Hard Work Pays Off

July 07, 2022

Even if you feel tired and overwhelmed with your responsibilities as a special needs parent, just carry on because your hard work will soon pay off.

I’ve always been honest that one area in which Miguel really struggles is identifying colors. I can feel the effort when we do color-matching exercises during our daily home. As a matter of fact, some weeks ago, I remarked how frustrating it could be to not know where Miguel was really understanding the concept behind our color-matching activity.

Art and craft activity in Miguel's LSEN class
One of Miguel's activities in his LSEN class

Hard Work Pays Off

However, like what I always say, we’ll just continue doing our activities even if it seems like we’re not seeing results. My philosophy is one day, all the hard work that we do will bear fruit. I’m pretty sure that there will come a time when Miguel will all of a sudden be able to identify colors correctly.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I receive positive feedback from Miguel’s teacher. She said that they had a productive occupational therapy section and Miguel was able to correctly match the colored blocks with the corresponding containers. I know that it wasn’t much yet and we still have so many things to do. Just the same, I knew that it was a good start for Miguel toward learning more.

Furthermore, I also receive some encouraging feedback from Miguel’s teacher that his waiting time or ability to sit still has vastly improved. The teacher told me a story in which she left Miguel sitting at his desk for a few minutes and he was still there when she came back.

Miguel has also made progress when it came to his pre-writing activities, particularly with regard to the way he holds his crayons. He enjoys doodling on his activity pad which is to his advantage because it’s easier to teach him pre-writing exercises.

Another amazing development that I wanted to share is that Miguel will soon start in a regular LSEN class. We observed that the summer LSEN class has been beneficial for Miguel that’s why we deiced to enroll him in a full-time class.

In any case, the point of sharing is post is that I want to emphasize that hard work pays off. It can be challenging, even overwhelming at times, to be a special needs parent. We all struggle, we lose our focus sometimes, and we even become impatient on many occasions. Beyond all of these things, just do your best and keep on moving forward. There will come a time when you’ll realize that your hard work will reward you.

Would you have a story similar to this? If yes, I’d love to know more about it so please feel free to share them in the comment section below. It will also be very helpful to other special needs parents out there.

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