Enjoy Premium Coffee At Home With UCC Coffee

May 27, 2022

If you like easy-to-prepare yet great-tasting coffee, then you'll definitely enjoy UCC Coffee.

I love coffee. While I do admit that instant coffee is enough to satisfy my craving for a full-bodied roasted coffee flavor, it makes me even happier to enjoy café-bought coffee or even premium coffee products that I can have right at home. For the latter, UCC Coffee easily comes to mind because of its high-quality and delicious ready-to-drink coffee products.

UCC Coffee variants

Enjoy Premium Coffee At Home With UCC Coffee

    Get to know UCC Coffee

    I’ve known UCC Café before UCC Coffee. We used to frequent UCC Park Café in Glorietta 3 Park, Makati City where we would treat ourselves to a good cup of coffee and dessert after a week of hard work. 

    I’ve come to love the UCC brand because of my pleasant experience in that UCC Café. The ambiance is relaxing; we love the easygoing yet lively vibe of the coffee shop as well as the surrounding areas. I said that it would be nice if I can have UCC coffee anytime I crave it.

    As such, I was really glad to have discovered UCC Coffee while doing groceries in SM Hypermarket in Jazz Residences. It’s a three-in-one (3-in-1) coffee product that comes in regular and strong variants. I tried the strong variant and I immediately love the full taste and aroma. What really surprised me was that it was affordable; it was almost the same as buying regular three-in-one coffee.

    Other UCC Coffee products that are worth trying

    Aside from the 3-in-1 UCC Coffee, I was also able to try other variants that any coffee lover would surely love. These are the following:

    1. UCC Iced Creamy 3-in1 Coffee Mix

    If you love sweet and creamy coffee, then the UCC Iced Creamy 3-in1 Coffee Mix is for you. It’s also easy to prepare, just add cold water to the coffee powder and it will dissolve easily. Add ice cubes to it for the perfect summer coffee cooler.

    2. UCC Black

    UCC Black Coffee
    UCC Black

    This straightforward black coffee comes in easy-to-open cans which you can conveniently bring with you anywhere. It’s also very versatile because you can drink it as is or add to it sugar, cream, and your choice of toppings. You can also consume it either cold or hot depending on your mood.

    3. UCC The Blend 114 (stick)

    I was wondering what sets UCC The Blend 114 from the rest of UCC Coffee products so I did a bit of research on its website. Apparently, the UCC The Blend 114 is made of meticulously selected green coffee beans. 

    UCC The Blend 114 (Stick) Coffee
    UCC The Blend 114 (Stick)

    These are then carefully roasted to achieve a taste that is similar to ground coffee but in a soluble coffee form. Thus, you can enjoy the full-bodied flavor of brewed coffee minus the effort of having to prepare it in a coffee maker.

    Where to buy UCC Coffee

    UCC Coffee is available in major supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide. You can also conveniently buy it in Shopee and Lazada and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


    UCC Coffee is delicious and enjoyable to drink because of its high quality. I love to drink coffee mixes bought from a café; however, I can’t always indulge because that would be too expensive.

    It’s a good thing that with UCC Coffee, I can have delicious coffee at home anytime I want to and at an affordable price.

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      great coffee definitely must try

    4. loved to try this kind of coffee ☕☕ surely affordable and satisfying taste too😋☕