Top 10 Tourist Spots in Coron, Palawan In 2022

July 21, 2022

If you are planning to travel to Coron in Palawan soon, here are the top 10 tourist spots that you may want to include in your itinerary.

Palawan is an archipelago composed of more than 1,780 islands. It is located in the western part of the Philippines and is considered one of the country's most beautiful tourist destinations. Coron is one of Palawan's most popular tourist spots. It is famous for its coral reefs, WWII shipwrecks, limestone cliffs, and hot springs.

Top tourist spots in Coron, Palawan
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Top 10 Tourist Spots in Coron, Palawan In 2022

    If you're looking for a Palawan tour package that will let you experience the best of what the province has to offer, here are the top 10 places you must visit in Coron:

    1. Kayangan Lake

    Known for being the cleanest lake in both the Philippines and Asia, it's no surprise that Kayangan Lake is first on our list. 

    If you're searching for a place where you can dive, this tourist spot is it. Before reaching this place, however, you might have to take a 10-15 minute climb. While this may be tiring, the effort is definitely worth the experience you'll have.

    2. Barracuda Lake

    Another tourist spot perfect for you swimmers out there would be Barracuda Lake. You'll be mesmerized while swimming in the most beautiful crystal blue waters and intriguing rock formations. 

    The lake contains both saltwater and lake water, and when under the water, you can see the thin division between the two bodies of water. Another special surprise waiting for you would be the silky sand at the very bottom of the lake.

    3. Calauit Safari

    Do you want to visit the home of over ten different species of animals? If so, then the Calauit Safari would be a perfect match for you. You get to see plenty of creatures that can bring a smile to your face. 

    The safari has creatures such as waterbucks, giraffes, zebras, bushbuck, Calamian deer, and more. Aside from this, the place also offers a package filled with plenty of opportunities for you to bond with the animals while feeling comfortable.

    4. Twin Lagoon

    Are you looking for another tourist spot that will leave you refreshed? Something similar to Kayangan Lake and Barracuda lake? If so, then the Twin Lagoon is another tourist spot you should check out. It's a combination of two lagoons into one! 

    Both lagoons are separated by a narrow cliff that you can easily hop between depending on whichever lagoon you feel like swimming on.

    5. Malcapuya Island, Bulog Dos, and Banana Island

    Swimming in the water may feel like a dream, but it would be better if we included food and the soft white sand that our toes could feel. If this is something you're looking for, you can try going to Malcapuya Island, Bulog Dos, and Banana Island. 

    These places have delicious meals that you'll never forget, pretty boats, and an overall beautiful ambiance. It's perfect for those interested in leaving the real world.

    6. Siete Pecados

    Have you ever tried snorkeling? If you have or haven't, Siete Pecados is the perfect place to do it. The place has the best underwater view in Coron. Here, you'll get a glimpse of plenty of sea animals such as small squids, baby sharks, octopuses, and plenty of other sea creatures. 

    Coron is a place known for its water activities, and the Siete Pecados happens to be one of the best places to visit, so be sure never to miss it.

    7. Mount Tapyas

    Let's put aside all the water activities in Coron and focus on dry activities such as hiking. If this is one of the things you're looking forward to doing while in Coron, then Mount Tapyas should be the place you visit. While the activity can be tiring, it will all be worth it once you reach the top and get a glimpse of the place's breathtaking view.

    8. Maquinit Hot Springs

    All that swimming in Coron can leave you cold, so it's only natural to search for something to warm you up. What better way to warm up and relax your body than with the Manquinit Hot Springs? This place is one of the few freshwater hot springs, so this is a popular place that everyone wants to try.

    9. Black Island

    Another beautiful island filled with hidden caves and secluded beaches would be the Black Island, known as Malajon Island to its locals. It's a tourist attraction that's both scary and beautiful, thus its name. Despite this, it still has white sand beaches that plenty of tourists should visit.

    10. Lusong Coral Garden & Gun Boat

    Last on our list but not the least would be the Lusong Coral Garden & Gun Boat. It's a tourist attraction that shows you the shipwreck of one of the World War II vessels while diving into the crystal blue waters.

    Have you been to Coron yet? If yes, would you agree to this list or would you have anything to add? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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