces, and shrimp paste in the country. While Pangasinan has a lot more to offer to travelers such as its festivals and historic sites, its stunning beaches are what lures in adventurers.

    I have been to Pangasinan several times some years before but my most unforgettable trips were during college for fieldwork. Bolinao, in particular, left a good impression on me because of a secluded beach that we visited. 

     A word of caution though, jellyfish is abundant in many Pangasinan beaches (I was a victim of jellyfish sting in San Fabian) so be sure to take extra precaution when swimming in these waters. Wear rash guard, feet protection, use jellyfish, and bring first-aid kits.

    How to go to Pangasinan

    To go to Pangasinan via TPLEX then make an exit to your destination-of-choice in Pangasinan. If you are commuting, you can take any Pangasinan-bound Victory Liner or Five Star Bus either in Cubao or Pasay City. 

    Best beaches to visit in Pangasinan

    The Hundred Islands may be Pangasinan’s prized tourist spot but here are the top twelve beaches in the province that are highly-rated by travelers on TripAdvisor: 

    1. Patar Beach

    Location: Bolinao, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Patar Beach is best known for its white sand and cerulean waters. Be careful when swimming though because the beach is a little rocky so it’s advisable to wear aqua shoes. There is also a portion of the beach with big waves that are perfect for surfing. 

    The segment of the beach that is calmer is perfect for children because of the shallow water. As a precaution though, always accompany your children in the water. Other sites to see in the area are the lighthouse and the Enchanted Cave. 

    2. Tondol Beach

    Location: Anda, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Tondol Beach is calm and has relatively shallow water even during high tide which is why it is described by many travelers as child-friendly. Again, a word of caution to parents, please do not leave your children to swim on their own even in shallow water. 

    3. Tondaligan Beach

    Location: Dagupan, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Tondaligan Beach is open to the public and a recommended place for those who are on a budget. It is perfect for picnics leisurely strolls to enjoy the sea air or a quick dip in seawater. 

    4. Bolo Beach

    Location: Alaminos City, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Bolo Beach is known for being a peaceful and slow-paced destination in Alaminos City. There are several resorts that travelers may opt to try out. One of the most popular activities here is the affordable boat ride to the iconic Hundred Islands. 

    5. San Fabian Beach

    Location: San Fabian, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    I have been to San Fabian Beach during a family trip when I was still in college. It’s a pocket-friendly destination, nothing really fancy that time. 

    We just rented a cottage and we were all set. Nowadays, prices have gone up but it’s still good for quick getaways with big groups. 

    Fresh seafood can be bought from local sellers and can simply be grilled over hot coals for a delicious feast. Sand color ranges from dark gray to black, indicating that it is volcanic in origin. 

    Pangasinan beaches
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    6. Bonuan Blue Beach

    Location: Dagupan, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Bonuan Blue Beach is perfect for those who just want a quick getaway and enjoy a dose of sun, sand, and sea. There are resorts and hotels around the area if you are looking to spend a night or two here. 

    The prices are generally affordable so that is another advantage if you choose to go to Bonuan Blue Beach. 

    Quick fact: Bonuan Blue Beach has a significant place in Philippine history because this is where General Douglas MacArthur first landed in the Philippines. 

    7. Agno Beach

    Location: Agno, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Agno Beach is famous among travelers for its clear waters and stunning views. It is also ideal for travelers who are on a budget because almost all accommodation, as well as local produce, are easy-on-the-pocket. 

    The best way to enjoy your stay here is to buy local seafood and have it cooked to your liking. There are secluded spots if you want some peace and quiet. You can snorkel there or just enjoy the sun and water. 

    At dusk, treat yourself to stunning sunsets as you relax to the sound of gentle waves. However, please bear in mind that amenities in those locations are sparse to almost none. 

    8. Abagatanen Beach

    Location: Agno, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Abagatanen Beach features cream-colored sand and glistening, crystal clear waters. This location is advisable for those who are looking for a destination that is not overly-developed. 

    Abagatanen Beach is beautiful on its own without the need for fancy resorts or establishments. While there are cottages, bring food with you as there are no restaurants in the area. Local produce can be bought but availability is not assured. 

    9. Cabacungan Cove

    Location: Tambobong Beach, Dasol, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Cabacungan Cove is one of the finest destinations in Pangasinan for those seeking adventures. There is a cave in the area that features a deep natural pool inside. 

    Cliff diving can be done atop the cave. There are also no resorts or developments in the area; it is nature in its pure unadulterated glory. 

    10. Tobouan Beach

    Location: Alaminos City, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Tobouan Beach is for those who are looking for less crowded locations. As with most beaches in Pangasinan, this stretch of sand is devoid of any structures or developments, save for some houses and cottages around the area. 

    Some travelers have warned that tides can get high so take note of this when swimming. Get out of the water if you feel that waves and currents are getting strong. 

    11. Osmeña White Beach

    Location: Dasol, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Osmeña White Beach is a bare stretch of cream-colored sand. This is home to Villa Balimanok, a resort known for its beautiful simplicity and is highly-recommended by travelers.

    12. Surip Beach

    Location: Bani, Pangasinan

    What the beach is known for:

    Surip Beach is best known for its stunning rock formations and pilgrimage site. Save for a few cottages, you will be treated to pure, gorgeous views of the beach and the West Philippine Sea. Do not worry about expenses as most of the expanse is open to the public. 


    Consider any of these Pangasinan beaches when you are looking for destinations near Manila. Most of these do not feature any amenities or posh resorts but they are sure to offer you an indelible experience.

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    2. Thank you for sharing complete details po dadi iv. amazing po 12 beaches talaga in Pangasinan😍 and lahat parang ganda puntahan para ma experience ko mismo sa personal yung bawat beach nila🤗 hoping po someday 🤗.

    3. Apparently we try to explore one of them ,we are living in the north ,it was just few Miles away from our province.

    4. Wow!! Ang dami din pala mapapasyalan sa PANGASINAN.. Taga PANGASINAN asawa ko, pero never pako nakapunta sa Mga beach hihihi.. Ganda pala mag punta dito. Siguradong mag eenjoy talaga tayo. Worth it po ang pag punta dito. 🥰

    5. I haven't visit pangasinan yet. I am amazed that it has a lot of beautiful beaches to offer. I would love to explore these with my loved ones.

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    7. Just FYI, Im from Pangasinan, and to clarify Bonuan Blue Beach was not where General MacArthur landed but actually in Lingayen. In fact, there are still remnants of WWII planes and tanks on the city proper of Lingayen. Alongside by the beach, are also some commemorative pictures of Gen. MacArthur.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing that information!