Baguio City’s 5 most popular classic sweet pasalubong products

November 25, 2022

Find out the most popular pasalubong food products from Baguio City.

Baguio City’s chilly air and laid-back vibe make it a favorite destination among travelers. The Summer Capital of the Philippines is also best-known for its strawberries, Baguio Cathedral, Diplomat Hotel, Camp John Hay, Panagbenga Festival, as well as being a haven for visual artists.

Baguio City sweet pasalubong

Baguio City’s 5 most popular classic sweet pasalubong products

    Aside from these, Baguio City is also known for sweet delicacies that are famous among tourists as pasalubong or gifts for their friends and loved ones. Here are 5 of the most popular sweets from Baguio City:

    1. Baguio City's Ube Jam 

    Baguio City pasalubong ube jam

    Ube jam is perhaps the most recognizable among the pasalubong produced in Baguio City. This is made of boiled and mashed purple yam that is cooked with butter or margarine and condensed milk. The result is a thick preserve that is milky with just the right amount of sweetness. This is good on its own or when added to halo-halo and as bread filling.

    2. Lengua de Gato

    Baguio City pasalubong lengua de gato

    Lengua de Gato, literally translated as cat’s tongue, are small elongated biscuits that are, well, shaped like a cat’s tongue. They are actually rich butter cookies characterized by a mild milky taste and a soft crunch. To achieve the delightful crunch that typifies Lengua de Gato, it has to be piped as thinly as possible. Lengua de Gato is perfect on its own and when paired with coffee or tea.

    3. Strawberry Jam

    Baguio City pasalubong strawberry jam

    Most people would agree that strawberry is possibly the single fruit that Baguio City is best known for. As such, it is but natural to find a lot of products made out of strawberries like wine, whole fruit preserves, and jam. However, strawberry jam stands out among these products because they are versatile. Strawberry jam uses ripe fruits cooked and mashed in sugar and a small amount of water. The sweet and slightly sour tones of strawberry jam go well with toast, regular bread, or as an ice cream drizzle.

    4. Peanut Brittle

    Baguio City pasalubong peanut brittle

    This is another classic and much-loved pasalubong from Baguio City. Peanut brittle is hard sugar candy with peanuts served as broken pieces of confection. Sweet and slightly buttery, peanut brittle can be addicting to munch on but go easy on this unless you want your blood sugar level to shoot up.

    5. Chocolate Crinkles and Corn Flakes

    Baguio City pasalubong chocolate crinkles and corn flakes

    Chocolate crinkles are another timeless favorite from Baguio City. These are soft chocolate cookies rolled in powdered sugar. The soft and slightly gooey texture of chocolate crinkles makes them delightful to eat. 

    Meanwhile, another well-loved product from the City of Pines is chocolate-covered corn flakes. These are regular crunchy corn flakes that are coated with rich milk chocolate. I think the crunch from the corn flakes that is enhanced by chocolate is what makes this simple dessert-snack quite enjoyable to buyers.

    Where to buy pasalubong in Baguio City

    Since Baguio City is a popular tourist destination, it's fairly easy to find a store selling local products and handicrafts. However, some of the more popular places that you might want to check are the following:

    1. Pasalubong Center
        Address: 30 Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio, 2602 Benguet

    2. Good Shepherd Convent
        Address: Gibraltar Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
        Closes at 5:00 PM
        Telephone number: (074) 424 2496

    3. Mines View Park
        Address: Mines View Observation Deck, Mines View, Baguio, Benguet
        Closes at 8:00 PM

    4. Baguio City (Wet & Dry) Public Market
        Address: Magsaysay Ave, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
       Open 24 hours
       Contact number: 0923 354 3888

    5. Burnham Park
        Address: Jose Abad Santos Dr, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
        Open 24 hours
        Telephone number: (074) 442 7014

    6. Saira Mae Pasalubong
        Address: Baguio, Benguet

    7. Mika' san Sweetshop
        Address: Baguio, Benguet
        Telephone number: (074) 443 3942

    Online ordering of Baguio sweets 

    Meanwhile, it's also interesting to note that most of the local products that I have mentioned above are now available outside Baguio City so if your sweet tooth craves any of these products, they are on-hand in most grocery or convenience stores.

    Another good option would be to conveniently order online and have these delivered right at your doorstep. One such online store is Sweets Central Delicacies which sells several different products from Baguio City. Incidentally, Sweets Central Delicacies is also giving freebies to our readers just by entering the code “FREEBIE-IVANKHRIS” in the Company Name field upon checkout. The code may be used for an unlimited amount of time and is not case sensitive. 

    Baguio City pasalubong promo

    Use the code “FREEBIE-IVANKHRIS” upon checkout to enjoy free sweets from Sweets Central Delicacies.
    Now, you don’t have to go to Baguio City or wait for your friends to bring you pasalubong to enjoy the most popular sweets from the Summer Capital of the Philippines because you can order them online.

    List of affordable hotels in Baguio City

    Of course, it is much better if you could visit Baguio City even for just a weekend. Though popular, Baguio City is quite an affordable destination. If you are planning a quick getaway to Baguio, here is a list of budget hotels that you might want to consider for your trip:

    1. Travelite Express Hotel
        Address: Shuntug St. cor F. Bautista Drive, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,224

    [Click here to book a room]

    2. Paladin Hotel
        Address: 136 Abanao Extension, Corner Carino Street, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,354

    [Click here to book a room]

    3. City Center Hotel
        Address: 45 Session Road, MPB Building, Baguio City Proper
        Price per night is as low as Php1,508

    [Click here to book a room]

    4. Cedar Peak Condominium
        Address: Mabini St. Corner General Luna Rd, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,667

    [Click here to book a room]

    5. RedDoorz Premium @ Rimando Road Baguio
        Address: 58 Rimando Road, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php987

    [Click here to book a room]

    6. Finteo Skylands
        Address: 99 Finteo Skylands, Dr. Cariño, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,275

    [Click here to book a room]

    7. ZEN Rooms Hotel Urban Baguio
        Address: Kayang Extension, Barangay Labuan, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,435

    [Click here to book a room]

    8. OYO 175 Hotel Elegant
        Address: 421 Magsaysay Ave, Benguet, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,670

    [Click here to book a room]

    9. Bed and Bath at Station 120
        Address: 101 Lower General Luna Road, Baguio City
        Price per night is as low as Php1,020

    [Click here to book a room]

    10. Tacay Lodge Drive Inn Hotel
          Address: 92 Lt Tacay Rd, Baguio, Benguet
          Telephone number: 0922 382 4846
           The price per night is Php1,000

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    8. Sarap talaga ng pasalubong from Baguio, pinakapaborito ko talaga yung peanut brittle. Di pedeng mawala yan. I like that they are available online now, it's more convenient. I like that you have listed some hotel recommendations too, very helpful.