I’m Glad They Understand

March 27, 2024

I'm glad the other little kids in our home understand Miguel's situation.

One of my biggest fears for my son when we realized that he has special needs is being teased by other children. I mean, we know that children tend to be mischievous or naughty even if they mean no harm. Just the same, I know that it will hurt me if I see other children making fun of Miguel. I’ll also be honest, I had initial hesitations with Miguel and Rafa’s cousins just because they were the first children that my sons would experience interacting with. Of course, I tried to explain to them Miguel’s condition but I couldn’t blame them if they didn’t understand; they’re also kids, anyway.

I’m Glad They Understand

I’m Glad They Understand

As the days went by, my fears were soon alleviated when I realized how caring the other children at home were. They would always play with Miguel and Rafa, and, in the case of Miguel, they didn’t mind that he wasn’t responsive or if he wouldn’t even look at them when they played.

Moreover, Miguel has a cousin who is about a year older than him. I really appreciate him because he was always extra caring for Miguel. When one of the children took Miguel’s toy, he would take it back and give it to Miguel. When Miguel stumbled, he would always come running to help Miguel get up. He would even shake off the dirt from Miguel’s knees. Whenever Miguel cried, he would talk to Miguel and play with him. And when it was time for him to go home, he would kiss Miguel and his little cousins all at the time. I do appreciate that boy, I mean, he was kinder and more understanding than people who are much older than him.

In the past, I had fears of Miguel, and my two kids in general, getting intimidated by older kids. But with their big cousin, I felt hopeful and enthusiastic that I need not harbor negative thoughts and just to trust human kindness. This situation at home has taught me that people are innately kind. The young ones have so much to teach us – the value of acceptance, kindness, and just being joyful with life. That young boy that I’m talking about has already been through some big setbacks, having come from a broken family. Still, he has so much love and cheerfulness to share.

He was always smiling and just plain playful like any other child. He is unbothered by his current situation, and I think that is beautiful. I do admit that I have so much to learn from this little boy. If we retained our childlike innocence, I think we wouldn’t have to hurt each other so much. Alas, the world is not like that but that doesn’t mean that we should just let life’s trials get the best of us. As adults, we are in a privileged position because we have the power to choose. So, let’s choose to spread kindness whenever we can.

In a previous post, I said that understanding begins at home and I’m happy because God had granted us that privilege through our loved ones.

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  1. What a fun website you have! I am so glad to hear that the other children are so understanding. I think we are living in a more sophisticated age. And even young children are more aware. Great post here!

    Allie of

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, that is true. I think children are innately kind and understanding. Sometimes, they just know things without adults having to explain things to them.