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May 16, 2018

If you are buying a used car, use to help you find a good quality unit or one that fits your budget and needs. is poised to become a game-changer in the used car market scene in the Philippines.

Automart online resource for used cars
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Anybody who has tried buying a second-hand car would most probably have experienced the hassle of having to scout for information from one seller to the next. 

That is researching via classified ads (online or print), and calling or texting each seller to inquire about the vehicle they are selling. Throughout all these nitty-gritty, chances are, buyers have encountered people who are hard to deal with, causing them unnecessary frustration. aims to address the hassle of buying used cars by providing a rich online resource portal where buyers can immediately access the information that they need almost in real-time. lists reviews, prices, and other pertinent information to give both buyer and seller the power of knowledge so that they can always make an informed decision.

Some of the important tools and information that visitors can access through are the following:

1. Car market value comparison tool provides a car market value comparison tool to include the average price that a car is bought or sold in the last quarter. searches all offline sources such as car dealers and private sellers, and online sources in order to obtain the prices of cars that are being sold. 

This way, can average out the market price of each car and also determine the possible price by which the car will be sold.

2. Vehicle feature comparison tool

The portal also includes a broad catalog of features and accessories. The important car features that can be found on the site are the Year, Brand, Model, and Trim. 

Aside from the salient car features, site visitors can also see if the vehicle that they are interested in has additional features like power doors, LCD monitors, stereo, and the like.

What’s more, users can place the cars that they like side by side in the comparison portal of to help them decide which automobile they like.

3. Used Car reviews

Current owners can provide a review or description of their vehicle that can serve as a first-hand reference for buyers. 

After all, they are the ones who have used their cars for years so they are in a better position to provide a proper narrative of their vehicle. Of course, as with any review or transaction site, exercise discretion at all times.

4. Used Car photos

As important as the description, photos will give life to the vehicle on sale. At, sellers may post pictures of car interiors, the exterior, wheels, seats, to name a few. Buyers can make an initial decision based on the good impression created by the photographs.

So the next time you buy a used car, consider going to to look for your ideal steed. Think of as the TripAdvisor of used cars, an all-in resource portal for cost, reviews, ratings, and pictures.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this to us Daddy Ivan. Mag aaral po muna ako mag drive. Ang pangarap ko po tlaga na matuto mag drive ng four wheels.

  2. I already read this blog, Thankyou for sharing this daddy ivan sobrang laking tulong po nito para sa aming lahat specially sa mga naghahanap ng gamit na kotse.. Very helpful po itong Automart.PH dahil marami kang malalaman at matututunan..

  3. That was really nice and Super helpful po talaga to pra sa mga gstong magkaSasakyan, kh8 2nd hand na Truly Na Sobrang ganda parin ng Klase, i really want to Have This But In God's perfect time, for now thanks sa pagShare Daddy Ivan, lagay ko na to sa list Ko..

  4. Its amazing that aims to address the hassle of buying used cars by providing a rich online resource portal where buyers can immediately access the information that they need almost in real-time. This will be a great help and it will also save more time for people who will buy it.

  5. Helpful platform to help people to see the details of the car they want to buy. Almost all the things that you need to know is provided and you can also easily compare the vehicles you have in mind

  6. Thank you for sharing daddy. Baka may naghahanap diyan in the future.