Grateful Dad #19.23: On Being Included In Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad

November 09, 2023

I'm grateful for having been given the opportunity to share my knowledge in being an involved father through the SP Dad Squad.

One of the highlights of my blogging journey would be my recent inclusion in the list of Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad. Being a fairly new dad, I don't consider myself an expert in parenting, that's why I'm grateful to be included in the SP Dad Squad. In fact, nobody really is an expert when it comes to parenting because we all commit mistakes along the way. While I've been dabbling in the parenting/fatherhood blogging niche in the last 2 years, my goal is to share my personal experiences - good or bad - and hopefully others can find inspiration in them.

Grateful for being part of the SP Dad Squad

Grateful Dad #19.23: On Being Included In Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad

We rely on trial and error as our kids grow. We can probably call ourselves successful when our children finally grow up to be kind, smart, and honest individuals. Until then, we will have to rely on our instincts and advice from our fellow parents. That's the objective of the SP Dad Squad - to share the journey (and even the struggles) of fatherhood content creators to inspire other dads to be involved fathers.

What is Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad?

Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad

Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad is composed of 11 dads from diverse fields whose common denominator is their love for being hands-on dads. They share their experiences and their unique styles of parenting to help redefine what being a Filipino dad is all about. Learn more about Smart Parenting's SP Dad Squad here.

What I like about being an SP Dad Squad member

As a dad blogger in the Philippines, I'm always looking for ways and the right platform to promote my advocacy of kindness and fairness to people with special needs. My eldest son has autism and I want other special needs parents to know that we are one in our struggles, fears, and in our fight for inclusion. It's just baffling to know because a lot of people still don't understand that people with special needs have to be treated with respect and acceptance and not be made fun of.

Dad On The Move as a member of the SP Dad Squad
The Practical Dad of Quezon City

Smart Parenting gives SP Dad Squad members the opportunity to participate in campaigns that promote involved fatherhood and being hands-on when it comes to raising their children.

Again, I feel happy to be appreciated for my knowledge and opinion as well as to be given the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

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