Converge ICT provides Free Plan upgrade for customers

Converge ICT, the country’s premier fiber internet provider, is poised to revolutionize how Filipinos consume data through product and service upgrades that have yet to be seen in the local industry.

In a media briefing held last December 5, 2018 at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City, Converge ICT Solutions COO Jesus Romero discussed the updates that consumers can look forward to from the company, further bolstering its position as an industry game-changer.

Converge ICT fiber internet

According to Romero, the way Filipino customers consume data has changed significantly over the years. “People are doing more online activities. There are more devices at home. We want more savings; do more with less,” Romero added.

Consumers want high-speed internet for gaming, web conferencing, and more hours of video streaming. To fill the demand for speed, the answer is to use fiber internet.

Revamped Plans

Currently, Converge ICT subscribers are already enjoying pure, end-to-end fiber internet connection. However, as a testament to the company’s advocacy to upgrade the Filipino web experience, Converge ICT is rolling out what is perhaps the most revolutionary and consumer-centric high plans offering to date.

Converge ICT fiber internet

Starting December 6, 2018, Converge ICT will upgrade the speeds of existing internet subscribers at no additional cost. Specifically, Converge ICT subscribers of the 50 and 100 Mbps plans will receive a free upgrade to 75 and 120 Mbps, respectively. These speed upgrades will automatically take effect starting December 6, 2018.

Converge ICT fiber internet

Alongside this free upgrade, all existing subscribers may avail of an add-on speed of 10 Mbps through the FiberX 1500 Plus plan for only P99 pesos. As a bonus, Converge ICT is giving the add-on speed free for one full month for all of its 1500 existing subscribers who will avail of it until January 31, 2019.

Converge ICT fiber internet

Expansion Plans of Converge ICT

Romero said that Converge ICT is currently expanding to cover all target areas in Metro Manila to bring high-speed internet to more Filipinos. The objective, of course, is to roll out and make the service available to as many people as possible. Majority of the Metro Manila areas such as Taguig, Pateros, and Quezon City are covered.

Converge ICT fiber internet

Aside from the National Capital Region, Converge ICT is also expanding in provincial areas like Pangasinan in North Luzon, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon, and Lipa and Naga in Southern Luzon.

Converge ICT is also working closely with local government units for what is deemed the Smart City Project, a concept to make cities “more intelligent and secure” starting with the installation of CCTV cameras. For the Smart City Project, fiber internet is the more preferred medium because of its reliability.

Converge ICT fiber internet

The upgraded internet speeds will allow Converge ICT home subscribers to enjoy more digital activities such as video streaming and gaming. Romero added that this is move will also bring leaps of benefits to work-from-home professionals such as bloggers.

With the upgraded product offerings, consumers can maximize the country’s only symmetrical download-upload internet service.

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  1. That’s awesome. What you can do with faster internet speeds makes life so much streaming and downloading games..etc. I do a lot of work from my internet and the faster internet is so helpful

  2. I’ve got blogger friends in the Philippines, and their gripe most often is the slow internet connection. I don’t understand why there seems to be a hold back from giving Filipino people a decent internet connection. I hope this will alleviate their situation.

  3. This is very appropriate. There are so many projects done using online websites. So one of the top concern is will be not only high speed, but also security features.

  4. “Consumers want high-speed internet for gaming, web conferencing, and more hours of video streaming.” – he got it right! Fiber internet sounds awesome. Glad that this company provides such solution to the upgraded internet speed demand.

  5. That is so amazing they are increasing speed at no additional cost. Sounds like a very good internet provider to get.

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