Travel Wonders and Ford Philippines explore Philippine destinations

Monday, 23 April 2018

Explore beautiful Philippine destinations with Travel Wonders and Ford Philippines.

Travel Wonders, Experience Travel and Living magazine’s online video segment, announces its recent team up with Ford Philippines as its official road partner for its upcoming video series.

Travel Wonders by Experience Travel & Living Magazine

Travel Wonders and Ford Philippines explore Philippine destinations

    About Travel Wonders

    In Travel Wonders, viewers will get to see the many beautiful locations around the Philippines from the perspective of various travelers. 

    Travel Wonders features travel video segments crafted by creative millennials who share their experiences and knowledge that they have gained from their visits to tourist destinations in different parts the country.

    Now that Travel Wonders has partnered with Ford Philippines, the team can drive around numerous locations and survive unbeaten tracks with much ease and comfort.

    Maiden episode

    For the team’s maiden destination after the partnership, Ford Philippines took Travel Wonders on a breathtaking ride through the historic paths of The City of Vigan in Ilocos Sur.

    This charming old city in the North prides itself in its superbly preserved Spanish era colonial sites and impeccable antique houses that have earned Vigan a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage City list.

    In the episode, Experience Travelers showed viewers, Facebook followers, and YouTube subscribers the many reasons why Vigan remains as a top tourist destination in the Philippines.

    Travel Wonders also featured the many facets that make Vigan only one of its kind – from its authentic Filipino culture that thrives vibrantly up to this day, to the historic red brick pavement of Calle Crisologo. 

    The episode also tackled Vigan’s warm and hospitable people, its jar-making and weaving culture, and its food that kept travelers coming back to it again and again.

    Traveling around the Philippines

    Together with Ford Philippines, Travel Wonders aims to track all travel destinations in the country, discovered or undiscovered, by hitting the road and documenting the views they unravel during the trip.

    The first teaser video of Travel Wonders’ team up with Ford Philippines is now available. You may check it out through YouTube and on Facebook (

    Let’s travel the Philippines!

    Image credits: Experience Travel and Living Facebook Page
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