Grateful Dad #42: Sweet November

November 12, 2022

Here are the things that I'm grateful for as we begin the month of November.

First off, let me begin by saying that this post is not about a movie of the same name. The month of November had us hauling candies and sweets for our two sons because of all the Trick or Treat events during the last two weeks of October.

Grateful Dad #42: Sweet November

Grateful Dad #42: Sweet November

Miguel was supposed to attend his first Halloween Trick or Treat event at school. We even bought a ghost costume for him. However, a week before that, Miguel developed a new round of coughs and colds just a few days after his previous bout.

As such, Miguel’s pediatrician advised us that we should let Miguel rest for a week, which meant that he would also miss his first Trick or Treat event. Anyway, some of his classmates were gracious enough to send him goodies. Mommy Khris also bought loot bags for Miguel and Rafa from their Trick or Treat activity in the office. That meant that we amassed a supply of candies to last us for days. We’re not complaining though because, well, who doesn’t love candies?

On another note, October 31st was declared a Special Non-Working Holiday by Malacañang Palace which meant that we would have the chance to spend the long weekend in San Antonio (Nueva Ecija). So that’s what we did, even if was a rainy drive because of Typhoon Paeng.

Surprisingly, the traffic was very light. Perhaps the reason for that is that most people decided to postpone their long weekend plans because of the inclement weather. We reached home safe and sound but it was raining most of the time so we were just indoors. We’re always grateful for weekends in San Antonio because it recharges us to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In San Antonio, everything is slow and quiet.

We went back to Manila in the afternoon of November 1. Our travel time was also fast although there were some road segments in Pampanga in which the flow of traffic was managed for the people who are visiting their loved ones in the cemeteries.

In terms of work, I wouldn’t say it was totally easy for me. There were still a lot of challenges because of the products that we have to launch this year and early next year. The launch deliverables are what demand the majority of our time at work. I just hope that things become smoother a week before our product launch. Just the same, I appreciate the work plus the opportunity to gain more knowledge.

As for brand collabs, I’ve been lying low on those because of the effort needed to craft each post (photoshoot to caption). I also prefer paid collabs because, well, we have a family to feed plus, again, it can be exhausting when you feel that your pay is not commensurate to the work that you give.

All in all, I’ve had a good start for November. I do hope that it continues to be that way as we count the days until Christmas.

How about you? Do you have some important milestones that you want to share? Feel free to write them on the comment section below.

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