Apag Marangle: The Taste Of Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine

March 24, 2016

If you want to enjoy authentic Kapampangan cuisine, then you definitely need to eat at Apag Marangle Restaurant.

Apag Marangle is one Filipino restaurant that effectively captures what traditional Kapampangan cooking is. It offers mainstream and exotic dishes that are delectable and bursting with local flavors; you will surely be satisfied after your meal.

Sizzling balut at Apag Marangle
Sizzling balut sisig

Apag Marangle: Taste Authentic Kapampangan Cuisine

    The ambiance at Apag Marangle

    When we went to eat at Apag Marangle, we were immediately greeted by the native decors adorning the restaurant. It definitely had the provincial feel and reminded me of summer nights in my hometown of San Antonio in Nueva Ecija.

    Native plates at Apag Marangle
    Native plates

    When we had settled at our seats, the utensils were set, and the rice was brought to our table served in small calderos or metal pots. It was quite an experience to be dining in such a fashion.

    Rice at Apag Marangle

    We reserved a whole function room and placed our orders in advance, so our food was also brought to our table when the utensils have been set.

    The food

    We ordered ribs adobo, fried native chicken, grilled tilapia, sinigang na cream dory, pork sisig, and sizzling balut sisig. 

    Ribs adobo at Apag Marangle
    Ribs adobo

    Some of the items that stood out the most were the ribs adobo, pork sisig, and sizzling balut sisig. The adobo had chunks of lean meat swimming in a rich brown sauce; the piquant flavors of garlic were very intense. It was hard not to eat this with a steaming plate of rice.

    Pork sisig at Apag Marangle
    Pork sisig

    The pork sisig, meanwhile, was meaty and had just the right crunch. It was meaty with just an adequate amount of fat to keep it juicy and flavorful. It had all the flavors that I was looking for in sisig; smoky, salty, a little sour, and mildly spicy. It was definitely delicious.

    Lechon kawali at Apag Marangle
    Lechon kawali

    I also found the sizzling balut (fertilized duck egg) sisig to be quite a unique way of putting a twist to balut. It used balut sa puti, which was a variety of the egg with a very small chick. It was also seasoned with a rich and thick sauce that bubbled with the heat of the metal plate. 

    Fried chicken at Apag Marangle
    Fried chicken

    I have tasted Balut ala Pobre and Balut Adobo before but these have a tendency to be over-seasoned, making the rich flavor of the balut even richer. That made the egg a bit overpowering for the palate. Apag Marangle's sizzling balut sisig is well-balanced with flavors; definitely a must-try.

    Grilled tilapia at Apag Marangle
    Grilled tilapia

    On a further note, some of the other dishes that are worth ordering are the lechon kawali and spicy shrimp. If you like chicken, you will also love the whole fried chicken because it did not have a thick breading or crust.

    Sinigang na cream dory at Apag Marangle
    Sinigang na cream dory

    I did not like the sinigang na cream dory (cream dory in sour broth with vegetables) too much though. I found it to be a little fishy and I did not like the yellow color of the broth.  

    Spicy shrimp at Apag Marangle
    Spicy shrimp

    For dessert, we had Leche flan. Leche flan is my all-time favorite dessert. I liked Apag Marangle's version because it was creamy, milky, and syrupy. It was firm, which meant that only pure egg yolks were used to make the Leche flan.

    Our verdict

    The food at Apag Marangle is also priced well, ranging from P150 to P275 for appetizers and P300 to P545 for the main course. Each dish is good for two to three people.

    Leche flan at Apag Marangle
    Leche flan

    If you are looking for great-tasting Filipino cooking that is beyond the usual, then Apag Marangle is definitely worth a visit.

    Thinking of where to eat in Bacolor, Pampanga? Apag Marangle is located at Jose Abad Santos Avenue, formerly Olongapo-Gapan Road, Santa Barbara Bridge, Bacolor, Pampanga. You may call them on telephone number +639228880568.

    It also has a branch at Marquee Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga.

    Apag Marangle restaurant review

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    1. Must visit po itong Apag Marangle natakam ako lalo na sa native chicken nila mostly kasi niyan sa province na lang meron pero hindi sa mga restaurant. MAsarap pa naman ang luto ng kapampangan..Well kahit nga po yung dessert nila parang ang sarap din affordable price pa.

    2. Sasarap nman po Daddy Ivan ng mga foods. Ang sarap Kumain sa dahon ng saging. Native na native Ang dating🥰

    3. definitely one of the best cuisines in our country. Apag marangle brings you some of the best kapampangan dishes. Also the environment and table setting brings you to province feels and it makes eating more enjoyable. This is a recommendable place to it. Sisig here is the best

    4. Proud kapampangan here ahaha 😄😄 Anyway masarap talaga mga luto ng kapampangan.. Must visit para matikman talaga natin kung gaano kasarap ang mga luto nila.. At Siguradong babalik balikan mo talaga