Lost in Translation: Melancholic Yet Exceptionally Genuine

September 21, 2018

Possibly one of my most favorite movies is Lost in Translation, which I find brilliant and authentic.

I saw Lost in Translation again some two weeks ago, my second time to watch it since seeing it 15 years ago. It was a brilliant movie, the story was well put together and the main actors, Billy Murray and Scarlett Johansson were at their best elements.

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Lost in Translation: Melancholic Yet Exceptionally Genuine

    Watching Lost in Translation for the first time

    I had a different opinion though in 2003. Sure, I found some scenes intelligently funny but I thought the movie in its entirety was boring. However, there was something about Lost in Translation that was quite hard to forget.

    Somehow, I knew the story was special but I could not fully comprehend what it was about, maybe because I was just 23 years old at that time. In some way, it had little sparks of emotion that, though palpable, were rather hard for me to identify with.

    Who can blame me, I was fresh out of college and I have never really had much experience when it comes to love and relationships, except for parental love, so I could not relate.

    I felt the movie tackled a topic that was too mature for me at that time. So I made a resolve to see the movie again, not soon but years later. I was glad I did because I more than appreciated the beautiful story of Lost in Translation.

    Seeing the movie again

    The second time I saw lost in translation, the emotions were very real. The situations were completely relatable. Have I matured that much?

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    It was a movie that revolved much about authenticity. Life is not ideal; it is sweet but it also has its fair share of bitter memories. Happy endings are not always what we envision them to be. A chapter in our lives may leave us hurt but it’s up to us to choose whether we would wallow in sorrow or move on and look at the brighter side of life.

    Lost in Translation is also a reminder that life is a journey full of adventures. Somewhere along the way, we become lost. We begin to question things and situations because they are just so hard to comprehend. Answers do not come straightforward.

    Then again, at some point in our lives, we meet people who would help us pull through our tribulations, not necessarily a love interest, but true friends. These are the friends who took us for adventure rides, who influenced us, or who left indelible marks in our memories. Some may depart, some stay, but they remain completely part of who we are right now and what we have become.

    Of course, nothing compares to the joy of finally meeting that one person whom we will marry, spend the rest of our days with, and help us make life a lot more bearable.

    Watching the movie was also a trip back in time. It was early 2000, the influence of the great 90s was still very apparent. It was still a time when the norm was to go out with your friends for drinks over karaoke and have a completely good time. 

    No distractions, no smartphones, no endless photographs, and no selfies and groufies. I don’t smoke but, back then, it was completely fine to smoke outside as well as inside bars. You will not be judged nor be given discomforting stares when you indulge in a cigarette.


    Anyway, Lost in Translation is one of the best stories I have seen. It was a generally happy movie, full of quirks, with an unconventional ending. 

    I still think it was a happy ending, the chance encounter between the main protagonists and the joyful memories that they shared revitalized their spirits, giving them renewed vigor to face their individual troubles.

    In the end, the movie tells us that life does not always happen the way we wanted it to and that is perfectly fine. We move on and we remain completely whole.

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    1. I love how this movie touches my heart and also the reality that whatever plans we have for ourselves, God have always something better for us waiting to be unfold!

    2. I’d surely check this one. I’ve heard a lot about lost in translation but never tried watching it before. Thanks for the review!

      1. You are welcome! It's really good but I just realized also today that it was because of the memories I had of the 90s and early 2000. The movie brought back a lot of my youth. Haha.

    3. That movie is a certified classic. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt review

    4. I love the honesty in this review! I think it’s a great idea to rewatch the movies we’ve seen decades ago. It shows how much are perspective change about different ideas.

      1. Yup, exactly that. I was glad I watched it again. It was one movie that had been in my mind for years! Thank you for the kind words.

    5. blair villanueva19 October 2018 at 08:07

      I know this movie, one of the best one during that time – yet I forget the plot (too many movies have watched). I need to watch this again.

    6. The movie looks awesome. I’ll be looking forward to watch it! Weeee Excited!


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