Kuya J Restaurant: cozy and homey with delicious Filipino food choices

August 09, 2018

Kuya J Restaurant is a great option if you want to enjoy delicious Filipino food, especially because they have some unique items in their menu.

Kuya J Restaurant’s casual and easygoing vibe makes it the perfect dining place to enjoy home-cooked Filipino food.

Kuya J restaurant cheesy baked scallops
Cheesy baked scallops

Kuya J Restaurant: cozy and homey with delicious Filipino food choices

    About Kuya J Restaurant

    Kuya J is a homegrown Cebuano restaurant, a fact that not all people know because they thought it was owned by Jericho Rosales. 

    Kuya J restaurant chopsuey

    Well, Jericho is the restaurant’s official endorser and, in my opinion, is perfect for the role. In the TV ads and in other forms of media, he looked convincing as Kuya J himself.

    Branding-wise, the restaurant does a great job in communicating an image that is warm and welcoming, akin to a big brother who is ready to take care of his younger siblings.

    Our Kuya J experience

    Anyway, around 2 years ago, we went to Kuya J Restaurant for the first time in Ayala Fairview Terraces but it was not the most wonderful dining experience. Service was not as fast as we had wanted it to be. 

    Kuya J restaurant fried chicken
    Crispy fried chicken

    They even forgot that we placed an order for their much-celebrated crispy pata so we had to follow up twice, only to be finally served a rubbery chunk. Their pork sisig, however, was noteworthy and I would always come back for it.

    With that unfortunate experience behind us, we gladly tried Kuya J Restaurant when they opened a branch at SM Jazz in Makati. The branch was big and spacious, perfect for large family gatherings or Sunday lunch outs. The glass walls allow natural light to bathe the interiors so it looks lively inside.

    The food

    We ordered cheesy grilled scallops for starters, a plate of chop suey for our side dish, and roast chicken and crispy pork sisig for the mains. For dessert, we went for one regular halo-halo espesyal and a glass of ube halo-halo espesyal.

    Kuya J restaurant pork sisig
    Pork sisig

    Food was served after a fair amount of preparation time. The aroma of the dishes, especially the grilled scallops, came wafting around us. 

    We tried the grilled scallops first and it was excellent. The scallops were plump and juicy; the sweet flavor further enhanced by the cheese and butter. Since it was grilled, the hint of smokiness provided another depth of flavor to this dish. 

    Kuya J restaurant ube halo-halo
    Ube halo-halo

    The sisig, meanwhile, was still as good as I remember it. I did not try the chicken though but I heard it was also delicious. For dessert, the ube halo-halo was on point and was a perfect twist on the classic halo-halo.

    Our verdict

    All in all, our second time to eat at Kuya J restaurant was a much-improved experience as compared to our first visit to its outlet in Ayala Fairview Terraces. 

    The service is fast and efficient; all the food was delivered within a reasonable time and all our requests were promptly fulfilled. The prices could still be improved though.

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    1. Kuya J seemed to be fond of jars because they have this lovely cheesecake is served in a cute little jar. A few spoonfuls were already enough for me because the taste’s a bit overwhelming. Super favorite.

    2. Now I know, it is not owned by Jericho! I thought so to! Or probably, he is a silent investor hehe. The food looks appetizing!

    3. This made me miss Filipino so much more. Places like this are one of the best.

    4. Ohh this restaurant is one of the best. I miss their sisig, and special fried chicken, including their huge serving halo-halo. Masarap tumambay dito sa Kuya J, even my Aussie hubby loves it!

    5. Our absolute fave sa kuya j’s ay yung halo halo talaga nilaa!! The best. Grabe nagcrave tuloy uli ako hahaha

    6. We were a bit disappointed with Kuya J's when we first ate at a branch in Pasig. Most of the food we were ordering were not available. Though that was just one branch. Haven't tried others except fo the one in Magallanes, but I only got Halo halo.

    7. kuya j! one of my fave!! nagpadeliver ako nito nun isang araw. kaso walang halo halo na available. yun pa naman ang habol ko!

    8. Kuya J, for me is a cheaper version of Max's and Barrio Fiesta. My fave has always been karekare, bec I dont know how to cook them. Hihi

    9. I imagine Kuya J do serve good food. But I had a terrible experience with their staff here in General Santos. Maybe I should try their branch in Davao or other cities. Just not here in my place.