BDO Integrates Benefits Of Digital To Branch Banking Via Self-Service Technology

July 04, 2022

BDO is embracing the convenience of digital technology in its branches through its self-service platform.

Local businesses are turning to self-service technologies to provide safer and more efficient ways for customers to accomplish their daily transactions. Aside from local enterprises such as laundromats, convenience stores, and restaurants, big establishments such as banks are also adopting self-service technologies to cater to the evolving needs of their customers.

BDO self-service technology online branch visit booking

BDO Integrates Benefits Of Digital To Branch Banking Via Self-Service Technology

    BDO Unibank is combining digital self-service solutions with person-to-person customer service to enhance the in-branch banking experience of its clients. But most importantly, these solutions are deployed so clients can do their transactions faster.

    BDO's in-branch innovations

    BDO branches now offer paperless transactions processing where clients can input their transactions in a kiosk inside the branch instead of filling up forms manually. 

    For a more seamless and safer customer experience, clients also have the option to book an appointment online for their branch visits, receive a QR code to be scanned on the QMS (queue management system) scanner once they reach the branch, and immediately fall in queue.

    BDO clients who have already experienced said upgrades acknowledged convenience in the usage—giving them a level of comfort and ease, and quicker processing.

    Additional self-service innovations will be rolled out in the branches such as the BDO Universal Machine that allows clients to deposit checks easily, even without the assistance of a branch personnel.

    The introduction of self-service technologies in its branches is part of BDO’s digital transformation efforts to make its service delivery more efficient and to promote customer satisfaction across all its channels. Go to for more details on branch visit online booking.

    How to book your branch visit

    1. Use any of your devices to visit
    2. Select all the transactions you need.
    3. Choose your preferred branch, date, and time and save the QR Code.
    4. Visit your preferred branch on your scheduled appointment and proceed to the Service Assist machine to scan your QR Code.
    5. Get your queue number ticket and relax as you wait for your turn.

    Quick facts About BDO

    BDO offers a wide range of corporate and retail services to its customers:

    • Loan and deposit products
    • Treasury
    • Trust banking
    • Investment banking
    • Private banking
    • Rural banking
    • Cash management
    • Leasing and finance
    • Remittance
    • Insurance
    • Cash cards
    • Credit cards
    • Online and non-online brokerage services

    BDO in numbers:

    • Has the country’s largest distribution network of over 1,500 consolidated operating branches.
    • Has more than 4,400 ATMs nationwide.
    • Has 16 international offices (including full-service branches in Hong Kong and Singapore) in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

    The Bank also offers digital banking solutions to make banking easier, faster, and more secure for its clients.

    BDO ranked as the largest bank in terms of total assets, loans, deposits, and trust funds under management based on published statements of condition as of December 31, 2021. For more information, please visit

    BDO is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas with contact number (+632) 8708-7087 and with email address [email protected], and webchat at

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    1. It sounds like they do a lot for their customers. That's always a huge plus for me!

    2. I love how everything is going electronic or digital. It make take a little bit longer for a check to be deposited into the bank but its one less person I have to deal with!

    3. It's good to hear that bdo offers such a wide range of services to customers. Internet bank is a must!!!

    4. Thanks for sharing po. Very informative po nito

    5. I am that person that like to do everything by myself. I am glad that there always more and more self-service technologies.

    6. Richelle Milar5 July 2022 at 03:24

      BDO always amaze me! They are offering a lot of services this is so awesome!

    7. Rose Ann Sales5 July 2022 at 03:24

      I didn’t know that BDO offers a lot and different kinds of services! This is so informative and amazing!

    8. This is great to bad no locations are near where I live. It would be nice to have all those options!

    9. That is so interesting learning about the benefits of Digital banking!

    10. It is nice to hear that there are so many great features. Definitely makes it easy to choose when technology makes things so easily accessible.

    11. Oh wow, that's really great! More and more banks should introduce the self-service technologies to their branches like BDO.

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