Grateful Dad #3.23: Manifesting

February 04, 2023

If you have that one big dream that you wanted to achieve, you can try to manifest it to help you realize it.

How are you? If you are reading this right now, I hope you are well.

I’m also doing good. Life’s been generally fine lately. However, I do admit that I’ve been struggling to write a cohesive article for the last month or so. Perhaps it was because of work; we’ve been quite busy in the office lately.

Grateful Dad: Manifesting

Grateful Dad #3.23: Manifesting

We had some important deliverables since the last quarter of last year which was why I was quite tired during the last two weeks. I’m not complaining though; I love my job. I like the opportunity that my current company gave me, plus the chance to learn a lot of new things. I tried to write some blog entries last week, I guess, but I felt that I was forcing myself too much to the point that I didn’t enjoy doing the articles at all.

In any case, I had the chance to free my mind a little bit during the last few days and think of a topic to write about. With that, one idea that has been prominently surfacing in my head is the concept of manifesting. To put it succinctly, manifesting is a method of visualizing one’s dreams to make them come true.

As a dad, I have a resounding dream for my family (I won’t tell you about it just yet). It’s a common one though, something that most parents want for their children. Anyway, the last two years had me doubting that dream because of financial concerns.

However, many things have happened lately that had me reigniting that dream and focusing on making it a reality. Those things that happened aren’t particularly positive or inspirational but I reckon they were necessary to push me to put my mind to realize that one, big dream. I’ve taken the first step, the hardest one in any endeavor, although I do acknowledge that I’m still a long way towards that dream.

You might be asking; how do I manifest? Well, I do think about that dream all the time and I devote time each day to “search” for it. I also talk a lot about it (at least to Mommy Khris) because I believe doing so would attract positive energy that will help me (us) realize that dream. Manifesting is really simple. You don’t necessarily need to be a mystic to do it.

How about you? What’s your biggest dream that you want to manifest? Share them in the comment section below.

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