3 Delightful Activities That We Did With Our Kids at SM City Fairview

January 21, 2024

Sharing with you some of the most enjoyable activities that we did with our kids at SM City Fairview.

It’s been many weekends since we last went to SM City Fairview and we felt that we needed a stroll with our kids and, of course, a breather from work-related stress. Going to SM City Fairview is one of our favorite things to do with the kids. We love trying out new activities, and new restaurants, looking for the best deals, or simply going back to our loved establishments. Plus, we were also due to visit Smart Communications for some errands related to our postpaid line.

3 Delightful Activities That We Did With Our Kids at SM City Fairview

3 Delightful Activities That We Did With Our Kids at SM City Fairview

In any case, we were all excited about our little adventure that day at SM City Fairview. Here are some of the enjoyable things that we did as a family:

Trying a new indoor playground

One of our agenda for the day was to bring the kids to their favorite indoor playground. However, when we got to the Parkway Extension Wing, we saw that there was a new indoor playground called Dino Dig.

Dino Dig SM City Fairview

The concept is a dinosaur playground complete with a moving Tyrannosaurus Rex, a flying Pterodactyl, a giant dinosaur skeleton, dinosaur eggs, miniature dinosaur toys, “prehistoric” plants, a slide, and a pebbly ground. Suffice it to say that the kids had a wonderful time at Dino Dig because it was a concept that they loved. Kuya Miguel loved the fake pebbles or stones.

Dino Dig imposes the same set of rules as the other indoor playground establishments: children have to be accompanied by a guardian when playing, they have to wear socks inside the play area, and they can stay up to one hour with an option to extend.

Lunch as a family

After playing at Dino Dig, we decided to have lunch because it was already late in the afternoon. We decided to eat at Kuya J restaurant in SM City Fairview since we used to enjoy the food at their branch in Jazz Mall. We ordered beef bulalo, half fried chicken, grilled liempo, chop suey, fried chicken skin, ube halo-halo, and vanilla halo-halo.

Vanilla Halo-Halo at Kuya J Restaurant SM City Fairview

To be blunt about it, we ended up getting disappointed with the food (small servings, lack of flavor, and generally unappetizing appearance). The service was also terribly slow even if there were just a few diners at that time. Probably the only saving grace was the halo-halo which we definitely enjoyed.

Looking at the brighter side of things though, we were grateful to be eating together as a family.

Grocery shopping

After lunch, we went grocery shopping at Hypermarket since we were already low on some supplies at home. Grocery shopping is one activity that Mommy Khris and I enjoyed when we were newly married. When you are grocery shopping with kids, it can be very chaotic. Expect a lot of shouting, running, coaxing them to behave, and other things that will leave you panting and in panic. Just the same, I will not have it any other way.

We ended our little adventure at SM City Fairview after we had accomplished all our tasks for the day. We left for home in around early evening since the kids were also tired. All in all, it was a day well spent with my family. We missed our family bonding activities after weeks of not having been able to do it.

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